Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Gold Standard

My favorite part about this look are the fabulous Tory Burch Mary janes. I found these a couple of summers ago at the Off 5th outlet in Riverhead. I got them at a huge discount and fell head over heels in love. I love that they aren't your traditional janes, but have more of an architectural vintage feel to them and the metallic color gives them a bit of a worn look. 

After wearing these gold beauties with mostly tights during cold NYC days, they're getting a fresh reboot in the Miami heat. I paired them with my polka dot midi skirt and navy floral top. 

I gave the default top knot a thicker look by spraying the ponytail and loosely twirling it around the base of the ponytail. It gives it some texture and width. 

This faux crocodile crossbody is a classic addition to the outfit. Sigh. And much cheaper than real croc. Like, much cheaper. You've been spared, reptiles. 

On Me: 

Floral top: Forever 21
Midi skirt: Forever 21
Gold heels: Tory Burch
Necklace: H&M
Crossbody: Forever 21
Glasses: Tom Ford 

In Style,


Monday, January 27, 2014

Bohemian Rhapsody.

I really don't like to categorize my style in one word because it's always changing and evolving but if I had to, I would say I tend to lead towards the boho-inspird looks, whether it's a glam version or a dressed down one since it's when I feel the most in my skin and the most comfortable. And this look is a perfect example of bohemian glam. I paired my Club Monaco faux leather shorts with a cropped floral top and added some gladiator heels to kick it up a notch. 

 And props to these shorts for giving my booty an au natural butt lift? I'm digging! I love this snakeskin clutch. I found it at a vintage store in New Orleans years ago and it's a must have. 

A good accessory doesn't have to break the bank. This light brown felt hat was a clearance buy at Target and yet, it can hold it's own with any outfit. I love the contrast with the edgier leather and how it compliments the pink and grey flowers from the top. 

Let's admire my hat one more time...

And one more time...

How do you get the dressed down version of this look? Try pairing it with a different shoe. I wore this look again this past weekend to go listen to some live music and went with a pair of tan oxfords. Short booties in black, tan, or greige will also do the trick. 

On Me:

Top- H&M

Shorts- Club Monaco
Hat- Target
Shoes- Steve Madden 
Clutch- vintage 

In Style,


Here Comes the Sun.

Can I get a 'what what!' for the gorgeous weather that breezed through Miami yesterday?! I vote for that to be the default weather in the Magic City. And that sunny weather gave way to this flowy flower frock. This dress reminds me of sunshine and it's an automatic mood brightener. 

There's a story behind this dress. I first saw this dress in a boutique in Williamsburg and fell in love. I, however, did not fall in love with the price tag, and so I reluctantly bid adieu after a short romance. But alas, how does that saying go? If you love something set it free, and it'll come back if it's meant to be? Well, we were indeed meant to be. 

While taking a stroll up third avenue, I stopped to browse at Urban Outfitters, and what do I see on a side rack? THE dress! But not just THE dress, but a lower, WAY lower, price tag attached to the dress. That was the sign. I called up Coco, told him I found my Mother's Day gift that I wanted him to buy me, and the rest is fashion history. And how ultra chic does it look with my favorite boater hat and clear sunnies? 

There is no shortage of color in this dress; therefore, it was only fitting to add some more color in the form of bright fuchsia lips courtesy of MAC (Girl About Town). 

And no outfit is complete without my trusty accessories- my black moto boots to toughen up this feminine look and my leopard crossbody because I'm a loyal fan to florals and leopard. 

On Me: 

Dress- Urban Outfitters

Hat: H&M
boots: Steve Madden 
Sunnies- Forever 21
Purse: Cole Haan 

In Style, 


Saturday, January 25, 2014

All in the Details on a Lincoln Road Stroll.

Just call me Blossom 2.0. I'm a sucker for a good hat. And when I do find a good hat, it rarely ever leaves my head. And something tells me that this black felt cowboy hat I found at Target is my newest accessory obsession (Maybe it's hat OCD?!) I've worn it everyday since bringing it home.

