Friday, January 29, 2016

NY Style Map: NY Is The City That Made Me

Every couple of months or so, I come around the blog and drop some mad love to my favorite city in the world (Don't worry, Miami. I still love you). Some of you love reading about my city love story, some of you may roll your eyes- probably because you can't relate to my incessant NY obsession that never dies. Nonetheless, these 'once upon a time' odes I often feel the need to express about the city I once called home, is simply a way to feel and stay connected. It's a part of me, a part of who I am, that I love to acknowledge and thank- because I give the city (and some other special people) a huge amount of credit for making me the person that I am today on every level. I'm reminded everyday through my character, my determination, my no bullshit attitude, and my bullet-proof self-esteem, that I was and still am part of that magical landscape. New York builds you up, tears you down, and builds you right back up stronger than ever. And it has served me wonders here in the Magic City. 

How many people can echo Frank's 'If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere' sentiment with assurance and say "I made it?" I can. I came. I saw. I conquered. And then some. Maybe I wasn't ready to leave, but I walked away from the experience with more life lessons and memories than My Space, Facebook, and my IPhone Photo Library could hold. And I'm so thankful! Now I get to share that obsession and that love with my little ones. I love showing Maya all the wonders of the city each time we go back. I show her where mommy went to school. I show her where mommy took the bus or the train to go to work in the big, awesome buildings that reach the sky. We have tea at our favorite neighborhood tea shop and walk to Central Park and pick from an assortment of playgrounds to spend our afternoon. I tell her how mommy met daddy in the greatest city in the world and we fell in love. And I tell her that there's no such thing as an impossible dream and that there's nothing she can't do. Because I did it. And for that, I'm proud and eager to boast. 

NY is the city that made me. 

On our last visit to the city, I met up with one of my favorite ladies and photographers, Kim Mancuso (, for a quintessential photo shoot where else- Times Square. Now understand this- Times Square is the place you avoid like the plague when you live in Manhattan. You make the obligatory trip to midtown when your friends and family visit, and you swear you'll never go back until the next forced family vacation. But there's just something about Times Square that gets under your skin. Because it is pretty cool, let's face it. It's even cooler on a bright and early Sunday when there's just a few people walking around taking photos or grabbing cabs. It stands in all it's glory without all the tourists, or without the bells and whistles that usually occupy it at all hours of the day. Almost 13 years in the city, and this was one of the few times I actually stopped to enjoy Times Square. How very NY with it's big city lights, vibrant energy, and air of endless possibilities. 

And it's a pretty epic place to shoot some amazing photos like these! 

After seeing these awesome photos, I almost feel like Times Square stole the show! I had to show it up with a fabulous outfit- and I brought my A-game for this one. I love a menswear look with a touch of lady-like accents. This black and white bow blouse from H&M is everything right now, and it has the versatility to be worn with just about any piece. I love wearing it with high-waisted jeans, my black trouser jumpsuit, and even leather culottes. However, for this particular post, I paired it with a black lace floral skirt for a more feminine approach. 

I added a pop of color with the mustard tights and my leopard print coat for contrast. All the mixed textures, prints, and styles work collectively to showcase my ultra contemporary 'woman on top' look. Add a faux fur vest to the equation, and you can't go wrong! 

I accessorized with my favorite hat of the moment from Goorin Bros (hello, London Sparkles), and patent leather oxfords. But my favorite accessory is by far the stack of woven jeweled bracelets from Albadora Jewelry out of New York (follow them on Instagram @albadorajewelry). I love how the pale blue and silver arm candy looks against the leopard coat and black skirt. Same goes for the unique chandelier earrings. 

I'm getting all sorts of happy feels as we near another season of Fashion Week! I'm looking forward to some good ol' production work, seeing friends, and reuniting with the city I love! 

