Saturday, May 31, 2014

Miami Style Map: Riding Dirty in Nasty Gal

The sweltering Miami heat has descended upon the U.S's most tropical city, which means it's time to wear as little clothes as possible (every boy's dream), or at least the most lightweight unless you plan to masochistically melt away in the name of fashion. I choose to live between the two extremes, as is evident in today's outfit post! 

Sure, I know what you're thinking, "B#$tch be crazy for wearing a long sleeve crop top in 95 degree weather." Well yes, I will most definitely agree with you on that, but there is reason to my madness. We all suffer and sacrifice just a tiny bit for the sake of looking good, don't we? 

I call this my magic crop top, because how could a long sleeve, high neck top actually be warm? Besides being perfectly form fitting, the top is paper thin. It's a breathable fabric that almost feels like the most nonexistent second skin you'll wear. It laughs in the face of 90 degree days. 

A very dear friend, who like me, is always on the hunt for a good deal, turned me on to Nasty Gal, the online shopping site launched by one time dumpster-diver turned entrepreneurial GirlBoss, Sophia Amuroso. Nasty Gal offers an impressive selection of vintage items as well as budget-friendly trend pieces, like my magic crop top. Also from Nasty Gal, this $18 black boater hat that should basically be glued to my head because it's fabulously grungy. 

I opted to wear the striped crop top with my colorful tropical print shorts and I'm obsessing over how darn cute this color/print combination flows. What makes this casual outfit shine though, is the setting. The talented, Natalie, from Suna Photography, scavenged all the trains on the lot to find the cart that would best compliment the outfit. She successfully found the 'Flagler' cart, which happened to be the train of choice for travelers headed to Key West. I call that a fashion Bingo in my book. The vintage checkered black and white floors alongside the sea green window panes and mid-century aqua leather seats, added to the laid back summer vibe of the look. 

This look called for simple yet stylish footwear. Sandals would have been too obvious and boots just didn't feel right. My woven loafers tied up this outfit effortlessly. 

My magic crop top and I are going places in this look. 

On Me: 

Crop Top- Nasty Gal
Boater hat- Nasty Gal
Shorts- Forever 21
Shoes- Cole Haan 

In Style, 


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fashion Heavyweight, H&M, opens it's doors at Miami International Mall.

Miami International Mall just earned some 'cool' notches on its belt. 

The fashion retail powerhouse H&M, opened it's doors today at noon to a jolly sea of awaiting fashionistas and an uber-eager staff. The 22,000 square foot space is a one stop shopping destination for the latest trends in women's, men's, and kid's fashion. 

Bright and bold swimsuits, floral frocks, and pastel sweater tops, are just some of the few trend pieces available at the store. Bloggers were treated to an early preview of the chain's merchandise while munching on a yummy breakfast, because a girl's gotta eat, right?! More fuel for shopping if you ask me!

I must have perused the store a good 10-15 times just to make sure I did not leave any rack unturned. Thanks to the store's ample size, there is a vast selection of merchandise and it's easily laid out (unlike its Lincoln Road counterpart) to make for some anxiety free shopping. And for those mini fashionistas out there- this H&M boasts a massive kids' section that will make even little North West slightly envious. I picked up a tropical print dress for my two year old for a ridiculously low $4.95 price tag. Now when I go back to Manhattan, I no longer have to stop at the 86th street location just to load up on goodies for Maya.  My first world problems have been solved! 

I scored two summer friendly looks that are perfect for the scorching Miami heat.  I cannot wait to share them with you in the next couple of weeks! Hint: Expect the three 'P's' to make a special cameo (polka dots, prints, and pastels). 

Conveniently located in the city's suburbs, this H&M is worth a trip in the name of fashion. And for the neighboring locals, you're backyard just got stylishly revamped. You're Welcome. 

On Me: 

- Floral tunic- H&M
- Leggings- Target
- Shoes- Cole Haan
- Purse- H&M
- Hat- Nasty Gal 

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Miami Style Map: Taking My H&M florals for a Stroll on the Canals.

Who knew there's a little piece of Venice right here on Miami Beach. You learn something new everyday when you become a hometown tourist! It also helps to team up with Ra-Haus, who know all the nooks and crannies of Miami's metropolis.  

