Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Miami Style Map: Altuzarra Gets The Vintage Treatment

Cool as a cat and feeling very 70's je ne sais quoi in this rich navy and ivory Altuzarra for Target blouse. I'm always impressed with Target's collaborations and this one was no exception. The Parisian-born Altuzarra, and winner of the CFDA/vogue award back in 2011, is known for his modern sophistication but also his chic femininity. There is always something I love from each of these designer collabs and I'm usually successful at snagging at least one piece to add to my wardrobe. Long gone are the days of staying up at all hours just to feed into the machine (yeah, I'm talking to you Limsanity). Granted, I was lucky enough to attend the Altuzarra preview during Fashion Week so I didn't necessarily have to sleep outside Target or barter with anyone in the fitting room. There was plenty of designer love to go around. 

I love the vintage feel of this snapshot captured by the team at Ra-Haus Fotografie. And I love how this photo looks like it was taken at some Hollywood-money Palm Springs backyard. The washed out yellow tint and slightly out of focus filter in the rest of the images adds an interesting storyline to this modernized look. 

I love the combination of navy and grey and I played off the high-contrast prints of the blouse to compliment the muted shades and the print of the pants. I wanted the look to remain clean and simple so I opted for these white patent loafers from Zara. I can't tell you how much I love white shoes but dirt phobia kept me at bay from ever having the courage to buy a pair. Until I saw these and thought, "F#$%k it!" I'll be as careful as possible to keep them pristine. So far so good. 

This is such an easy and comfortable outfit but it still manages to make a statement. I love the cat eye shape of the glasses and it just fits with the mood of the outfit. 

Now, where can I get a pool like this?! I'm a perfect addition to the mid-century backdrop. It was just meant to be. 

On Me:

Blouse- Altuzarra for Target
Pants- TopShop 
Loafers- Zara 
Sunglasses- Pixie Market 
Earrings- Steve Madden 

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Style Spotlight: Red The Steakhouse Sizzles on South Beach

Tucked in a rather-quiet-for-South-Beach street, exists a carnivorous wonderland that is sure to entice any foodie's fickle palette. Weeks later, my husband and I are still reliving and re-tasting our dining experience at Red The Steakhouse. Some count sheep, I count Alaskan King Crab. Some dream of island getaways, I dream of aged porterhouse and rib-eye. We came, we gorged, and we rolled out of that restaurant like two stuffed butterballs. It was a feast fit for a king and Executive Chef and Partner, Peter Vauthy, had a constant flow of dishes and specials come to our table and we 'ooohed and 'ahhhed' at every bite. A 'foodgasm' is the best way to describe it. 

Whenever I'm invited to check out and dine at a new restaurant, I always say a little prayer to the food gods that the experience be a good one. Nothing sucks more than bad food or bad service- two biggies that never make for a good write up. Thankfully, I've been on a dining roll. Service was above average, presentation was stellar, and quality was unmatchable. These are three elements that Chef Peter delivers when you walk through his doors. He works directly with fisheries and farms to guarantee that only the highest quality ingredients are used in his kitchen. From the creamy burrata and the stuffed hot peppers to the amazingly delicious Red Alaskan King Crab Cake, there was no shortage of richness or taste. Don't even get me started on the meat. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Peter during our Red dining adventures and he's just as likable as he is talented. And he apparently has a Deadliest Catch connection you won't want to miss out on reading!  I got the scoop on what really happens in the kitchen from the Chef himself and I'm bringing it to you right here! 

Read the full interview after the jump! 

FSF: Red is a sexy addition to the Miami dining scene and it can surely hold its own amongst some other notable establishments in the area. What is it that makes this place so desirable?

RED: It all starts with our commitment to source the finest quality ingredients - even though we lack the definitive seasons in Miami. 

FSF: It's safe to say that there isn't anything mediocre on this menu. Every dish is a stand alone winner. What's the process in the kitchen like - from picking out what goes on the menu, to the execution. Walk me through it.

RED: It will start with an idea or inspiration from me or one of the other chef or cooks. It can be as simple as updating a classic dish, improving on a dish that was poorly executed, or the inspiration can come from a seasonal ingredient that we feature while at its peak. We will then begin with the dish, and over trial and error and many taste tests, we will review what it needs, and make it again and again until we feel it is perfected. For the dish to be perfected it needs to be visually appealing first and foremost, as we always eat with our eyes first, then make sure it is balanced, seasoned and has our signature RED style. Viola! We have a dish that makes the menu or a long term special.   

