Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Miami Style Map: Cage-Free Fashion

Lizzie from Ra-Haus Fotografie (http://ra-haus.com/)has done it again. 

Leave it to her mastermind to make pungent fish traps my most idiosyncratic accessory on my latest photo shoot for the blog. 

The juxtaposition of the beat up wooden crates and the vibrant florals of my dress makes for one of the coolest spots I've shot so far. And if I tell you where in Miami they're located, I may have to kill you. No, just kidding. Or not. 

Let's talk about this dress- my lonesome warrior. This dress has somehow survived rounds and rounds of closet purges. I've owned it since 2009 and for some reason, have never been able to part with it. I think the dress hypnotically puts me in a color trance. The print is striking and well, it just makes me happy. 

To change it up, I implemented a rebellious twist to an otherwise straight forward strapless floral dress- I call it, the leather jacket. Oh yes, ladies. It's that simple. A well-tailored leather jacket can instantaneously transform any outfit. It's classic, confident, and quite bad ass. Layered over something unpredictable like a dress with feminine frivolity, it's a game changer. Just look what it does to my spunky little number.   

I kept the neckline bare and accessorized with a pair of tangerine drop earrings and a bright orange lip. Not to sound completely narcissistic or self-absorbed, but this tight shot of my side profile is flawless. I love all the angular structures in the frame- my neckline, cheekbones, and the fish traps. It's very in your face. 

And last but not least, I brought my Louboutins out to swim with the fishes (get it?!).  I love the severe pointy toe look combined with leather and florals. 

And that's how you give your ordinary strapless dress a va va voom makeover! Now it's your turn. Go!

On Me: 

Floral Dress- Macys
Jacket- Zara 
Shoes- Christian Louboutins
Earrings- Street Vendor
Sunnies- Forever 21

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Monday, April 28, 2014

New York Style Map: Hunkering Down on the East Side

I have to reign in my emotions for this post because if left to my own devices, this will surely become a love letter to New York as opposed to a style post. Nonetheless, this particular photo session hits home. Literally. 

I like to boast that this was a no frills shoot. No makeup. No fuss. No preparation. The only thing I told Lindsay, my photographer, was, "I want to go back home. I want to be on the Upper East Side." And what you'll see here, is a small ode of love to the city that forever has my heart. 

Teaming up with Lindsay Madden, of Lindsay Madden Photography (http://www.lindsaymaddenphotography.com/), was also an extra perk. Lindsay has captured some of the sweetest moments of our little family. Along the way she became a friend. Her style is ethereal and whimsical, which is so up my alley. She's easy going and methodical(but not limited), which makes it such a pleasure to shoot with her, when we're not lost in conversation! So when I went back home a few weeks ago, we were both equally excited to work together on this fashion shoot for my blog. 

This is what spring looks like in New York. After a relentless polar vortex, mother nature got the memo. The flowers are starting to poke, the down coats have been stuffed away (but not too stuffed considering it is April in New York), and New Yorkers have an extra spring in their step. The weather was glorious while we were there, a warm welcome to the say the least. 

I was channeling the 90's grunge gods with my look du jour. Remember when it was cool to layer your baby doll dresses with a tee ala Cher from Clueless? I was always a fan of that look and still sport it for the nostalgic declaration. 

Though I landed in the city wearing a leather jacket, I quickly packed that away. I love this black and pink sprinkled floral baby doll from Forever 21 and love how it looks layered with a grey crop top. It's youthful and feminine- a perfect look for a spring day. 

These Cole Haan woven loafers were the only shoes I packed for the weekend. Besides being butter on my feet, they're all purpose and go seemingly with anything. Hello tights! I've missed you. Tights in Miami are mythical so the smallest things like my black tights from last season, bring me the greatest of pleasures- holes and all! 

This olive green felt hat also from Forever 21 was a weekend staple. I love how it combines so well with the florals as does the pop of the kelly green cross body. If there were such thing a state purse of New York, this would be it. 