It's versatility is what really caught my eye. It can specifically transform the look of any outfit. For this look, it gives off a sort of laid back, boho essence when paired with the black maxi skirt. I love this striped crop top. It gets along well with pretty much anything in your closet. Kind of like that friend that's well liked by everyone and can do no wrong. Neither can this off white blazer. 

My second favorite thing about this look (after the hat, of course) is the leopard crossbody. Obsessed! It's by Cole Haan and I love how it sits along with the stripes. I probably wouldn't wear this crossbody in the summer because the leopard print/tone is borderline severe, but since it's technically a 'Miami winter' there's definitely leg room for it to strut its spots. 

Last but not least, my studded Steve Madden sandals are ready for battle. They speak for themselves. 

This outfit was appropriately chic and comfortable for an afternoon stroll on Lincoln Road. 

On Me:

Blazer- Urban Outfitters

cropped top- forever 21
hat- Target
skirt- Urban Outfitters
Sandals- Steve Madden
crossbody- Cole Haan 
Necklace- Forever 21

In Style,


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Club Monaco Birthday- Treat Yo Self!

I am head over heels in love with this outfit from Club Monaco. How fiercely glam is this all black ensemble?! More importantly, how tres chic is the latest spring collection at the store? A variety of stripes, florals, polished sweaters, and leather details (on shorts, pants, and skirts) are adding an unexpected twist to a mostly clean cut and crisp brand. 

This is a perfect example of black not being boring. It really depends on what pieces you select and what material the clothes are made of. When I walked into the Collins Avenue store last week, I had "birthday outfit" on the brain. I wanted something fabulous, eye catching, and special. And I found it. 

Just look at the detail on the collar on this sheer black blouse! This million dollar adornment is absolutely breathtaking. The embellishment is all handmade and if you button it up all the way to the top, you get an up close and personal view of the spectacular collar. The embroidery is flawless and because it commands an "all eyes on us" adoration, accessories must be muzzled as to not to take away attention from the piece de resistance. These black and diamond costume earrings belonged to my grandmother.

After coveting a pair of leather shorts for ages, I finally found the most flawless pair at Club Monaco and I think I want to sleep with them and wear them everyday! Is that odd?! They're like butter and already my mind is going 1000 miles an hour coming up with a million different outfits I can put together with these perforated leather shorts. The pockets are a perk and I like how I am able to tuck the blouse in and accentuate the top of the shorts. The clutch is from a vintage shop in New Orleans. 

Now if these shoes could talk they would tell you the story of a girl who moved to New York City with two suitcases full of clothes and a pocket full of dreams. My first order of business was to buy a bed. Instead, I bought these Jimmy Choo heels. They were my first babies. If I was going to become a New Yorker, I needed that stamp of approval. Who needs a bed when you got shoes? 

On Me:

Blouse- Club Monaco
Leather shorts- Club Monaco
Clutch- Vintage
Shoes- Jimmy Choo

Hair by: Aveda Institute of Davie 

In Style, 


Oh Rats!

There's something cuddly and just eternally cute about an animal themed sweater. Even a rat. This one seems innocent enough. I think. And this sweater is just so soft! I layered it over a sleeveless denim blouse and my polk dot skinnies. I got my money's worth out of these pants! They're bringing their 'A' game to this fashion match. I like. 

For me it's all about this felt hat. And my recent Target buy is a classic accessory and I can see us making beautiful fashion memories together. 

View from the top.

On Me:

Animal sweater- H&M
Denim blouse- Forever 21
Polka skinnies- Ann Taylor 
Booties- Steve Madden
Hat- Target

In Style,


The Mouse.


The happiest mouse on earth came out to play and I flexed my fashion muscles on a recent family outing to the Broken Shaker with this Mickey Mouse sweater over a jean top and a floral skirt. It works. Remember. Pair the unexpected. If you think, "this won't go together," chances are, it does. 

And the accessories, like the neon yellow watch, the clear sunnies, and the boots tie up the rest of this outfit effortlessly.  