I love this floral blouse from H&M. I love the vibrant colors and the lightweight fabric and it pairs so lovely with this stretch black and white striped skirt. I normally don't sport tight skirts. I usually opt for bouncy, but this one allows for wiggle room. The stripes are a classic pattern and therefore easy to coordinate with a variety of prints, like this one! It really makes the red and pink flowers jump at you. 

You can dress this look up or down in so many playful ways. I stuck to my style profile and gave it downtown-urban edge with my boots and bowler hat. My heart shaped specs are a whole lot of love on this beautiful sunny Miami day! 

On Me: 

Floral Blouse- H&M
Striped skirt- Rachel Roy for Macys
Boots- Steve Madden 
Hat- Nasty Gal
Specs- Forever 21 

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Style Spotlight: It's a Woman's World

Fusing the essence of something magical amidst the gritty and industrialized side streets of Wynwood, is what local street artist, Diana 'Didi' Contreras, does best. Her doe-eyed beauties stare keenly with hopeful gazes, generous curves, and sultry lips that suck you into a mystifying world that Didi visually brings to life. 

The Peruvian born-Miami raised artist is leaving her mark on Miami's art scene. Spray cans are this 'ride or die' art maven's weapon of choice and every blank wall and street corner is waiting to be christened with feminine empowerment. Wynwood's street art culture is booming with exceptional talent and artists like Contreras, are becoming household names through their original showpieces.

After catching a glimpse of Didi painting one of her 'famous women' at the Wynwood Life Festival, I knew I had to share her story with my freshly squeezed fan club. 

Didi is proof that women do run the world.

And don't even get me started on those mermaids. 

FSF: Let me begin by saying, I'm a big fan. I love your work and each time I come across one of your pieces I fall in love. I literally stand there in complete awe. With the Wynwood neighborhood quickly emerging as an epicenter for art, is your work getting more and more recognition? 

DC: Thank you so much for the compliments! I am so happy you enjoy my murals. My street art is for the public! My murals have gotten the most attention and recognition in Wynwood. It has opened the doors to show in several galleries such as The Brisky Gallery and Wyn317. With my art displayed in the Wynwood galleries and murals around the area, it makes it easier for people to recognize my work.  Also, #Wynwood is great for people to discover my art in the area and share it with their friends.

FSF: There's a fairytale element to your art. What inspires you when you find yourself facing a blank canvas? 

DC: A blank canvas is like a page in my journal. Reflecting on my feelings or just creating intuitively is how I begin.  As a result, creating art provides a sense of healing.  The reoccurring themes in my work are love, heartbreak, and beauty.  The women I paint are in essence, self-portraits.  I also use photos, fashion magazines, art books, and of course fairy tales for visual inspiration.

 FSF: You were born in Peru, raised in Miami, and studied art in Florence. How has each stage of your life influenced your work?  

DC: I was born in Peru but moved to Miami when I was five years old. Besides the beautiful culture of Peru, the biggest impact it has had on me is my drive. Doing what you love is not always an option in a third world country like Peru. I don’t take it for granted that I am able to do what I love in this great “Land of Opportunity”. Miami is where I’ve spent most of my life.  The Hip Hop culture of music, dance, and art has given my art an urban flavor.  Miami is such a sexy place. It’s always hot, and beautiful people are everywhere. The sexiness in my work is all Miami’s influence. Finally, studying in Florence brings the fairy tale aspect to my work. It is such a beautiful and passionate city. The balcony where Romeo wooed Juliet is in Italy. What could be more romantic than that! Florence brings out my romantic classical painting  side.

FSF: Feminism is a big theme in your street art. What message do you want to get across in your paintings? 

DC: Street art and the art scene in general are male dominated. I want my work to empower anyone male or female to do something that society doesn’t think you can.  Painting large murals is extremely strenuous but I am driven to prove that girls can paint too! Accordingly, I paint large feminine characters that embrace their womanliness.

FSF: Your work has been seen all over the world. What has been the craziest request you've ever gotten?   

DC: There was that one time I was asked to paint murals inside a swingers club. 

FSF: I'm a sucker for mermaids and you're mermaids are so colorful and ethereal and I've seen a few swimming around Miami with your name on it. When did you start painting them? 

DC: My love of mermaids began in elementary school. I painted them all the time and even won awards. When I got to high school my art teacher forbid me to draw mermaids or fairies because that was all I did.  It wasn’t until a year  later that Flash Studios commissioned me to paint “evil Mermaids” for their shop. I had forgotten how much I love painting them and now I can’t stop. 