These two quintessential street shots are my Beatles moment. Or, my "many a drunk nights" happy hop. That's probably more like it. But in all realness, this is me in my natural habitat. Blocks away from our apartment, walking home from a shoot, or grabbing a drink with a friend, or checking out an exhibit at the MET. This is me, lost in thought, thinking about where my next New York adventure will take me or really, how I forgot to put money on my metrocard. 

Either way, I heart NY. 

On Me:

Floral baby doll dress- Forever 21

Grey crop top- Forever 21
Loafers- Cole Haan 
Hat- Forever 21 
Purse- Marc by Marc Jacobs 

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Style Spotlight: F1RST Surf Shop is Making a Splash in the South Florida Community

Steps from the breathtaking beaches of South Beach, there sits a store with that 'Cheers' familiarity where everyone knows your name. It's the kind of place where both locals and tourists alike speak that universal language of the sea and first quality service is always the attitude du jour. 

Alright, I might be getting a bit hokey in my spotlight introduction but the verse fits. I'm talking about FIRST Surf Shop, a one of a kind surfers' paradise, specializing in providing top of the line merchandise in a laid back atmosphere. The shop also offers lessons for anyone who dares to enter the South Florida swells! Who knew Miami had a wave pool?!

The shop was launched in 2008 by two avid surfers and friends, Mark Gamez and Christian De La Iglesia, who wanted to offer a more personable and passionate experience to riders of all levels. 

I consider this style spotlight my surfer for dummies tutorial and after interviewing one half of F1RST for this style spotlight (thank you, Mark!), I'm ready to suit up and get on a board. But I'm going to need a life jacket first. 

Surf's up, fashionistas! 

Co-owners and friends, Mark Gamez and Christian De La Iglesia, hang ten at the remodel of F1RST Surf Shop
FSF: Opening the shop in 2008 seems like a natural progression for you. How did the idea to make it happen come about?

FSS: Christian De La Iglesia approached me in 2008 after collaborating on a pop up shop called UNIV. Chris liked what I was doing and came from a surf retail background. There were no other surf shops in South Beach so we created F1RST. We've been at it for a little over five years now and have doubled in size and added South Beach's only VIP SUP storage lockers as well as a satellite location at the Marriott where we offer SUP and Surf clinics on Saturday mornings. 

FSF: The shop has become a vital part of the South Florida community. What makes this surf shop different from the other shops out there in the market? 

FSS: Authenticity. We built this shop with our bare hands. Every piece of furniture, wood, stain, along with every single artifact that we have in our shop has been hand picked and curated- from the decor to the merchandise- and I believe it shows. Our patrons can appreciate that authenticity and the added unique touch and appeal and they identify with it. You can't pay someone to do that for you. You gotta get your hands dirty.

FSF: There's a big skating and surfing culture in Miami that most people do not know about. How did you become part of its landscape? 

FSS: Thank you for noticing! I wish the City of Miami Beach and the politicians would finally realize that! I am very vocal when it comes to the issue of skateboarding in Miami and Miami Beach and it's a sad fact that it is the year 2014 and Miami, one of the most forward thinking and progressive major metropolitan cities in America, does not have one single skate park to call it's own. It's pathetic. I have been to my fair share of city meetings regarding skate parks and have seen, firsthand, the level of political bullshit and it is overwhelming. I'll spare the blog one of my long-winded rants about skate parks and try to get back to the point. 

I have been skateboarding and surfing in Miami for over 25 years. Being born and raised in Miami makes me part of the landscape, but I’m a dinosaur. The crew at MIA skate shop does an excellent job of holding the Miami skate scene down and they are more the landscape than I am. They keep the skate culture alive and well and I like to think we do the same for surfing.

FSF:  The shop itself is almost like your way of giving back to the community and to its customers. What are customers looking for when they come into your store? 

