Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kicking Off Summer in my Lisa Blue Swimsuit

Well fashionistas, this is a first for me! And what better timing to blog about my first swimsuit post than the start of the summer time season!  I wanted to show off my new Lisa Blue leopard bikini in its natural setting and really capture what the images embody. 

I love the vibrancy and the floral and leopard print and how they look against a naturally lush and tropical backdrop. Not only is this two piece pretty on the eyes, but it's also a charitable fashion statement. 25% of the proceeds when you buy a Lisa Blue swimsuit go towards helping save the whales and dolphins. Each suit comes with a gold whale's tail charm as a nice reminder of the greater good. 

How could you say no to such a worthy cause? 

I wanted Lizzy to really capture me, as I am, on any given beach day. This is me stripped down to the basics of beauty. I just came off a day at the beach, still smelling of suntan,  salty skin, and cheese Ruffles.  You won't find an ounce of makeup, or any special bronzers on my body. Nope, this is 100% all-natural me. And not to brag, but this beach hair is really working for me. 

The beach is my happy place. It's my temple of peace to drink all the coke I want, read all my magazines from start to finish (even all those perfume ads), and people watch while I sit in my beach chair and tan my worries away (don't forget to use protection!)

On Me:

Swimsuit- Lisa Blue Swimwear 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Miami Style Map: A Dolce and Gabbana Ad Comes to Life in Miami

Well Dolce and Gabbana just got their first Cuban model- me! Wouldn't you say so after seeing these divine photographs by Lizzie from Ra-haus! I tell you, mouth agape is an understatement when I first laid eyes on the final images. My first reaction was, "Lizzie, omg, this looks like a freakin' Dolce and Gabbana print ad. And I'm totally going to frame these on my nightstand." Ok, Paris Hilton (#healthynarcissism) 

And all my supermodel dreams have come true. BRAVISIMO! 

The setting is a historic Miami landmark, modeled after a very famous European palace (that's all I can give you, but if you're a local, you pretty much know where I am). No wonder it feels like a time capsule of sorts. I, Katherine Buccio of the Cuban Renaissance, am feeling very 'Maja de Miami" in my vintage garb. 

It takes a fabulous outfit to outshine this picturesque location and I think I found a winner in this black and white structured number from Aristocracy Bohemia in Baton Rouge. While on assignment in the Bayou for Miss USA, I came across this gallery/vintage/menswear shop in downtown Baton Rouge with the sweetest owners and the coolest finds. 

This lady-like number, with its tasteful feminine silhouette, has a 1950's throwback that still transcends today's trends. Not to mention, I feel like a character out of Mad Men without really trying too hard. I dusted off my grandmother's velvet envelope bag (it was a winter favorite in the city, now it just cries underneath my bed) to compliment this vintage look. 

These T-strap gold sequined pumps, a West Village find years ago, are a secret weapon in my closet.  I love the white piping accent and the red heel is nice touch. Who would have thought all these retro pieces would find love again? 

And last but not least, the hair. Oh, the hair. One look at this dress and the first thought that popped to mind was, "Milkmaid braids!" And so milkmaid braids I shall have. My other extremely talented hair dresser, Ana, whipped this badass braid in a matter of minutes. Seriously, how did she do that?! It's my Lebowski. It ties the whole look together. These Miami Twice earrings (a $5 find) are the perfect vintage accessory to finish off the look. 

On Me:

Dress- Aristocracy Bohemia (Baton Rouge) 
Shoes- Oh Deer! 
Purse- Vintage
Earrings- Miami Twice

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Miami Style Map: Flying High in H&M

Hello Summer and hello fun! 

I get the thrills looking at these photos because not only are they whimsical and very happy-go-lucky, but the color and pattern combination on this easy breezy H&M outfit,  are EVERYTHING. 

The great Natalie from Suna Photography was the mastermind behind capturing these shots and it's pretty clear we had some fun. And side note, only of these balloons survived the shoot!

