Thursday, October 30, 2014

Style Spotlight- Menswear Edition- Brought To You By the Eco-Friendly Guys at TV Head

Who says that women get to have all the fun when it comes to dressing up?! Well, that's just not true.  Dapper men of the world, rejoice! I'm going to introduce you to a Miami-based brand that's putting a twist on the classic male accessories and making menswear extras, dare I say, fun. 

TV Head, the brainchild of brothers, Alex and Fredy Lopez, is taking accessorizing to the next level with their line of eco-friendly products, focusing on three staples and revamping them into a more refined, youthful, and hip package for the urban man of the go. Whether it's a wooden bow tie or one of their statement watches, these post-modern pieces have the power to add a dash of 'wow' factor to any gentleman's wardrobe. 

Creating a socially conscious line was  a priority for the designer duo. Their pieces mix elements such as bamboo and natural wood to bring to life each one of a kind product. Give an everyday suit some 'uumph' by swapping out a traditional tie for one of their signature bow ties and you can even step up your sunglasses game by donning one of their standout shades that are sure to be a great conversation starter. Don't believe me, check out model, Carter, below (photographed by the creative team of Ra-Haus Fotografie  and get inspired. 

Maybe I'm a little biased, but my husband and I first fell in love with this brand at the Wynwood Art Walk (I'm eagerly awaiting a line of women's accessories)! I had the opportunity to chat with the boys on how the line got started, their loyal customers, and Marshall Mcluhan. Yes, Marshall Mcluhan. 

Read the full interview after the jump! 

FSF: Tell me how the idea of TV head came to be? 

TV: The name TV Head Originated from an inside joke my Brother Alex and I frequently used. We would use the term to describe people who would be obsessed with television. We personally do not have anything against television but we do believe there is more to see out there than what the media shows. Our dream is to revolutionize the fashion industry, specifically men’s apparel. We love to create unique wearable pieces that combine great design with the elements. The name started as a call for social awareness and then it evolved into a socially conscious company that uses materials such as wood and bamboo in a responsible way to distributes eco-friendly products.   

FSF: the bow ties seem to be a big hit. I have friends in Cali and New York who own and love them. So why a bow tie? 

TV: We think Bow ties are elegant and classy; we wanted to make a statement and make a unique bow tie that would look and feel great when worn while staying true to our brand culture. The answer was wood.We came with the idea of re using existing woods to give the material a second chance and making our product eco-friendly. At first it was hard to design a wooden bow tie that was comfortable and functional but after many prototypes we were able to make it happen.  

 FSF: I first met you guys at the Wynwood Art Walk and each time I see your pop up, you have more and more people checking out the merchandise. What has been the response from the community? 

TV: Wynwood has a very special place in our hearts; Wynwood is where our journey as a clothing line started. Every Art Walk we get the chance to meet amazing people, make important contacts, sell our products, create awareness and have lots of fun doing so. We like to give each buyer more than a product, we give them the experience of being part of our brand movement. We love the fact that we are locals at Wynwood, it makes us feel at home. Seeing the great response from the community and how they support us by purchasing and believing in our brand and products is what motivates us to wake up every morning and keep on working on what we love to do.  

 FSF: What's your best seller? And where can people buy them? 

TV: Our Best seller has to be the wooden watches and the bow ties. Everywhere we go we get lots of compliments when wearing them. People love the fact that they look natural with a modern twist.  
These items can be purchased online at our website or at any of our retailers. Elemental at Wynwood carries most of our products as well. Their staff is very friendly and helpful.  

FSF: Describe the TV head customer? 

TV: The TV Head Customer is one that likes to look sharp. Enthusiastic about life, full of energy, old enough to have a global perspective but young enough to still have fun. They also love Craft beer, which is great because we do too. 

FSF: Any plans to extend to women? 

TV: We have been talking more and more about producing and selling women’s accessories such as wooden watches, bracelets etc.. We have gotten a lot of requests about expanding into the women’s market. There is a few ideas already in the works and we hope to have them ready soon. 