FSS: We built the shop with the idea of accepting the fact that we are a place of social gathering. That's why our main counter space looks like your local bar retrofitted with barstools and all. When there is surf (which is not often) we are ground zero for surfers to have a place to hang out and celebrate and talk story while waiting for the conditions to improve. In the era of online shopping, you can't replace what a locally owned and operated retail shop offers, which is local knowledge. Try to find out what bars or nightclub to hang out at or where the real South Beach hangs out at on a forum or blog and see how your night ends up. Good luck with that! 

Our merchandise selection is what separates us from the pack. You won’t find a lot of our brands anywhere else but at F1RST. We carry a limited amount of individual items and pieces from our vendors. When it's gone its gone. We like to keep it moving and fresh.

FSF: Call me a rookie or whatever is categorized below that, but are there good waves in Miami?

FSS: Yes! South Beach does get good. Our season is November to March (Winter) and we do see classic surf conditions down here that accompany the Nor'easters and cold fronts throughout our winter season. We'll see a handful of classic surf conditions. In the Summer, things get sketchy--we need to have a hurricane swing right by us and make a u-turn at the very last second. Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Frances are two classic examples.

FSF: You also happen to be an avid surfer and you used to be a professional skater. Is there one you like more than the other? 

FSS: Thank you for the compliments, but no, I never went pro for skateboarding. I was a local hero at best who moved to California and got humbled--quickly. Most of my friends out on the West Coast are professional surfers and skateboarders so maybe people sometimes think I was pro. I would say I was bro-fessional. My friends know that I am an elitist skate-snob and I do not hide it. I bleed 7-ply maple and I talk, act, dress and think like a skateboarder. Skateboarding is and will always be my first true love. Surfing on the other hand is my favorite. It is way more satisfying and way easier on the body at this age -- There's a reason why surfers are so laid back and on their own trip. You know the slogan "Only a Surfer Knows The Feeling" by Billabong? Yea, well as cliche as that may sound -- it's true. Surfing is a one of a kind feeling that cannot be emulated by any other water sport. 

FSF: Do you have a favorite place to surf? If so, describe what that looks and feels like for you. 

FSS: Believe it or not. South Beach! I've traveled the globe and have surfed the Caribbean, Central America, Baja California, The West Coast, Hawaii and Indonesia and there is simply nothing that can compare to catching South Beach in its classic form.

FSF: I know the shop takes up a lot of your time, but when do have some downtime, what does your perfect day in Miami look like? 

FSS: I keep it local. If I do venture out its to visit Gabe and Elad at The Broken Shaker, or Flip and Paulo at Radio Bar. My wife and I are huge fans of Red The Steakhouse. Peter Vauthy is the best!!!

FSF: We have to talk about your style. You have a laid back, yet distinct sense of style that you carry off really well without falling into that whole stereotypical surfer look. How would you describe your everyday. go to look? 

FSS: Thank you! I definitely try to break that surfer/stoner mold of wearing a huge logo/brand names on your chest lookin' like you are a walking billboard. I try to keep my personal style up with the times without going overboard on any particular trend. You won't catch me running a mustache (mostly because i can’t grow one!) or sailor tattoos any time soon. Remember, I was a skateboarder in the early 90's, which meant you rocked the huge baggy jeans. I'm thankful Instagram and Social media weren’t around for those days but I am indeed haunted by those memories. I try to keep my style safe and current. I add some flair on the proper occasion to let the people know I can still run it when the time calls for it.   

Visit F1RST Surf Shop at:

Follow them on Instagram at: 

Located at: 
40 S Pointe Dr #107, Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 397-8103

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Designing Duo, Proenza Schouler, Team up with MAC Cosmetics For a Super Colorful Collection

One of the perks of being a blogger and producer is getting to test out some of the anxiously anticipated makeup collections before they hit stores worldwide. And when it comes to playing with makeup and getting to test out different looks, its more like being a kid in a candy store than a work assignment! 