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of attending a blogger breakfast for the opening of a massive H&M at Miami's International Mall. We were treated like fashion queens- fed, clothed, and pampered- and even given the chance to scoop up an outfit of choice to wear and feature on our blogs. This is every fashionista's dream to be feted like modern day Marie Antionettes! 

 It didn't take long (and by long I mean a few too many loops around the store ) for me to fall in love with this polka dot blouse, which is something I didn't have in my closet.  The short sleeved find is very versatile and perfect for any season (add a fitted sweater over it and voila spring or fall)!

These shorts are a summer awakening on any even given day. Can you look at these babies - the sunny yellow, the rich greens - and honestly not feel instantly uplifted?! I love the way they pair with the black and white dots. Add a fantastic straw hat, like this H&M gem, and I'm ready to fly away! 

There are so many fabulous options to consider with these shorts. You can pair them with a sweater and some boots, or a graphic tee and some cool kicks, or ever a tailored blouse with some vicious pumps for a night on the town. I opted to wear my look with these sandal wedges with gold accents and they do the job quite stylishly! 

Are you inspired? Well, get on up from that desk (eh, use that lunchtime wisely) and make your way to H&M and get your hands on some show stopping summer staples before they disappear! 

On Me: 

Polka dot blouse- H&M
Graphic shorts- H&M
Boater Hat - H&M
Wedges- Payless 

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Style Spotlight: Local Artist Takes Nail Art to New Levels

One of the hottest accessories to watch out for this summer (because it's still alive and well) isn't a pointy toe shoe or a leopard clutch, it's nail art. Oh yes, celebrities and fashionistas have not let this trend die and designers can't get enough of these eye popping designs on their spring and fall runways. It's hard to look away when you see some of the unique and meticulous designs being sported on some of these fashionable ladies. It takes a creative force and a supremely talented artist to bring these wild and crazy designs to life. And I found one right here in Miami.

While nail technician, Lynette Swain, is not the only one in our loud and vibrant city, she's certainly one of the best. Lynette will whip you up a fresh to death design in a couple of hours and have you looking like Sasha Fierce! This week, the in-demand artist leaves to Manhattan's famed, Vanity Projects (located on the LES), to leave her mark on the city's fashionable set.

Born with the powers to create, Lynette has customized everything from 3D floral art on nails to spikes. In between prepping for her trip to the big city and back to back appointments (not even I could get into her tight schedule right now), this sweet and enthusiastic cool chick, managed to answer a few of my questions for the blog.

Sit back and revel in some of Lynette's work below! 

FSF: I love your work! How did you get started?
LS: Thank you so much! As a child my mother was very strict so I was not able to get my nails done until I was 17 at the beginning of my senior year of high school. As I was getting my nail done, I noticed that I was doing something different and unique. I could actually do any and almost everything artistic to nails. So I went to nail school and that is where it all began. 

FSF: Do you have background in art? Was this something you always saw yourself doing? 
LS: I can honestly say I got most of my talent from my mother. She could make and build anything and I would watch her do it. Nail school was nowhere near my mind. As a child I wanted to be an actress, singe,r and dancer but I found my talent lies in nails. 

FSF: What are some of the most popular requests you get? 
LS: The service most request are ‘stilettos’ or almond shaped nails with Swarovski crystals or even some 3D art on the nails. Or I may get lucky and get asked to draw pictures on the nails.

FSF: What have been some of the craziest nails you've ever done?
LS: The craziest design that I have ever done was a water nail. It was a nail tip that actually had water and glitter and floating beads inside that nail.

 FSF: We've seen this nail art trend gain some momentum, are celebrities like Beyonce and Katy Perry responsible for that? 
LS: Celebrities definitely have put a spotlight on the nail art trend. Their nails are their accessories, so they get to wear them with special designer-made outfits. I think most of the nail art ideas come from fashion designers in the first place.

FSF: I can't imagine your job every getting boring. What makes it so different and fun?
LS: My job boring? No way! I love my job. I’m even a nail instructor at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty and Careers and I love it. My customers push me to where I amaze myself sometimes, so I can honestly say that everyday is something new and exciting.