FSF: Who would be your dream customer in TV head? 

TV: If we could get one person to wear our products even if that person wasn’t in this earth anymore we would love to see our products on Marshall McLuhan. His ideology and philosophy are in line with most of our culture and beliefs.  We consider ourselves big fans of his work.  "If it works, it's obsolete" -Marshall McLuhan 

** To make a purchase, visit their site at ** 

** And you can also find them at the Wynwood Art Walk on the second Saturday of every month. **

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Miami Style Map: Meet My Spirit Animal

Ever wonder what your spirit animal would be? I've heard and read so many people talk about their spirit animal I was starting to get curious as to what mine would be, so I did the most logical thing I could think of- I went straight the revered Internet, because doesn't Google have all the answers?! 

So after taking a few "What spirit animal are you?" quizzes, my answer came in the form of a Bear. I never expected a grizzly bear to be the beast to best describe me, but after reading it's significance, it made perfect sense. Bears represent courage, strength, and confidence- three traits I can confidently (see that) say that embody who I am, which have only been strengthened by the challenges I have overcome. I am someone that takes action, is aggressive, but also nurturing. And like my spirit animal, I enjoy quiet time to focus on myself and recharge my batteries. Maybe next time I see a bear, and our eyes meet, I won't instantly think, "he wants to eat me." Maybe he's just really saying, "what's up, girl. Let the spirit move you." 

Or maybe it just really wants to eat me. 

As we were shooting this look at the gorgeous Paramount Bay building, Lizzie, Chris (from Ra-Haus Fotografie), and I kept referring to it as the 'spirit animal' look. I think between the distressed wild horse tunic, commanding ram head table, and the cage like wall panels,  the animal motifs were flowing throughout the shoot. 

I love this tunic (thank you Urban Outfitters sale)! It's crazy, sexy, cool and it drapes so effortlessly on the body. This tunic is begging to get layered. I wore it with a leopard bralette underneath and my jean shorts. I also wore it as a beach cover-up because it's so simple and easy. 

And because it's so open, you can get creative underneath with tanks, lace camis, and bralettes- whatever fits your style. I added my moto boots to continue with the bohemian trend. 

I think the accessories really take this look up a notch. The lavender lock in my hair courtesy of True Hair Miami compliments the free spirited frock as do the stacked rings and arm candy. You can really see my bralette in the last two pics. It's like I'm naked but not really.

And of course, I couldn't finish off this look without my trusty sombrero, adding some more flair to my gypsy warrior look.

Unleash my spirit animal! what's yours? 

On Me: 

Tunic- Urban Outfitters
Bralette- Forever 21
Jean Shorts- Forever 21
Hat- Forever 21
Rings- Gorjana
Boots- Steve Madden 
Necklace- Aldo 

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

New York Style Map: Rufflin' On The High Line

Guess who's bizzack in La Gran Manzana?! This city gal! And happy to report it was a sick-free weekend of celebrating (and day drinking) the latest rounds of weddings, engagements, and baby showers. It was a jam-packed three days of reuniting with old friends and jumping right back into our city routine and I couldn't have been happier. And of course, I got to squeeze in a a very special photo shoot while I was in town with the fabulous Kim Mancuso of Kim Mancuso Photography. 

Kim and I go way back, and it's all thanks to my husband, Coco. Now, if you haven't met my husband, Coco, then well, you don't know what you're missing. Coco is straight up sunshine. He loves people, has an infectious personality, and he's your typical Italian New Yorker- loud, funny, and out of this world kind (yes, kind. NYers are one of the kindest folk out there). So it's pretty easy to figure why people love him- and why I married him. It was Coco who first met Kim in the halls of Rockefeller Center and he just knew that Kim and I would click. "You gotta meet my wife!" he would say. And he was right. Kim was also a loud, funny, and vibrant Italiana, who worked at SNL while I was a producer at Access Hollywood.  We quickly bonded over our love of fashion, food, and wine. We were a match made in friend heaven, plus I have a thing for Italians! She had also recently traveled to Cuba where she had taken some breathtaking photographs of the island and its people. Her talent blew me away. 