So when I received my goodies from the new Proenza Schouler for MAC collaboration, I was in color heaven. The highly praised designing duo pulled out their big beauty guns for their collection with MAC and organically pulled off a glamourous yet uppity nonchalant repertoire of products. Lazaro Hernandez (who also happens to be a Miami native) and Jack McCollough were inspired by the vibrancy and colors of the 90's era and opted to focus on super bright ombre blushes and high impact lip shades like a bold tomato red and a fun pink. All while still keeping to their trademark classics of nude and black. 

And the metallic packaging is just as fabulous and catchy! 

No one was more excited than my go-to makeup artist, Jessie (from Makeup Artistry by Jessie) to try out the sleek and shiny merchandise on a fresh canvas (that would be moi!) It wasn't easy to decide on a lip color since I was already equally smitten with all the options, but at the end, the Mangrove lipstick won out the rest. 

Mangrove lipstick from the Proenza Schouler for MAC collection

Jessie first lined my lips wit the High Energy Pro Long Wear lip liner (always a must if you want that lip liner to stay put throughout the day) and then she filled in the rest of my lips with the Mangrove lipstick. I love this color because it's not exactly a fierce red but it's not an orange either. It's confident and eye-catching and can still dress up your face (and an outfit) with a few swipes. For my coral-pinched cheeks, Jessie applied the Ocean City ombre blush and lined my smokey eye with the Pro Long Wear Black Ice eye liner. The finished product was just as I expected- sensationally super bright and cool. 

I think I've found my new sizzling shade for summer! So if you're looking for an easy breezy way to update your wardrobe, make your way to the nearest MAC counter on May 1st and stock up on this chic collab. 

You don't want to miss out. 

And kudos to the ever so talented Lizzie Renfrow from Ra-haus Fotografie for capturing these amazing beauty shots of me wearing the Proenza Schouler x MAC collection. 

On Me:

Lipstick- Mangrove
Lip liner- Pro Long Wear Lip Liner in High Energy
Blush- Ocean City Ombre blush 
Eye liner- Pro Long Wear Eye Liner in Black Ice 

In Style, 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Black Tie Optional


I've been very fortunate to get to work with a talented cluster of photographers on some of my blog posts and one of those photographers is Melissa Perez, from Simply Captivating. Introduced through a mutual friend, Melissa photographed my family for our first holiday session as South Floridians. She's sweet, smart, and has an eye for capturing those unforgettable moments. 

So it was a no-brainer for me to ask her to snap some head shots for my Freshly Squeezed Fashionista blog. What started off as a straight forward shoot, turned into a couple of hours of silliness, girl talk, and fashion fun! 

I am so excited to finally share this look with my fashionistas because nothing says "Let's have a good time" like a band of bow ties! And the Eva Franco Ora dress is nothing but fun. This sassy little number is one of my favorite dresses from Rent the Runway. I loved it so much, I wore it twice in one week! Yep, I double dipped. 

I've never been shy about my love for Rent the Runway. Never has such a brilliant idea come around that has taken the fashion industry and millions of women's checkbooks by storm. Gone are the days of splurging big bucks on a designer gown for a festive occasion. Times are tough and spending has been curbed. 

Rent the Runway will be your new best friend. Trust me, it's mine. I cannot tell you the last time I actually purchased a dress at a store that I would only wear once and then it would spend the rest of it's existence collecting dust on a plastic hanger in my closet. 

And the options are limitless! 

 I paired my bow tie dress with my signature hat and a pair of two- toned Marc Jacobs peep toe heels. And I love that they're the same hue as the cream and black dress. Another way to pair this dress is with a cool pair of motorcycle boots or with a boyfriend blazer, tights, and Mary Janes on a crisp fall day. The possibilities are endless! 

I couldnt' complete this look without the help of my glam squad. Thank you to Jessie from Makeup Artistry by Jessie for my fresh face and to my Mane Man, Emiliano (at the W Hotel) for my bouncy blowout and for always making me look oh so good! 