FSF: You have to tell everybody about your famous Alaskan Red King Crab at the restaurant. I'm still dreaming about it! Many people don't realize just how short this particular season is and why the Red King Crab is so lucrative when it comes to taste and size. Why don't more people know about this?  

RED: First of all, most fishing seasons aren't all year and this applies to King Crab as well. When I became a chef I knew that fresh crab was available but the quest for this became a mission.  Now that I know how to bring it in, it's something that I anxiously wait for each year. My guests are all aware of it but most people can't even begin to understand how good the fresh Red King Crab can possibly be. It goes back to my drive to get the best products in from around the world. The season for Red King Crab is so short that if you aren't aware of it you might miss out on the experience. I try to convey to all of my guests that seasonality of ingredients and having them at their peak will always increase the beauty of these ingredients. 

FSF: What's the most popular item on the menu that guests can't get enough of?  

RED: It has to be our Lobster Mac N Cheese. The combination of parmigiano reggiano, pecorino romano, fontina val d'aosta, raclette and a fresh shelled main lobster is an instant classic and something you won't want to pass up.  

FSF: And now I'm going to put you on the spot and share with all my readers your own adventures on those Deadliest Catch boats! Were you ready for that kind of action?  

RED: Nothing can prepare you for the ruggedness and natural beauty of Alaska.  Everyone should go and see its majesty. When you are up there before the season starts they read off all the fisherman who passed the last season as they bless the fleet. It gives you some perspective of what you are about to get into. The sheer magnitude of the amount of seafood that is available to be caught is beyond belief - if you are not careful you can catch so much it might actually sink the boat! The rivers are so full of salmon during the season that you can walk across the rivers without ever getting wet.  

FSF: What's your favorite thing to cook?  

RED: It's so hard to have just one thing as I just love to cook, but there is a great satisfaction that comes with making the perfect Risotto.  It's so versatile and the things that can be done with it are spectacular.   

FSF: My husband and I barely made it to dessert but we just couldn't turn down red velvet fried Oreos!  The dessert menu is something else! What kind of pastry chef are you hiding back there?  

RED: Talented pastry chefs are hard to come by and I have been blessed with some great ones. My current Pastry Chef, Andrew Moss, has moved up to take the top toque here at Red, the Steakhouse South Beach. I work closely with him as I have a personal fascination with pastry and almost took the path to pastry chef myself. 

FSF: I'm sure after cooking all day the last thing you want to do when you get home is cook some more. So what's comfort food for you?  

RED: I don't cook at home very often if at all, but comfort food to me is a plate of perfect fried chicken, a plate of BBQ baby back ribs or some certified angus beef pastrami which we make at the restaurant and just makes me happy. 

Make your reservations now. 
Follow Red on Instagram: @redsteakhouse

Red, The Steakhouse
119 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, Fl 33139

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Miami Style Map: Mixed Media and a Fresh Pair of Blood-Red booties

Now that my bubblegum teen pop whirlwind with One Direction has come to an end and my feet are firmly back on planet Earth (well, not completely. I'm still hitting the replay button on my teenage dream), I'm ready to dive right back into the blog with a fresh post you are sure to love. I'm taking a ride on the polka dot and plaid train and hightailing it straight to Wynwood to show you how to style these two adored classic prints. 

Oh the places you'll go with a plaid flannel! Just ask me. I have ten. It's an accessible basic that can take on many style personalities and flavors. It can fluctuate from lumberjack oh-so-chic to permissibly avant garde with the right counterpart and accessories. Usually there's a grunge affinity to my plaid- not very dressed up and more inclined to comfort and coziness. With this look, I didn't eliminate the coziness, but I did add some girlish innocence with the polka dot skirt. I gave the flannel some ladylike legs and dressed it up with a midi skirt and the right bling. 

Instead of letting it hang or wrapping it around my waist, I opted to tuck in the flannel by giving it a more polished finish. I love the combination of polka and plaid. Most people probably wouldn't pair the two, but their pairing is more cohesive than you think. Neither print outshines the other and instead claim double spotlight for their individualized dash of panache. The combination is eye-grabbing and it makes a statement. 