When I started my blog, we talked about the possibility of teaming up for a photo shoot during one of my trips back and we were finally able to line this one up! We had several locations in mind (which we will put into play in the next visit) but for this look, we went to one of my favorite spots in the city- The High Line. 

The High Line is an elevated urban park that runs along on old railroad tracks on the west side of Manhattan (from 14th street to 34th street) and sits over the bustling city streets. It's a modern day oasis amidst the hustle of the concrete jungle and boasts some of the best views of the Hudson River. The High Line was originally used in the early 1930's to transport goods by avoiding street traffic and delivering directly into buildings. The growth of interstate trucking led to a decrease in rail traffic, thus shutting down the rail track service in 1980.  

Thanks to a community of activists and the non-profit, Friends of the High line, the tracks were preserved and repurposed and in 1999, the first section of the High Line opened it's fresh concept to eager locals and tourists alike. Two years later, a second section was opened. The park is now a popular attraction that includes not only an open landscape of greenery and art installations, but also pop-up bars, restaurants, and local street vendors for all visitors to enjoy. 

One of my favorite memories of the High Line is walking along the park with Maya and Coco after celebrating my second Mother's Day at the Hotel Americano. The day was gorgeous and we stopped at Terroir Wine Bar for a drink and then we let Maya run up and down the walk while she played with the flowers and we took pictures. It was one of my most memorable afternoons in the city (and thankfully, I have many)!

Now that I've dropped some knowledge and history on you squeezers, it's time to get to the nitty gritty of this post- the outfit. Thank you H&M for this UH-mazing ruffled wonder of a dress. I'm beyond obsessed. I felt like a bad ass edgy flamenco-dancer in this mint green  stunner. The ruffles were my favorite part of this look. It was such a simple pattern that packed quite the punch. I love long sleeved dresses and I especially like when they are form-fitting on the top and then open up below the waist. The high neck was also a plus. It allowed for me to showcase this spectacular jeweled necklace. 

The weather was absolutely perfect on this fall Saturday so I always have my leather jacket handy. I took this look from day to night (from a baby shower in the West Village to drinks at Cafe Select then a sleepy train ride on the LIRR) with the jacket and my black fedora. These suede booties feel like I'm not wearing any shoes at all and because blisters were not on the agenda this trip (or on any for that matter), they were the best candidates for all day walking around the city. Like the dress sock touch? I'm going through a phase. 

I'll tell you my second favorite thing about this look- my vampy lips. I'm big on lip color. For years I owned the smokey eye and nude lip trend and while I still do it from time to time, I've been embracing the colored lip for a while now. Red is my usual go-to hue, but now for fall, I'm loving this deep purple matte shade from MAC called Cyber. How vibrant does it look with this whole outfit? Add some killer ear cuffs (and I mean killer literally- I almost lost blood flow to my ears), and this look is a slam dunk. 

I'm so thankful for my NYC adventures- to get to go back home and bring you some of my favorite stories and places! If you find yourself in the city soon, stop by the High Line. Go for a night time stroll after dinner or meet friends for drinks at the wine bar, or if you just need to get away from the madness of it all, take a seat and breathe in the awesomeness this town has to offer. 

On Me: 

Dress- H&M
Necklace- H&M
Earrings- H&M
Hat- Forever 21
Purse- Forever 21
Shoes- Aldo Shoes 

Read more about my photo shoot adventures on Kim Mancuso's blog and give her a ring next time you're in New York! And follow her on Instagram at @kimmancusophotography

Learn more about the High Line

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Miami Style Map: A Spanish Style Mash Up of Fierce Florals

Good Morning, good afternoon, and good evening my fabulous fashionistas! I'm back from New York and ready to share my next Miami adventures with you all!