FSF: You name the legendary Basquiat, as one of your influences. How has he elevated your technique? 

DC: Basquiat inspired me to take my arts to the streets. He started in the streets and ended up in the history books. His story gave me hope when I thought no one would care about my art.  As far as technique, I love how he incorporates text and even crosses some words out.  His work looks raw immediate expression. It is not clean or smooth but it’s beautiful. I’m still playing around with text and texture like Basquiat in my canvas work.

FSF: How has Miami embraced the artistic community and how does the city inspire you?  

DC: I am so happy that Wynwood is flourishing.  When I was growing up ,there wasn’t a big art scene in Miami. I think that Miami is a great place for emerging artists.  It’s a new scene so you can be a part of shaping it and making Miami art history. New murals are going up in every neighborhood, in restaurants, stores, ships, etc. It is a fantastic time for artists! The city of Miami inspires me everyday by its natural beauty, warm weather, and colorful, spicy people. 

To view and/or purchase Diana "Didi" Contreras' work, visit:

The Brisky Gallery

Sea Fair Blink Group Shop
Bayfront Park South Dock next to the
InterContinental Hotel
Chopin Plaza • Miami, FL 33131

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Miami Style Map: Talk is Cheap and I have Places to Go

I'm a girl on the move. 

In the words of 50 Cent, I got places to go, I got people to see. And I'm going to look good doing it, dammit. So when I finally found the most perfect pair of white jeans from Mango to add to my wardrobe, I knew that I needed to take them out for a test drive. They're just the right amount of skinny, a durable denim fabric, and a few appropriately placed rips (butt cheek rips ala Britney Spears are never a "do")  to give them a touch of tough girl attitude. 

I wanted to go for a symmetrical and modern look- an outfit focused on clean lines and muted colors like this light taupe boyfriend blazer and 'Talk is Cheap' muscle tee. Together, it all flows. And the shoes (oh the shoes!)- an opportunity to get playful with animal print. These pointy toe faux snakeskin pumps from the InStyle x Nine West collection are EVERYTHING. They have garnered a spot on my list of classic staples every woman should own. 

I have to give it to Lizzie and Justin from Rahaus Fotografie for always finding the most incredible and unique shoot locations for my looks. The backdrop always tells a story- taking readers to unprecedented heights of imagination and wonder and making me, and the clothes, main characters in a scene.  Like for instance, this city skyline etched on metal frames that's a no brainer not only for the outfit, but for the city girl that defines me.  

I love the accessories for this look because they fuse brilliantly with the feel and modernity of the outfit. My orange/red lip courtesy of MAC and applied by makeup guru, Jessie of Makeup Artistry by Jessie, are the main focus - colorwise - of the look. While the outfit is subtle and basking in neutrals, the lips add an instant pop of glamour and color to not completely wash it out. It says, "Hey, check me out. You can't miss me." 

I love this oversized gold spiked statement necklace from Zara. I'm channeling my inner white girl rapper neck armor with pride! The bone colored and wood clutch is a classic addition as is my chunky Michael Kors gold watch. 

I'm on the move! 

On Me: 

Boyfriend Blazer- Forever 21
Talk is Cheap tee- Forever 21
White Jeans- MNG for JCPenney
Heels-  InStyle x Nine West,default,pd.html?variantSizeClass=&variantColor=JJ3YEA1_1&cgid=12877356&prefn1=catalog-id&prefv1=ninewest-catalog
Clutch- Aldo 
Sunnies- Forever 21 

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Miami Style Map: Lush in Print on Miami Beach

The secret garden knows no limits when faced with fierce fashion. I'm a sucker for a tropical print, especially ones that look dated, like wallpaper in a musky seawater-stenched Florida time share somewhere in Central Florida. I can appreciate it's liveliness, it's instant perkability (I just totally made that word up) and let's call it what it is, it's just FUN. And paired with a classic print like polka dots, well, it's a party and everyone is invited! 

I have to give big, and I mean, BIG, props to photographer, Justin Namon, the other equally talented half of Rahaus Fotografie who saw my look and said, "I know exactly where we're going with this." I've been sworn to secrecy in regards to location (I'll let you savvy fashion detectives figure it out) but as soon as we reached the spot, my first reaction was, "Of course! Bingo." 