-To book an appointment with Lynette: 

Email her at:

-To see more of Lynette's work:

Follow her on Instagram @netta2hot

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Miami Style Map: Having a Tropical Moment in Paradise City

I took one of my favorite shorts out for a stroll at one of my favorite Miami hangouts and the two hit it off right away! The social garden setting was the quintessential backdrop for my outfit's tropical infusion meets urban jungle tone. 

If and when I ever own a backyard (I'm pretty keen on apartment living) this is how I envision my outdoor oasis- a friendly clash of inviting furniture pieces with pops of color at every turn and chair. It'll be like living in a permanent photo shoot. 

I leave it to Justin's creative vision (from, to scout these rad locations for our shoot. And again, he knew what he was doing. He even made me work my blogger butt and got me climbing through bushes so I could be smack in the center of some fierce greenery. Maybe it's just me, but I think the parrots on my crop top came alive once they found themselves in their natural habitat. The bright tropical print top paired with the leopard shorts is a killer combo. 

This necklace was just begging to to rear it's bright little head and it sure knows how to make a statement paired against this top. The hints of tangerine are a savory summer 'do' when it comes to livening up any outfit. 

What can I say about my boots? They should have their own Instagram page. Seriously. They've trekked more ground than any other shoe I own and that's because they never disappoint. I love a dash of rugged sexiness incorporated in my everyday looks. 

On Me: 

Crop Top- The Closet Boutique
Shorts- The Style Club LA
Hat- Nasty Gal 
Boots- Steve Madden 
Sunnies- Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21 

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Miami Style Map: Fish Braids and Florals

There was once a time when mega department store chain, JCPenney, was simply an afterthought or a means to a shortcut during a trip to the mall. The clothes never really spiked my interest as anything creative or unique, falling victim to designs more suited for inhabitants of retirement communities or out of touch soccer moms. 

Then something pretty ingenious happened. JCPenney had a fashion epiphany. In came designer collaborations from some of the industry's most sought after luminaries like Nanette Lepore, Nicole Miller, and The Olsen Twins. Even Canada's leading retailer, Joe Fresh, wanted a piece of the JCPenney pie. Soon, clothing racks stood out in visions of florals and neon, tailored dresses and matching sets made cameos during their respective seasons, and denim went well beyond mom jeans. 

JCPenney got cool. 

And while many shoppers haven't caught on to Penney's reinvention, well, I've been paying attention. Just take a look at this Nicole Miller blouse I scored on a recent shopping expedition. I fell in love with the vibrant colors- the lavenders and lemon green shades that make this top just pop, pop, pop! 

Paired with a classic yet modernized black and white striped skirt, the top's lively print takes center stage. 

The rest of this outfit is all about the details, down to the pink lips (an ode to my momma). I accessorized with a bright yellow statement necklace from Stella and Dot to compliment the top. 

And not only does my photographer Natalie work it behind the lens, she can do a sick fish braid on the spot. Why can't I figure out how to master this braid?! Seriously, when I attempt this, I look like I have a rat's nest on my head. Thank goodness for Natalie's Beauty School of America techniques because I'm obsessing over this braided look. 

Oh, and you know I had to mix it up even further with my leopard slip ons. The more prints the merrier. And I never forget to keep it very freshly squeezed with my signature 'arm'-or!

On Me: 

Top- Nicole Miller for JCPenney
Skirt- Rachel Roy for Macys
Slip ons- Steve Madden
Necklace- Stella and Dot
Watch- Casio

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Style Spotlight: The Biltmore Hotel's Palme D'Or Continues it's Epic Success in the Dining Room

Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited ( on an Ocean Drive Magazine assignment) to an off-the-charts fine dining experience at the revered Palme D'Or restaurant in the Biltmore Hotel. If you're from Miami, you're familiar with the Biltmore Hotel- that grand and illustrious Mediterranean style structure that's housed presidents, celebrities, and socialites alike, and sits in the elegant hood of Coral Gables. 