On Me: 

Blouse- H&M
Skirt- H&M
Vest- Victoria's Secret
Tights- Hue 
Oxfords- Ivanka Trump
Hat- Goorin Bros 
Coat- Guess 

In Style, 


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Miami Style Map: Stepping Out in Stripes with My Little Man

There are certain 'trends' that never go out of style; those few and far between classic looks that stand the test of time and continuously pop up season to season. You can rest assured that these staples in your closet will always be put to good use no matter what the fashion forecast predicts as the 'in-the-minute' trend that will have fashionistas in a craze.

Say hello forever to stripes! If you were to look in my closet and drawers, you would definitely find that my wardrobe is probably over saturated with stripes. Basically, I have a stripes problem, just like I had a florals problem (I've since curbed my floral purchases).  I can't resist a good buy- whether its a soft boyfriend tank or a striped long sleeved top like this one below, I love me a good striped top.

I love that strips convey an effortlessly chic Parisian flavor as easily as they can capture a nautical essence depending on how they're styled. They're pretty fail-proof. In this case, I tapped into the Parisian cool girl in me, because lets face it, French women always look comfortably flawless, and I paired my striped Peter Pan collared top with a flowy ivory skirt. 

I love stripes so much, that even my kids sport this no-age-limit classic. And I think Rocco looks mighty cute in his Peek Kids striped set ( Seriously, look at that face! I love the fall colors and it's perfect for this mild Miami winter. These photos were taken when he was 2.5-3 months and it's unbelievable how much he's already changed. In that short month, month and a half, he's done so many cool new things like babbling, and playing with some simple hand toys. He laughs uncontrollably and he turns to mush when either Coco or I suffocate him with kisses, because that's just what we do! He better get used to it! 

It's definitely been a change and an adjustment not having any alone time during the day while Maya's at school. That 9-3pm window that I once enjoyed to do work or run errands is no more with an infant in the mix and you know what? I wouldn't change it! Of course, there are days when I definitely crave an hour or two of detachment so I can run in and out of stores a lot quicker without having to load and unload my hummer of a stroller (just going to Walgreens is an epic adventure) or eat a meal sitting down instead of on the go; but, I'm also digging all that one on one time that Rocco and I are getting because I want us to get to know each other and spend quality time together without interruption. He's my little man and he's already got me wrapped around his chubby fingers. Smart kid. 

Chris ( and I shot on a gorgeous day in November at the PAMM and you couldn't ask for a more breathtaking location. The lush greenery and minimalist setting works so well with this outfit! I broke up the black and ivory palette with a pair of suede tan booties that I pretty much live in. 

But you know what I love more than my tan Steven booties?! Rocco's Sweet N' Swag moccasins! I'm obsessed with babies wearing moccasins and I plan to buy Rocco a pair in every color (#obsessedmom). 

How do you wear your stripes?! I want to know, really. I'm always impressed with other people's interpretation of classic trends. You never know what 'trend twist' might inspire you! 

On Me: 

Top- Forever 21
Skirt- H&M
Booties- Steven
Sunnies- Walgreens
Hat- Goorin Bros. 

On Rocco:

Striped Set- Peek Kids
Shoes- Sweet N Swag

In Style, 


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Miami Style Map: Nothing But Blue Skies (and Florals)!

I was rummaging through old photos, and came across this session that I had forgotten to post! Lizzie from Ra-Haus ( and I, took these at South Point Park on a beautiful 'winter' day. I had just found out I was pregnant, and was disastrously sick. You probably can't even tell in the photos, but I was pretty much feeling like death. The first trimester of Rocco's pregnancy was hellish. Anywho, back to this fantastic floral outfit, or better yet, the breathtaking backdrop, because it really feels like someone painted that big blue sky right behind me!

I really don't wear a lot of dress pants. I tend to be more of a dress girl, or if I do wear pants, I like them to be high-waisted. So these grey 'boyfriend' style pants, are a slight departure. Their fit and cut is what drew me. I paired them with a bold-colored floral top that compliments the grey. 

I kept the jewelry minimal with an art-deco ear cuff from H&M and a simple long necklace from Rocksbox. Thanks to GlamSquad (, I have these fabulous braids that really show case the ear candy! This is one of my favorite hairstyles and I can't wait to do it again. It's effortlessly chic and versatile, worn perfectly with any style and look. 