These Aldo blood-red booties are my EVERYTHING right now. I have three go-to shoes at the moment and these blood-red booties are on the list. Everything from the gold hardware, to the pointy-toe scream boho-luxe to me. I have been on the hunt for the right pair of red booties for quite some time. A few years ago while vacationing in Europe, I scored the most insane pair from Zara, and in a moment of impulse and frustration because I had temporarily fallen out of love with them, I gave them away (almost like a boyfriend or girlfriend you regret breaking up with). It was a dumb move and one I regret and I promised myself I wouldn't do it again. Cue to a few weeks ago when I was on Aldo's Instagram and saw these babies giving me that "buy me" face I couldn't resist. And now, these Chloe knock off 'zapaticos de rosa' are on my feet and dancing the day away thanks to my better half (Happy early Christmas to moi)! PS. How cute is this petite Coach saddle bag? 

Take a few moments to admire my shoes while I cross the street in Wynwood. I was a having a Beatles moment in the pic above but you can actually get a great view of these sole stunners!

Hey, the boys of One Direction loved my booties so that takes their cool factor up a notch. 

Spruce up an everyday plaid shirt by adding some fancy flair to the mix. It's such a simple way to dress up any look. I added this crazy fabulous Aldo necklace that never fails at being a conversation starter. People are blown away when I tell them just how affordable this swanky gem is! 

I was very excited to share this look with all of you, not just because I love the outfit or because I always love capturing the dynamicity of Wynwood, but because I got to team up with a really cool photographer from the Simply Captivating family, Ricky Iglesias. Ricky is a Miamian-turned-Madrileno and speaks my city language fluently. He was such a pleasure (and easy) to work with and he was very open to challenging himself when it came to exploring different ways to photograph the outfit in Wynwood's urban landscape. He's got an eye (get it?) for style and I look forward to working with him again. 

Now I challenge you to go where no other fashionista has gone before! How do you pair your polka dot and plaid?

On Me: 

Plaid button-down- Forever 21
Polk dot skirt- Forever 21
Saddle bag- Coach
Booties- Aldo Shoes
Necklace- Aldo Shoes 

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Getting The Downtown Tartan Look With a Little Help From My Friends at Zappos.com

Every season, there's a resurgence of past trends that seem to creep up and affectionately win the hearts of their stylish counterparts. Some of these trends never really die. They go away for a little while (or a fashion minute), hibernate and then- poof! - they're back in bolder and re-imagined patterns and silhouettes that make you believe they're the new kids on the block. 

This fall, designers were mad for plaid. Yes- that iconic 90's trend, originally packaged with a grunge affinity and gothic flair thanks to a little known Seattle band named Nirvana, and re-introduced by McQueen, is back in full force in mixed variations. I do love a good tartan print. Not even a lifetime of Catholic school uniforms of the same blue plaid pattern could turn me off to the classic style. As a teenager in the 90's, if it's one thing I obsessed over while watching the cult-favorite, Clueless, it was how I wish I owned Cher's black and yellow plaid blazer and skirt combo. Sigh. 

Plaid is not limited to a punk wardrobe and that's what makes it such a loved pattern. Its versatility ranges anywhere from straight-laced prep to rugged mountain chic. And while plaid may be the unofficial print that rings in the chillier months and holiday festivities, it's a pattern that can be worn year round. I'm a sucker for tartan, which is evident in the 10 plus flannels that hang in my closet. Despite that,  the last time I owned anything plaid that wasn't a flannel shirt, I was a freshman in high school. Almost 20 years later,  it was time to conquer the plaid.  

My tartan adventures were made possible by my friends at Zappos.com (http://zapwow.me/HVgg). The opportunity to partner up with a revolutionary company like Zappos, was a dream.  I've shopped on Zappos for years, mostly picking up some great pairs of shoes.  Little did I know that Zappos carries hundreds of collection from well-known designers, some of whom show during Fashion Week. The product assortment ranges from handbags, and eye wear to hats and clothing and everything in between. That's all great, but without a doubt, the best part about Zappos is exceptional customer service and the free shipping!

So in partnership with Zappos.com, I wanted to put my own spin on the whole 'downtown tartan' conversation. My street style tends to be a mix of city girl meets boho glam. I'm big on over-sized tees and blouses, feminine frocks with tough accessories, boots and loafers, and edgy pieces that still possess a girlish undertone. I love leather jackets and I love black, and I love them even more when they're paired.

Now let's go to the star of the show- the outfit, which is my own interpretation of downtown tartan. Because I love dresses, I picked out this blue and black plaid button down shirt dress by BB Dakota (http://zapwow.me/HVgc). Don't listen to those outdated rules, blue and black work together just beautifully, especially in a plaid print. This shirt dress is the epitome of comfort. It's over-sized without looking like a sack and I love the collar because the dress lends itself to layering. I could throw it over a sweater- think chunky black, grey, or even a graphic print- next time I wear it and show off a totally different look. 