On Me:

Mickey mouse sweater- Forever 21

Denim top- J. Crew
Skirt- Forever 21
Boots- Steve Madden 
Necklace- Forever 21
Handbag- Vintage 
Sunnies- Forever 21

In Style, 


Le Mariniere.

The nautical trend is one of those trends that always makes an appearance season after season in some variation. If you're a Floridian, that trend never takes a back seat. But you can always count on it. It's timeless.

So while flipping through the February issue of InStyle, the 'Le Mariniere' spread really caught my eye because there was one thing obviously missing from it- the color red. Most nautical trends showcase an element of red, whether it be a shoe, a bag, even trousers. It's almost expected. But not this particular look. The emphasis was on navy and white and more subdued neutrals. I decided to give it my own twist on a recent blogger brunch in the design district with the lovely Netty, aka Fashionable ESQ. And a big THANK YOU to her for capturing these lovely shots! 

Take a hard look at my striped sweater. What if I told you it's a maternity sweater? It's true. Almost two years after having Maya, I am still using it. I love the way it fits and how it looks as a layered piece and I really don't care if it belongs in my pregnancy closet. It works great in the here and now. I wore this over a dotted jean top and navy blue sailor shorts with (gold hardware buttons). I added a statement necklace for some sparkle and to rev up the muted color palette in the rest of the outfit. 

I focused on keeping my handbag and shoes neutral. I love this crossbody bag. I found it at a vintage shop on Queens Street West in Toronto while I was on location for the film festival (TIFF) and it has gotten so much wear. Crossbody handbags are a staple in the city. They're manageable and easy everyday bags, especially when you have a kid or when you have to wear over a heavy coat. And because they're so practical, I've incorporated them into my day to day in Miami as well. 

 Bang! Spice up an outfit with a bit of color. Make it an accessory. For me, that piece was a watch and my arm candy. 

On Me:

Striped sweater- Destination Maternity

Denim blouse- J.Crew
Navy Shorts- Forever 21
Oxfords- Steve Madden
Necklace- Forever 21
Sunnies- Forever 21
Crossbody- Vintage 

In Style,


Ooh La La!

My skin tight loving 17 year old self would be flabbergasted at my love for all things oversized- like this Lauren Conrad for Kohls grey sweater. I like loose and flowy pieces that are a tad bit big but can still look chic and refined without coming off as unflattering, so I pay attention to the rest of the outfits to make sure I don't commit a fashion 'don't.' 

With this knitted sweater, I wanted to play with plaid and dots. I paired my polka dot leggings with a red and black flannel button down. I threw the Ooh La La sweater over the plaid top and made sure that some of that plaid peeked out from under the sweater. I just liked how all the pieces collectively complimented one another without clashing. 

Do you dig my symmetric shades? I found these shades at a vintage store in the LES. My mom rocked a pair like these once on a Jungle Queen cruise. Great fashion minds think alike. 

Can't forget the red lips! Thanks MAC! 

On Me:

Sweater- Lauren Conrad for Kohls

Plaid shirt- Forever 21
Polka dot leggings- Forever 21
Crossbody- Forever 21
Boots- Steve Madden 
Sunnies- Vintage 

In Style,


Black is the New Black. Is the new black. Is the new black.

Black is and always will be the new black. Here's a misconception about black. It's not boring or predictable. There's something to be said about an all black outfit. It's classic. It's confident. It's New York. And anyone can wear it. 

And it's the tough chick's uniform. It also happens to be the glamazon's uniform. And the punk kid's uniform. And the high powered editor of a fashion magazine's uniform. And the brooding poet's uniform. And so on, and so on. Black is universal and full of expression without conveying the colors of the rainbow. It's a blank canvas. Do what you like with it.

Add some color in the form of lipstick or accessories. I splashed it up with a hot pink lip. And I focused on accessories for my all black look. The studded and spiked boots were a Mother's Day gift from Coco. He knows me well.

And the belt goes back to 2002 when I borrowed it from a friend on a European trip and til this day, it resides with me. It's fab, isn't? It's a mix of animal print with a Native American motif. It's from Gap. Who knew?

Check out the ring. Beware of the horns.