I love the way my tropical blouse (courtesy of Pixie Market) successfully photobombs the lush landscape. It's like the trees are all bowing down to the amazingness of this mixed print look. Notice how every button on my blouse is buttoned all the way up to the collar. I call it uptight fashion, but really it's clean and very ladylike.  This look called for open toe sandals. I wore my Sam Edelman black and nude wedges that deliver modernity in their simplicity. 

I've been embracing the hot Miami weather when it comes to letting my hair breathe and take on a form of it's own. Usually it takes the form of Kelly Kapowski hair, which I'm perfectly okay with since Kelly was such a babe (just ask Zach and Slater). Not to sound completely narcissistic, which I'm not (only a little) but Justin really outlined all the details impeccably in this last image- the buttoned up collar, the cat-eye sunnies that really compliment a round face, and my very vivid red-orange smackers. It feels very Old Hollywood vacationing in Palm Beach. The greens and corals of these Stella and Dot earrings compliment both the blouse and polka dots of the outfit. 

And last not least, this pretty shot! The versatility of this geometric clutch by Big Buddha is what makes it so fantastic. For this look, I chose to hold the clutch since it's compact yet roomy (keys, iphone, credit cards and a lipstick joyfully coexist). But it also has a chain strap tucked inside if you wish to wear it as a crossbody or on your shoulder. I love the metal detail over the white faux leather background. It's easily convenient if you want to wear it during the day or at night! 

What do you think about this look?

On Me: 

Polka dot skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Sam Edelman 

In Style,


Monday, May 12, 2014

Miami Style Map: Going Places with The Style Club

I love a blog post with a few firsts! This one has two. 

First and foremost, it was such great fun to partner up with The Style Club ( The online shopping destination, based out of LA, allows it's members-only users (it's easy to sign up!) the opportunity to chat with celebrity stylists and trend-worthy tastemakers all through exclusive videos, showcasing the latest trends, outfit inspirations, and styling tips. And once you've been inspired, you can shop their affordable pieces on their online boutique! How much fun is that?!  It's an interactive and innovative way to shop with your friends. With new collections and collaborations always on the horizon, The Style Club offers a substantial  (yet not overwhelming) selection of everything from bright summer dresses, to matching sets. And in following with the Style Club's mantra, "Fashion is what you buy, Style is what YOU do with it,"  the array of options to mix and match is endless. Repeat this mantra because truer words have never been spoken! 

I worked closely with CEO and Founder, Hilary Novelle, on picking my first look as a Style Club Ambassador to feature on my blog. This easy, rocker-infused outfit has enough attitude and flair to make a statement. I love an outfit that can be dressed up or down. In this case, I dressed up the look with a pair of gladiator heels and a bold statement necklace that adds some feminine yet tough accents to a rather edgier getup.  You can easily dress down this look with a pair of chucks, oxfords, or moto boots. 

You may be seeing a lot of these shorts in posts to come. With a classic animal print like leopard, these shorts can take you year round (wear them with tights in the fall and winter months). Grab your favorite t-shirt, denim shirt, boyfriend blazer or even floral blouse and have fun playing around with all the options a pair of simple leopard shorts allows! I paired mine with this Style Club 'jet setter' muscle tee  because of my love for all things travel and cities. It's a casual outfit that gets a lot of eyes. 

And the other first is all about location, location, location! A big 'what what thank you' to the amazing lady behind the lens, Natalie of Suna Photography ( for picking this one of a kind location for our shoot. We shot at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in one of the passenger carts and I was loving the vintage color combination and style of the interior. Tres cool. 

She was right on the money for this one, and I feel this is one of our best collaborations so far! As a born again Miami native, I never knew the city boasted one of the finest train museums in the country. The lot boasts countless train carts from as early as the 1800's and even includes the "Ferdinand Magellan," the presidential cart once regularly used by President Roosevelt and his staff throughout his presidency. 

It was quite fitting to shoot my 'jetsetter' tee in this retrospective setting. It's pretty marvelous when you think about how travel depended heavily on the rails and many saw it as an advancement in transportation. What we see as a throwback to simpler times, many saw as the way of the future. 