I wanted to layer the dress with something that had some 'rough and tough' credibility and this sleeveless faux leather vest from Calvin Klein (http://zapwow.me/HVgd) added the right amount of edge to the look. This vest is a wardrobe staple. It's a great layering piece and easy to throw on over a dress or a casual tee. I love how it pairs with the plaid. And lastly, the piece de resistance as I like to refer to them, the shoes. The pop of white from these two-toned oxfords by Sam Edelman (http://zapwow.me/HVgf) brightens up the mood of the look with its clean lines and sharp design.  Plus the 'borrowed from the boys' feel sold me. 

This is the quintessential fall outfit for Miami weather and our shooting location played well with the checkered plaid and the menswear touches. But let's state the obvious, this parking garage makes my outfit look even cooler. I have to talk about this unbelievable parking structure that served as our backdrop. I can't take the credit for the location- that honor goes to photographer, Elizabeth, of Ra-Haus Fotografie (www.ra-haus.com). I have her to thank for this out of this world photo shoot. Her creative vision needs no questioning. 
The view from the seventh floor of the parking lot (1111 Lincoln Road) boasts some pretty spectacular city views of Miami Beach. It's modern and muted and the unique design of the structure lets the tartan trend sit front and center. The hair comes a close second. Big thanks to Blo Bar in Brickell for my 'pillow talk' hair! (http://www.blomedry.com/locations/blo-brickell/)

Do you like what you see? Well, you can shop the items by clicking on the links! Take a walk on the plaid side and try it out for yourself! Because you need this look in your closet.

And remember, free shipping!

 How do YOU rock your tartan? 

On Me (You can buy this look on zappos.com http://zapwow.me/HVgg)

- BB Dakota Dress- http://zapwow.me/HVgc

- Calvin Klein Faux Leather Vest- http://zapwow.me/HVgd

- Sam Edelman Oxfords- http://zapwow.me/HVgf

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Miami Style Map: In A Culottes State of Mind

If there is one thing that you can't beat when it comes to Miami, it's her breathtaking beaches (sorry, NY). Where else can you find turquoise dipped waters without actually having to go to the Carribbean?! So many of Miami's prized 'places to see' come with a water view that almost look photoshopped- ahem, see above.  (I can vouch for their authenticity). 

You don't need a million dollar home on Star Island to enjoy waterfront luxury (though that would be nice). In Miami, you don't need to look further than your nearest park. I'm fortunate I get to live right across from a nice little park on the water, which offers some pretty awesome morning reflections when I walk the dogs. There's just something really uplifting about a good view! But one of my favorite parks in the city, happens to be a 10 minute ride away in Coconut Grove. It's called Alice Wainwright park and it sits right on the bay.

Whether you're enjoying a picnic by the bay or a walk along the tree-heavy grounds, Alice Wainwright is a picturesque retreat in the heart of Miami- a hidden gem, some would say. I love bringing Maya to the playground and watching her run and up and down the grassy knolls. And you can't help but be distracted by the view- open waters, city skyline, and Viscaya Gardens from a distance. 

What a perfect backdrop to showcase these killer culottes and tailored blue blazer. My photographer, Raquel was on the money with this location. These culottes are my latest obsession. They are easy to dress up or dress down. I love the way the blue it reflects against the water and the gold details on the buttons and accessories are simply striking. This look is structurally post-modern with its clean designs and color scheme.  And I love the menswear touch with the crisp white blouse under the jacket. 

I recently wore this look to the Refinery 29 x Simon Malls Shopping Block event at Dadeland Mall. Because when you're dealing with Refinery 29, you just automatically take it up a notch. 

The accessories are a big part of this look. In keeping with the sleek cut and finish of the outfit, I added this layered statement necklace and leopard clutch. I'm obsessed with braids (duh), and really wanted to do 'braids and bangs' updo and I just love how complimentary it is (thank you Ana, from Makeup Artistry by Jessie). You really notice the vintage earrings, the necklace, and the red lips because the hair is off the face. 

And how fantastic are these gold sneaker slip-ons with the culottes? It's fashion synergy. With faux sneakers like these, you can sign me up for the sportswear trend any day! 

On Me:

White blouse- Forever 21
Blazer- Forever 21
Culottes- Zara
Slip-ons- Steve Madden
Clutch- Nine West
Necklace- Aldo Shoes 

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