On Me:

black sweater- Zara

black skinnies- Urban Outfitters (BDG) 
crossbody- Forever 21
Boots- Free People 
Ring- Lia Sophia Jewelry
belt- Gap  

In Style,


Welcome to Miami.

Paying homage to my hometown with this woven bracelet I found at Genius Jones in Wynwood. 

We're taking it slow, Miami and I, since my heart belongs to NYC. But we're reconnecting like old friends and I kind of like it. Just don't try to make it out with me. That'll be weird. 

In Style, 


Loco for Coco

This top was made for me. Just ask Coco.  

That's All. 

On Me: 

Loco for Coco top- Revolve Clothing
Light wash denim shorts- Urban Outfitters
Boots- Steve Madden 

In Style, 


Shoulders For Days.

Everything that's old is always new again and for me, that everything is shoulder pads. I love shoulder pads. I used to love watching my mom get dressed and slip on her monochromatic suits and color block blazers and bam! Shoulder pads in your face. 

It's one of those trends that should have stayed at the party. Yet on that fashionable occasion, it makes a very glamourous cameo on runways and red carpets when done right. It's not about how high you can go, I mean, you don't want to look like you're a perpetual shrugger. Awkward. But how structured and tailored the jacket is. 

Take for instance this fitted H&M floral blazer from their Conscious Collection. It is divine and the right amount of shoulder swag. I love how this looks over a graphic tee and printed pant. I paired mine with my polka dot skinnies. I didn't want to overstimulate with a Crayola box of colors so I picked timeless colors like red, black and white. I went playful with the vibrant necklace and kept my flats simple in classic red. 

Oh, and 1984 called. It wants its shoulder pads back. 

On Me: 

Red floral jacket- H&M 
Rock n Roll tee- Forever 21
Polka dot skinnies- Ann Taylor
Red Flats- Fendi 
Necklace- Zara
Crossbody- Forever 21 

In style, 


White Girls CAN Jump.

Here's a double dose of big hair and jumpsuits. 

I love the way this aztec print jumpsuit fits on my frame. I like the ruffled strapless cut that shows off my collarbone. And I like how the legs on the suit go from the right amount of looseness to tailored at the ankles. This cut works really well with cute sandals, like these gold gladiator ones I picked out. If the legs were wider, I would have opted for a wedge or even a platform heel. 

I belted it right at the waist to break up the pattern as to not cause dizziness. 

On Me:

Jumpsuit- Forever 21

Bib necklace- Forever 21
Gold sandals- Enzo Angiolini 
Braided belt- Forever 21

Hair by: Emiliano (Warren Tricomi Salon at the W Hotel)

In Style, 


Queen of Hearts.

My Secret Santa (thank you seester!) knocked it out of the park with this super silly soft Lauren Conrad for Kohl's sweater. I feel like I'm wrapped in cotton balls.

Go Ahead. Feel me up.

Props to Lauren Conrad on her Kohl's collaboration. She has some very amusing pieces that are ladylike and aerial and I love hints of that in my wardrobe. 

On Me:

Sweater- Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

Gold oxfords- Steve Madden
Jean shorts- Forever 21 

In Style,


Do You Know the Way to St. Tropez? (or Biscayne Bay works too)

Feel free to cut me out of this shot and put me right in beautiful St. Tropez or any French Riviera beach for that matter. My outfit calls for it. It's balanced and youthful with some modern nautical elements.

I love this polka dot skirt! It's such a classic piece and pairs well with so many different kinds of tops. For this look, I wore my 'St. Tropez' cropped top and layered it with a red boyfriend blazer. The red blazer is my Lebowski piece. It just ties the whole look together.

And you can't forget the accessories. I'm all sorts of in love with my boater straw hat that has been to more countries and beaches with me than I can even count. I kept the shoes clean and neutral with these  Sam Edelman wedges. 

Now, where's my boat?!

On Me:

polka dot midi skirt- Forever 21

St. Tropez cropped top- Forever 21
Boyfriend Blazer- Forever 21 
Wedges- Sam Edelman
Boater Hat- H&M 
Bib necklace- Forever 21

In Style,