After months of busy schedules (that's what happens when you're mom), supermom and photographer, Natalie from Suna Photography, and I were able to team up again for a fun sequence of shoots in Miami's oldest neighborhood- Coconut Grove. I have so many wonderful memories of rollerblading with my mom at Kennedy Park, or field trips to the Science Museum. And as I got older (and I got my hands on a really good fake ID) lots of blurry nights spent gallivanting and dancing the night away at hotspots like Bar 609, Valentino's, and Sandbar! I remember coming down from Manhattan to celebrate my 21st birthday in the Grove with my friends and I wore this Marc Jacobs Chinese top that was very reminiscent of these China girl pajamas I had as a child but only more expensive (The events of that evening are still a mystery but based on the pictures, I had a great time!)

The charming bayside neighborhood has an untouched bohemian quality about it that makes it one of the most picturesque spots in the city. Part tropical oasis, part waterfront gem, 'The Grove' as it's affectionately called, has been charming locals and tourists alike with its quaint streets, unique shopping, and tasty dining. Its lush surroundings and Spanish-style architecture, are evident at every turn. 

While I was doing some research on the neighborhood, I found out some interesting tidbits like: Did you know that playwright (and one-time Grove resident) Tennessee Williams, staged his production of 'A Streetcar Named Desire' at the now-defunct Coconut Grove Playhouse in the 1950's? Impressive. 

And because the Spanish elements are so beautifully pronounced and hard to ignore, we found them a fitting backdrop to photograph this gorgeously detailed leopard floral skirt by Fancyfox. One of the perks of being a producer and blogger is getting to meet all these interesting and cool people from all different walks of life. One of those people is the Austin-based designer of Fancyfox, Sara Largent, who's ladylike feminine frocks caught my eye on Instagram. I love the richness of her patterns and designs- they're colorful, bold, and just really fun dress- up pieces. And they're made in the great USA with an attention to quality and detail. Funny enough, my blog caught her eye and we were a match made in insta-heaven! I fell in love with this midi skirt (hello, pattern overload) and I knew I wanted the chance to style it and Sara was more than happy to oblige! 

I know this may seem hard to believe, but this skirt is actually a great neutral piece that can easily take on several style personalities. For this look, I paired the skirt with a graphic muscle tee and my ivory tuxedo blazer. The cream and black of the blazer and tee offset the vibrant leopard and floral patterns. The skirt is such a statement piece that you don't want to drown it with a busy top. 

I accessorized the outfit with these gladiator platform heels from Steve Madden and a playful black and gold necklace from H&M. The small white and gold clutch also adds a bit of modern pizazz to the girlish look.

This skirt is taking me places! And I hope it inspires you to check out all of Fancyfox's one of a kind designs. and who knows- maybe take one of their pieces for a spin in Coconut Grove!

On Me: 

Midi skirt- Fancyfox 
Muscle Tee- Forever 21
Ivory blazer- Urban Outfitters 
Heels- Steve Madden 
Clutch- Big Buddha Bags
Necklace- H&M 

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** Visit Fancyfox at and follow them on Instagram at @fancyfoxclothing **

Friday, October 17, 2014

Style Spotlight: Vixen Workout Brings the Club to a Classroom Near You

If you're anything like me (and I'm going to bet you are), there's a J-lo loving-Beyonce strutting-fly girl itching to burst free from her cage and break into a choreographed routine to rival that of any MTV VMA performance. I religiously watched In Living Color just for the dance segments and have shamelessly tried to copy every move from the Step It Up movies (oh I did). 

And then I heard that there was a class that could make all my fly girl dreams come true- a chance to sweat it out on the dance floor, show off some of my amateur hip-hop moves, and it would leave me feeling invigorated, empowered, and unapologetically motivated. This is all thanks to the brainchild that is Janet Jones, the brains and 'Bawse' behind the Vixen Workout.

With a loyal Vixen Army stomping behind her, Janet Jones built her Vixen empire from the ground up. A lifelong passion for dance (with some 'aha moments' along the way) has turned her dream from a local sensation to a national phenomenon- and women cannot get enough of it! With classes in Miami, New York, and LA- the army keeps growing in size and Janet is 'twerking' her way to the next BIG adventure.

