Monday, May 2, 2016

NY Style Map: Feeling a 90s Snap in NYC

I miss New York. 

I miss everything about it. I miss wearing sweaters. I miss complaining about how cold it is and dreading that first pang of freezing temperature that hits your face when you walk out of your building. I miss waiting at the bus stop for the M79 (immortalized forever by Vampire Weekend). I miss getting squashed by a gazillion commuters on the overcrowded 6 train. I miss the noise. I miss sunbathing at Central Park and picnics with too much wine. I miss my daily trips to the swings to watch Maya lose it in a fit of giggles. I miss Duane Reade. I miss $7 manicures and Gray's Papaya hot dogs. I miss my neighborhood wine store and early morning bagel runs. I miss the museums. I miss aimlessly visiting the city's neighborhoods and pretending we lived in every Carrie Bradshaw looking townhouse on Charles Street. I miss that guy that rollerbladed in a thong down 2nd avenue. Even that guy. 

I miss it. And every so often, these feelings of missing a place that's so engraved in who you are, creep up and get you all emotional over something that was, and still somewhat, feels like home, even though you are no longer there. But at the same time, I'm thankful for the opportunity to miss something so wonderful. I'm thankful that I got the chance to experience the greatest city in the world and I made it my own. I'm thankful for the home I made, the career I have, the husband I married, the children I have- all thanks to that great city. I'm thankful for toughening up, for growing an inevitable second skin, and for the kindness of some of the friendliest and resilient people you will ever meet (yeah, I'm talking about New Yorkers). I'm thankful for the polaroid snapshots of festive dinner parties in apartment 5A and family adventures on every bridge and in borough. 

I'm thankful. 

That's why every trip is an opportunity to refuel, recharge, and reconnect with all the things I miss and love to do- whether I visit solo or with the family- every trip becomes a self-satisfying adventure. This time around, I made the trip solo, which was much needed. I was in fashion week glory, jumping from show to show, feeling lost in glamorous clothing and backstage interview with the city 'clackers.' There were zero plans on my agenda. I went in there completely open and free and it felt fantastic! Everything was planned on the spot; but, the first order of business was just doing whatever the hell I wanted to do. I checked restaurants off my list, popped into an exhibit at the Whitney, met up for catch-up dinners with friends, had tea for one, and slept. Boy, did I sleep! I almost didn't know what to do with all the free time. Oh yeah, I also squeezed in this fashion shoot with my Miami-turned-Brooklynite photographer, Carmen Rodriguez (, because while I was in the city, I took a trip back to the 90s- Fresh Prince style. 

I love the 90s. I love everything about it. Movies (Clueless, Titanic, Empire Records, You've Got Mail, Home Alone), fashion (Nirvana's Grunge, Cher Horowitz's baby doll dresses, everything Madonna) , and music (Salt N' Peppa, Vanilla Ice, Kid N' Play, TLC, No Doubt), reigned supreme during this decade and some of those 90s trends and influences were all that and a bag of chips (see what I did there?)! And now they're seeping through in 2016. 

Like this totally rad H&M geometric sweater that I stole out of Zach Morris'closet. It's bangin' (I'm still going with the 90s slang)! These bright, neon colors are vibrant and catchy and I paired it with another 90s staple- the baggy joggers (in faux leather)- comfortable and chic. I normally wear my hair flung on one side like so easy breezy, and then it hit me that I'm secretly channeling my 90s beauty icon- Kelly Kapowski- queen of all things scrungies and biker shorts. I threw my mom's vintage mink over my look to keep warm, which also made me think about how my mom owned 90s fashion- Adidas windbreakers, tracksuits, high waisted Guess jeans, tousled hair, and midi denim skirts for every occasion! So I must have been influenced by her- after all, she was my first fashion idol! 

Union Square adds as the perfect backdrop, wouldn't you say? Because if it's one thing about New York- it's been a pop culture constant through every decade! 

It's always great to see you, New York. Thanks for the memories.

On Me: 

Sweater- H&M
Joggers- Forever 21
Booties- Steve Madden
Sunnies- Forever 21
Mink- Vintage 

In Style,