On Me: 

Dress- Eva Franco from Rent the Runway
Shoes- Marc Jacobs
Hat- Urban Outfitters 

In Style,


Monday, April 21, 2014

April Showers Brings Red Flowers

Summer is nearly upon us (unless you live in Florida, and well, summer doesn't stray too far), and the plethora of music festivals on our radar continue to churn out an impressive array of fashion attire that will have the most loyal of fashionistas stylishly overstimulated. As for me, it means more inspiration for my everyday wardrobe. 

I fell in love with this lace cardigan the moment I laid eyes on it at Forever 21. Styling an oversized cardigan is often met with a bit of apprehension and difficulty from my end. I usually find myself stuck, not knowing exactly how to pull one off. But this lace number is so versatile and so far, I've been successful at highlighting some of my favorite pieces by throwing it over whatever dress or romper I have on. 

Take for instance, this floral red romper. 

The floral details on the lace cardigan compliment the red on the romper. And it adds a feminine touch to a simple look. The best part about this romper is the price. It was less than $14! I call that a steal. 

There's that hat again! I think olive green is such a classic color because it goes great with anything and everything, even when it's mismatched. I also love the turquoise drop earrings I wore with this outfit. Turquoise and red is one of my favorite combinations. 

It's all in the details when it comes to this feminine festival outfit! My Free People boots need no introduction and my arm candy is always ready to rock! 

I think photographer, Natalie and I were onto something with this black and white tent. Too bad oversized children can only manage a tight squeeze. But can you feel the boho vibe, nonetheless?! 

On Me:

Romper- Forever 21
Lace Cardigan- Forever 21
Hat- Forever 21
Sunnies- Forever 21
Boots- Free People 
Earrings- Banana Republic

In Style, 


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Style Spotlight: A Vegan Bakery in Wynwood That Hits the Sweet Spot

One glimpse into Mariana Cortez's sweet emporium, and it's no wonder why the locals can't stay away. Nestled on a busy street in Wynwood, Bunnie Cakes is more than just a bakery- it's a love story pioneered by one mom's personal quest to create a dairy free alternative for her children. Never one to let rejection define her, Mariana never gave up. She followed her passion and her heart, and in 2009, Bunnie Cakes was born.

It's almost impossible to have just one of their delectable cupcakes. These bite size treats that range in selection from guava to passion fruit, are an explosion of flavor in your mouth. And vegans rejoice! Bunnie Cakes offers gluten free versions of their sugary delicacies. 

In my first foodie inspired Style Spotlight, Freshly Squeezed Fashionista goes straight to the sweet source to get the scoop on a neighborhood favorite. 

FSF: I love the story behind the shop! Why did you decide to take this leap of faith?

BC: My oldest son Luke was 18 months and he was not talking. He had a speech delay and I started researching about diets that would help him develop his speech. I came across the Gluten Free Casein Free Diet. Luke had an allergy to dairy since birth, but I didn't know much about anything gluten free. When I started searching for places to make the cake (gluten free and dairy free) for him, nobody at the time knew what I was talking about. I knew there was a necessity in having a local bakery/baker that could provide this. So I called my grandmother and she gave me some cake recipes that I transformed into vegan and/or gluten free recipes. I went online and looked for a domain and www.bunniecakes.com was available (I don't know how I came up with that name but I thought it sounded cute). I created my own website on my laptop and took a couple of pictures of the cupcakes I was baking. I had a full time job at the time, but during lunch hours I would go to restaurants with samples of my mini cupcakes to see if they were interested in selling them. I found a couple of restaurants that were interested. I used to bake at night after work until 2-3 in the morning. After a couple of months I decided to quit my job and I started full time out of my apartment. It was really scary because I had an 18 month old and a newborn and my husband, at the time, was unemployed. But I always believed in my product, eventually I had more than 10 restaurants to supply weekly. I used to bake, decorate, deliver, make the invoices, answer the phones and emails, and take care of my two sons. I got pregnant with my third child and I thought I was going to have to stop, but I never did. The same day that I delivered Amelie, my third child, I baked and decorated more than 200 cupcakes with my mom. Eventually production grew so much that I had to hire an assistant and another person to make the deliveries. Online, I met another amazing business owner that offered to share her warehouse and kitchen space with me. I moved to a warehouse in Little Haiti and from there we delivered to all our retailers. But I always knew that I had to have a storefront because it was difficult to find what I was creating, and I wanted to make it accessible to everyone. From that point, I started looking for investors, lenders, etc. It was such a long process but I was a pioneer in Miami for these pastries. The risk I was taking was so elevated and I was an eternal dreamer in everyone's eyes. I had so many disappointments, and so many people turning me down, so many people telling me over and over again that "I was a dreamer and dreamers don't get any loans." I never gave up though. I got all the money I needed in loans to open my storefront, but it was so difficult. I filed for divorce because not even my husband understood or believed in me. The store was opened February of last year, and we have had amazing responses from everyone. I couldn't be happier. Our projections were tripled in just one year. 