Sure, Bad Boys was filmed here and Al Capone used to walk it's corridors afterhours, but did you know it's also home to one of the most iconic and delicious restaurants in Miami? I would call it our own local treasure. Creating the masterpieces in the kitchen is Michelin starred chef, Gregory Pugin, who once trained under the helm of French top chef, Joel Robuchon and is now making culinary history in our Magic City with his classic and timeless recipes. After eight courses (yes, eight!), and some additional surprises from the kitchen, my J.Crew skirt felt a little more snug than when I first arrived. 

The chef indulged us with a savory sampling of the restaurant’s upcoming summer menu and each dish by far exceeded my expectations. From the Langoustine Au Caviar (relished with Passion Fruit Tapioca and Vodka Gelee) to the stupendous LOursin Dans Sa Coque (a Sea Urchin soup with bay scallops, fennel confit, kefir lime sauce) served in a porcelain shell bowl, every first bite delivered a mouth watering gasp from our table of 10. 

The seared Branzino (above), buttery and crisp, was one of my favorite dishes of the evening, and just plain delicious. I’m running out of adjectives to describe this memorable five star dining experience! And no French cuisine repertoire is complete without some fois gras. The foie gras terraine with strawberry salad and cranberry bread was a delicious treat. I had to practically restrain myself from licking the plate. Yes, that good.

We capped off the meal with the a few desserts, but the one that hit the mark for me were the fruit forward chilled peaches with verbena ice cream, and blackcurrant coulis served in a funky lit up ice bowl. Paired with a New Zealand Riesling, it was off the charts.

Fine dining is alive and well in Miami and one reservation at Palme D’or will have you eating like a king for an evening. Chef Pugin made a special (and quick) appearance during dessert and I had the good fortune of asking him a few questions (see below)! 


FSF: After so many years, what continues to makes Palme d'Or such a dining institution?

GP: Palme D'Or has a legacy of French fine dining, which is what attracted me to come and work here. It is quite rare to have such a restaurant in any city but especially in Miami. I continue to build upon this legacy and hope to take the restaurant to another level of luxury dining experiences.  

FSF: What inspired this summer menu?

GP: Fresh produce, lots of vegetables, light fare with a mix of Mediterranean spices and hints of flavor from Basque region inspired the summer menu. Also, more fish for a lighter summer fare.

FSF: Do you have a favorite dish on this menu that all yours diners should try?  

GP: The Sea Urchin and the Langoustine Caviar are staples on my menu; however, the flavors will change seasonally. In the current menu, the Sea Urchin has lemongrass and the Langoustine has lemon verbena, both light and fresh tastes for the summer.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Miami Style Map: A Work of Art on the Bay

Everything about this post is an architectural delight. Though simple in it's clean lines and contemporary design, it is the perfect backdrop to go against the dominant patterns of my outfit du jour. 

I have been giddy with excitement waiting to share this post with my fellow fashionistas! I was so stoked when Lizzie from Ra-haus  found our location and literally made me walk on a ledge to capture some of our kick ass shots. I'm in love with her vision, especially the images in front of the commanding wood panels.

I have gotten so much use out of this Peter Pilotto skirt from Target. I've even worn it with sneakers. It's extremely easy to pair and I love the originality of the classic Pilotto pattern. I decided to wear it with this black and white striped crop top, which also boasts some studded hardware at the shoulders. A striped top should be a 'must have' in every woman's closet. It is cherished staple that runs the gamut of outfit possibilities. 

Jessie, from Makeup Artistry by Jessie, highlighted my cheeks and smoked up my eyes with a charcoal grey. We added a pop of orange to add some fierce playfulness to the look. 

It's either go big or go home for me and that's evident by this H&M clutch with unique metallic hardware! It's like a big stylish stew of contemporary fashion! Let's just throw it all together and see what we get! I'm in love with the sleekness of this easy to carry day-to-night bag. 

And the icing on the cake are these faboosh faux snakeskin pumps. They're sexy, seductive, and can do some major damage if you dare get in my way! 

On Me: 

Top- Bongos for Kmart
Skirt- Peter Pilotto for Target
Clutch- H&M
Shoes- InStyle for Nine West 
Earrings- Vintage 

In Style,