I got a chance to chat with the Vixen queen herself in between her fun workouts and she's dishing on her favorite stage performances, her obsession with dance, and why a Vixen code of etiquette is of utmost importance. Read it after the jump! 

FSF: Okay, you are about to make all my fly girl dreams come true. You are a Step It Up movie in the flesh. Where have you been all my life?! 

JJ: lol! Thank you!

FSF: I really love your story. It's a great story of success- of losing yourself and then rediscovering what you're really passionate about. Tell me how that happened to you? 

JJ: I had been a dancer my entire life.  I danced, taught, choreographed, even opened a talent agency to represent other dancers and choreographers.  It’s the only life I knew, but I reached a point in my life (around age 26) where I felt “silly” continuing to pursue my dreams when all of my friends had made more secure life choices, like Masters Degrees, Corporate America, Marriage, etc.  I felt pressure to have my life figured out by 30, so I joined Corporate America, got married, and got pregnant. Everything you’re suppose to do, right?  Well, I hated that life and it put me in a deep depression because no one talked about how hard it was to be a woman.  All my friends did it so seamlessly and I felt like such a failure.  I worked in finance for almost 4 years and I was laid off do to cutbacks.  I had a very young baby at the time, so I was forced to quickly find whatever I could find to make an income.  The only thing I knew was dance.  I started teaching dance again and choroeographing again and slowly finding myself again.

FSF: At what age did you start dancing and when did you know that this what you wanted to do for the rest of your life? 

JJ: I started dancing at 3.  It’s almost like, I didn’t choose to do this for the rest of my life… it chose me.  Whenever I was doing anything else that wasn’t dance related, it felt so wrong... so not me.

FSF: You are making so many women out there happy with your workouts. It's not just about getting fit- it's about feeling empowered and letting go. Is that what you set out to do when you started creating these Vixen Workouts? 

JJ: I created the workout for me and my friends… (The same friends that made the “secure”choices) As a woman, I had experienced the flipside of life as a performer.  I had experienced how a woman CAN feel, when you get the opportunity to lose yourself on stage and experience that euphoria. Being fit as a dancer was always a perk of the job.
My friends had only experienced the part of life that I hated (actually, the life they’ve lived up to this point put me in a depression) so I definitely wanted to provide them with an escape from their reality that was much more fun than a gym.

FSF: You've danced countless award shows and danced with some of the biggest stars. Which celeb and/or performance was the most surreal experience of your career? 

JJ: In 2005, the Univision network had a benefit concert for SELENA in the Houston Astrodome, the same venue as her most famous performance 10 years before. I danced with various artists who performed her greatest hits.  It was shot live and there were 60,000 people in attendance.  The energy from her fans was just crazy.  I will never forget that feeling.

FSF: The workout has a cult following of women that now extends beyond Miami- with classes in LA, New York, and I hear Texas is next in the mix. What's the energy like when you get to meet and dance with all these women who come to one of your classes? 

JJ: It’s unexplainable.  It’s a sisterhood.  It’s a room full of women who regardless of their ethnic or social backgrounds all go through the same struggles and all need an outlet for the pressures of being a woman.

FSF: I love that you bring the club experience to your classes without having to deal with VIP lists, velvet ropes, or drunk fools spilling drinks all over you. You even have a Vixen etiquette code! Why did you implement? 

JJ: Well, some women are more aggressive and outgoing than others and we have alot of women attending so I felt it was necessary to implement so that all women have a great experience.

FSF: I'm even more in awe that you've worked your butt off all while being a mom to a 5 year old. Tell me she's got your moves! Is dance in her blood? 

JJ: I hope so!  She has only showed her performance skills to the soundtrack of Disney’s Frozen.  Otherwise, she really likes to play outside with her boy cousins.

To book a class, visit 
Instagram: @vixenworkout

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