I accessorized the look with a stunning statement necklace (Kahlo Bib Necklace) from Stella and Dot. The metallics of the neck candy counter-balance the black on the rest of the outfit. No outfit of mine is complete without a hat. It speaks to my personality and I love how it adds even more character to an already expressive look.

I'm ready for battle in these Steve Madden gladiator heels! And believe it or not, they're actually quite comfortable. They're distinct and a nice departure from your traditional pump. It's a great staple for the summer season! 

Start shopping and start spreading the love with The Style Club! 

Visit them at:

and follow them on Instagram


On Me:

Jet Setter Muscle tee- The Style Club
Leopard shorts- The Style Club
Hat- Nasty Gal
Shoes- Steve Madden 
Necklace- Stella and Dot

In Style, 


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Style Spotlight: The Modern Gentleman is Making a Comeback in the Magic City

Jonathan Eyal, Supply and Advise shop owner, brings a distinct luxurious quality to Miami menswear.

Alas, a fashion insurgent by the name of Jonathan Eyal, has masterfully created a cure for the drib and drab wardrobe often plaguing the Miami male. It is time for the dapper gentleman (and ladyboys too!) to rise from the ashes and take his place amongst the style icons of well-dressed doers. And with the recent emergence of the All-American pop-up, Supply and Advise, the Magic City's most fashion-forward men are taking their wardrobe to new exploratory heights. 

Supply and Advise currently stands as a temporary pop-up, but will soon be setting up shop in Miami's Historic Downtown District, which is perfectly fitting considering the utilitarian craftsmanship of it's one-of-a-kind investment pieces. A military background has served Eyal well, allowing him (and his associates Kevin Beltran and Rebeca Esparza) to curate staples from classic and modern brands like Levi's, Alden, and Randolph Engineering. There's a method to Eyal's madness- and that's 'Made in the US of A' functional fashion that's durable, timeless, and the antithesis of the Miami "bro" uniform (I repeat- step away from the square toe shoes). 

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hop aboard the mothership of this unique menswear refinery and chat with Eyal himself on the changing landscape of the modern gentleman's fashion profile and how his handcrafted specialties are injecting a much needed dose of style juju to the Miami scene. 

FSF: It seems like everyday, the same old boutiques and shops carrying the same monotonous merchandise keep popping up in Miami. Then came Supply & Advise. It stands alone in the scope of menswear. Did you feel there was a void in terms of classic menswear in the Magic City? 
S&A: Undoubtedly, yes! It's one of the main reasons why we chose to open the store at all, and why Miami is the perfect base of operations for our shop. I've always had to resort to shopping online because menswear has been an afterthought for all of the local shops, rather than the main focus. No one offered staples from great American brands like Alden shoes, Gitman Brothers, Levi's Vintage Clothing, Filson, and Randolph Engineering-- to name a few, or exciting contemporary options from outstanding brands like Engineered Garments. 

Up until now, Miami stores have embraced designer labels which could be characterized as more trendy rather than a style that is more focused on simplicity and quality. In addition, much of what's been presented to us is heavy on external branding and slick, rather than classic and timeless. Lastly, haute couture and items coming off the runway don't exactly have longevity and aren't really realistic for your average guy. And lets face it, what guy wants to go to the mall or a department store, anyway? 

FSF: And why a store in Wynwood? How does this neighborhood elevate the store's profile? 

S&A: Actually our temporary pop-up shop is in Wynwood but in the next few months we'll be making our permanent move to Downtown Miami, which is where we really feel our shop will be most at home. It's the only part of Miami that has the infrastructure and makings of an urban community and we're in love with it's remaining history and architecture. It's so reminiscent of NYC and Chicago and is in the midst of a major revitalization. There's a Whole Foods being built a block away, the new PAMM is down the street, galleries and other creative entities are also relocating and headed to Downtown. It's authentic and doesn't feel manufactured. Finally, Miami has realized that Downtown is a diamond in the rough. It's a living and working community and it's businesses like Fratelli Milano, Ten Fruits, Ceviche 105 that have really helped blaze the trail for an outfit like ours. 

While we enjoy hanging out in Wynwood from time to time, currently, there just isn't the infrastructure, convenience or live-in community that would warrant calling it a full-fledged neighborhood. We're hoping that will change. 

Kick back in style. Interior shot of Supply and Advise. 