Let's wrap up this post with an extra round of details! I love this bright purple colored Fendi pouch, that my best friend actually got me as a gift. You can wear it as a clutch or it comes with a strap to wear on the shoulder. It plays well with the vibrant color palette of the floral top. Plus, I really dig a purple and grey combo! 

And last but not least, my babies, my Chanel quilted platforms. They're glorious and even after years of having them, I am still obsessed! They are such a statement piece. I mean, how can you resist those sexy straps?! 

On me: 

Floral top- Forever 21
Grey Pants- Forever 21
Ear Cuff- H&M
Necklace- Rocksbox
Wedges- Chanel
Purse- Fendi 

In Style, 


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Miami Style Map: Starting off the New Year on the Right Foot!

Hello, you and hello, 2016! Wishing all my fashionably fresh squeezers a very happy new year! Here's to health, happiness and good style! Hope you all rung in the new year surrounded by loved ones and good champagne. Personally, I'm looking forward to kicking off another fabulous year with the blog, starting with this post right here. I'm excited to bring you a little bit of everything in 2016- from fun fashion mash-ups to tales of parenting- I promise to keep you entertained! 

We're feeling some crispness in the air here in la ciudad de Mee-ah-mi and I'm taking full advantage of anything remotely cool, weather wise, to wear more fall-like pieces and looks. I think by now I've expressed my obsession with the color mustard, and in this particular case, I'm digging how it pairs with deep plum lips for a cool, rustic vibe. We (and by we I mean the killer photo team of Ra-Haus took this pretty little number to the Freehand in Miami Beach ( and shot it amidst the tropical greens and eclectic backdrop. I'm kind of getting some Taylor Swift feels with this look. Anyone else?! 

I photographed this look a few weeks after having Rocco and as I look back at the photos, physically, I look so different. For starters, this was 'phase one' as I like to call it, of my new year hair transformation. I chopped off a good chunk of my hair, which felt very liberating and cathartic. It's not usually how I feel after getting a cut. I have a hard time letting go of length; but, as I've gotten older, I've become slightly more easygoing in that regard. We are currently at 'phase three' of hair, which is the lightening process and you'll see that very soon! 

Beyond the physical, I see change in my approach to fashion. While the core of my style remains, I'm definitely stepping outside the box and trying out new trends and looks. One thing I've learned through my style evolution (because nothing is funnier than looking back on some of those questionable fashion phases), is that fashion is a reflection of who you are at a specific point in your life, who you're becoming, and who you want to be. Our experiences not only shape us mentally and emotionally, but they are also reflected in what we wear and how we present ourselves to the world. My wardrobe gives a glimpse into the life of a woman who is youthful with a joie de vivre, but also of someone who enjoys (although sometimes exhaustingly) a happy chaotic stream of activities, to-do lists, and adventures. Simply put, my clothes are an extension of how I feel, and my looks run the gamut from happy-go-lucky (happy face emoji to the tenth power) to emo-rollercoaster. 

So just when you think that what you wear doesn't matter or you prefer to play the 'I don't care about clothes' charade (but really you do), remember that you're sending a message about yourself to others that needs no words (note to late teenage self: thong hanging out of crotch hugging Brazilian jeans was never ever a good look and never a good message to send. Ewww. Abuela was right). 

I'm at a real content stage in my life; and, even with the day to day challenges of trying to 'balance it all' and figuring out the next steps and goals I want to achieve, the growing pains are fulfilling. I can't exactly tell you in what ways I've grown in maturity (and not just with the new haircut), but it's there and the essence of me is ever-changing and I love it. 

This Forever 21 look gives me an extra pep in my step- from the colors to the silhouette of the dress. It's fun- easy as that. Paired with a kick ass kimono, some menswear oxfords, and a hat (always a hat), I'm ready to sashay my way into the bright lights of 2016! 

On Me: 

Dress- Forever 21
Kimono- Forever 21
Hat- Forever 21
Oxfords- Ivanka Trump 

In style,