Bunnie Cakes' tiniest pastry chefs.

FSF: And it's such a great addition to the booming neighborhood of Wynwood. Why did you decide on this location?

BC: I live very close to Wynwood. I was driving around and saw a big "for rent" sign so called and they came and showed me the space. There was nothing inside and the neighborhood was still full of homeless people and prostitutes, but even though everybody thought I was crazy, I always believed in Wynwood as the place we wanted to start our business

 FSF: Is baking a family affair? Is this something you do with your kids?

BC: They like to help in the kitchen. Sometimes they help at the store or I make them do certain things so they feel like they're helping. 

FSF: There's an endless selection of yummy cupcakes and desserts- chocolate chip, dulce de leche, red velvet- how do you come up with the flavors?

BC: I like to incorporate flavors that I grew up with. I love passion fruit  because it reminds me of my childhood in Venezuela and how my grandmother's "manjar de parchita" (passion fruit gelee), so I created a passion fruit cupcake. It reminds me of her. I also created our corn and arugula cupcake also inspired by my grandmother's "torta de jojoto" ( corn cake with fresh corn). It reminds me of the flavors of my grandmother's kitchen. Almost every flavor is a memory from my childhood and my grandmother's desserts.

FSF: what makes your shop even more desirable is that you offer gluten free  desserts and many people nowadays are choosing a gluten free lifestyle. Why did you decide to offer? Do you have a lot of customers asking for gluten free?

BC: Yes I do have a lot of customers with gluten sensibilities or that they prefer to eat this way. I offer almost all the items we have in the gluten free/vegan version. We have gluten free/vegan cupcakes, cakes, brownies, cookies, empanadas, cheese balls, whoopie pies, gelato in gluten free cones, milkshakes, and our lunch menu sandwiches can be prepared with gluten free/ vegan bread. 

FSF: If you could only eat one dessert from your shop for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

BC: That is such a difficult question! But my favorite flavors are cinnamon sugar, passion fruit, guava, banana chocolate chip, and our new "sin tres leches" which is our version of the popular Latin dessert, " tres leches." 

FSF: When you hear all the customer feedback and read the reviews and praise, does it get old? Is it still a fairytale for you? 

BC: I am so grateful. Everyday I meet different people at the store that I can help, that I can relate to, that are me five years ago when I was looking for a cake for Luke. It makes me happy to be able help people, to have someone eat their first cupcake in front of me and I get to look at their smile. It never gets old. I'm so grateful each time a customer tells me they enjoy our products. That is the reason why I work so hard everyday. 

FSF:  Any plans to expand to other locations?

BC: Yes we plan to open a new location in the very very near future.

Bunnie Cakes
2322 NE 2nd Ave

Miami, Florida 33137
(786) 268-9790

Email: mari@bunniecakes.com

In Style,