FSF: Jonathan Eyal comes from a military background. How does that unique fun fact contribute to the aesthetics and success of the store? 

S&A: The military is an equalizer and a place where people of all races and socio-economic backgrounds come together as one. During WWII you had guys who came from blue collar backgrounds fighting along side guys who came from monied families and Ivy League pedigrees. There's a certain beauty in that and it's what our shop seeks to represent. I think what we do could be characterized as blue collar and Ivy League go off to war. This style we love comes from an appreciation of our history as Americans.We embrace the greatness of America and the post-war time when returning troops took to motorcycles, were afforded the opportunity to go to university on the GI Bill, and t-shirts and denim became part of our DNA. 

As far as the aesthetic of the shop is concerned, I guess it comes naturally. The military vehicle, shell casings, and posters that decorate our shop are symbolic in that getting ahead in today's world is a war and looking good and taking pride in how you dress certainly won't hurt your chances at finding love or advancing in your job. 

FSF: The store tends to stay away from trends and keeps the focus on timeless pieces for men. Why is it important for you guys to be selective? 

S&A: While our focus is on those pieces that are classic and timeless, we do carry a variety of fun options as they're great to mix and match. We want our customers purchase pieces that will get lots of use and for that reason, we concentrate on the basics. Other criteria we use before making our selections are: Where are the goods made? What is the history behind these items? Does the cost make sense for our customer? And lastly, and most importantly, functionality and durability. If you're going to be spending the money to buy the best, we want you to have it and use it forever versus having to replace it every few years or finding it sitting in the back of your closet. 

FSF: how has men's fashion evolved in the last few years, particularly in Miami? 

S&A: Menswear has really exploded during the last few years and there's been a huge resurgence in men taking a great deal of pride in their wardrobes. Men (especially the ones in Miami) are realizing that quality and longevity trumps name brands which are usually just that-- a name. 

I think Miami guys are realizing its OK to tuck in their shirts outside of work, it's okay to wear straight leg jeans and care about the way clothes should fit. We're slowly moving away from embellished & faux worn-in jeans to a more clean, simple look-- how it always should've been. It's not a trend, it's just how a man should dress. Neck wear, definitely has been making a comeback for some time and Miami is finally catching on to the fact that it's actually cool to throw on a tie or bow-tie outside of the office or a wedding. Bottom line- American males as a whole, are taking more and more pride in how they look and the pieces they're investing in, it's just taking us Miamians a little longer to get there. 

FSF: If you had to chose one item in the store that every modern man should have in his closet, what should it be? 

S&A: The White Oxford Cloth Button Down shirt from Gitman Vintage. Work, play, date night, meeting the parents, your girlfriend's cousin's daughter's baptism-- it works every time. 

FSF: Is there an iconic man of style of present, past or future that encompasses the Supply and Advice definition? 

S&A: Steve McQueen was a guy's guy who's style was effortless but always on point. And that's the goal-- it should be effortless, comfortable and classic. 

FSF: You pride yourself in the durability of the brands you carry. How do you decide what to carry in the store? 

S&A: This is most clearly exemplified by made in USA brand Alden Shoe Company out of Massachusetts. They've been around since 1884, are family owned, and spend all their money on their materials and workforce rather than on fancy magazine ads or celebrity spokespersons. It's a brand for people who appreciate quality rather than how they will be perceived by their peers. Little known fact- Alden invented the Tassel Loafer and is also responsible for the "Indy Boot", the iconic boots worn by Indiana Jones in all the films (specifically asked for by Harrison Ford.)

 FSF: I'll tell you something. I'm tired of seeing the typical "Miami guy uniform" of button downs and jeans and square toe shoes. Will we EVER see an end to that? Is there hope for these guys? 

S&A: Other outfits and items synonymous with the Miami "Bro" would be the all black look, designer shield style sunglasses, super deep V-neck tees, heavily embellished denim, bootcut denim, Gucci belt buckles the size of a hubcap, and shirts with prints on the underside of the cuffs. With regard to square toe shoes we're not Pilgrims and these were never cool. Get rid of them.. donate.. burn.. we don't care, just do it!

 Yes-- there is hope, just come and visit us!

What are you waiting for? Stop by the store- 
Supply and Advise
3322 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127
(305) 846-9437

For more information, visit the shop's Facebook page at

Follow them on Instagram @supplyandadvise 

In Style,