Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Rocco Report - Week 16!

Hello Squeezers!

I'm so happy to share my second pregnancy journey with you all! While I was pregnant with Maya in 2011-2012, I kept a pregnancy journal on my personal blog (www.twocentssuarez.blogspot.com ) documenting all my feelings, all my musings- including the roller coaster changes my heart, mind, and body were going through during such a surreal time. And weekly, I would post it on the blog, blast it to my closest family and friends, who would then share it with their close friends, and so a pregnancy tradition was born.

I've been going back and forth whether to to do it again with Baby Rocco. So many friends have urged me to keep it up because they enjoyed it so much the first time around. I finally decided 'why the hell not!' I can't jip the second kid! As it is, he won't be getting a 365 day book of his first year like Maya did. It was an incredibly special project but one of the hardest things I've ever done; but, one day Maya will read about her first year (and my first as a mom) in great detail (600 plus pages) and know that even when I was supremely sleep deprived, I never stopped writing because I did it for her. So when it comes to sweet Rocco, I'll have to step up the collages and journal entries during pregnancy. Maybe even throw in a couple of videos for the poor kid. 

I'm four months along (16 weeks), my belly has popped so much quicker in just a matter of weeks, and I think I've (finally!) turned the corner in my morning sickness! So much is already different the second time around- for starters, we're having a BOY! I'm going through this pregnancy in Miami not New York (we'll get into that in the coming weeks), and in a different climate (Miami in August? Ewww), and my first trimester and a little of my second, was plagued with some of the worst morning sickness I've ever experienced- throwing up, exhaustion (I fell asleep standing), and constipation (just as ugly as it sounds). And while I did complain and still do, I have to remind myself that these are all good signs and all for the greater good. My baby is sucking me dry so he can grow big, strong, handsome, smart, and with a good head of hair like his dad and grandpa (no pressure, kid). But lo and behold, for the first time this week, I woke up feeling- gasp- Fine! I'm almost afraid to put it out there in the u-verse.  No nausea. No running to the toilet for our usual tete-a-tete, and no desire to stuff my face with the carbiest, starchiest, saltiest processed food available at a fast food restaurant (I'm talking to you, Taco Bell and McDonald's). I am beginning to feel human again!

But let me get a little deep with you and tell you what I felt when I first peed on that stick (or three, but who's counting) and found out I was pregnant. I felt guilt. Yes, we were trying so it wasn't like we didn't know it was coming, but for some reason, I felt guilty that Maya was no longer going to be the sole beneficiary of my affection and love. It would no longer be her and I against the world. We now had another wolf to add to our pack, to our cuddle sessions, and to our movie nights and I was feeling guilty that I was going to take that exclusivity away from her. But those feelings soon dissipated knowing that she would now have her own buddy- someone to boss around, someone to take care of only in the way big sisters do, and someone to commiserate with as they got older about how mom won't stop blowing up whatever cool iPhone the kids are obsessing over or how dad's curfews are just ridiculous. 

Before I was pregnant, Coco and I would often ask each other if we would be able to love another baby as much as we love Maya. Our hearts explode with love for her. You will never know the true meaning of unconditional love until you hold your child for the first time in your arms. From that moment on, you are forever changed. And so, we're pretty much obsessed with Maya, as I imagine every parent is with their child, especially their firstborn. After all, she made me a mother and we shared (and still share) lots of 'firsts' together and she's been forgiving along the way as I learn the ropes and together we've gotten pretty good at this parenting thing! 

I found myself asking my mom friends, "But do you love your second less than your first?' And the answer was always the same- you love just as much if not more, but it's a different kind of love. Would I love Rocco with the same intensity as Maya? Will I cry at the drop of a hat when I see him smile? Will I lay awake most of the night not because he's kept me up, but because I want to make sure he's breathing? And will I find any excuse to snuggle up with him against my chest singing every repetitious lullaby song I know over and over again just so I don't have to let go? I got my answer a couple of weeks ago when I went for my last sonogram. There he was- a little human already dancing to the beat of his own drum. I fell in love all over again and cried. I cried because it was then I knew I was head over heels in love with my baby. I was going to get to experience that explosion, that overwhelming love, anxiety, fear, excitement, and joy, for a second time. 

And there's no feeling like it. 

That's all for week 16! Thank you for being part of this ride with me! Check back next week as I share with you why I was partly relieved to learn I was expecting a boy and how becoming a mom has been a healing process for my own loss. 

Bumpin' love, 

Rocco's Mom. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Striped Dress for All Seasons - A Charlotte Russe Special!

You've heard me say it before- you don't need to break the bank to update your wardrobe. And as the seasons come and go, it's always fun to refresh your closet with some pieces that can take you from hot to cold and cold to hot. This striped t-shirt dress from Charlotte Russe, is one of those good finds (www.charlotterusse.com) and besides being ridiculously comfortable and classic, it's versatile and easy to dress up or down. 

I had a great time teaming up with Charlotte Russe in styling this striped number. I opted for the sportswear look. Yes, those are sneakers! An oddity in my fashion lexicon, but these Le Bunny Bleu grey and white 'Ari' leopard kicks ( http://www.lebunnybleu.com/gray-kaitlyn-sneakers.html ) are more 'pretty than functional' so they get my approval. I love the orange detail on these cool as shizzz sneakers!

 Because I live in Miami where an endless summer reigns 365 days strong, I don't get to have fun with my fall and winter outerwear. So I want to dedicate the next part of this post to all you 'four-season-climate-hogging' fashionistas (I think you can detect a hint of envy in my tone).  What I love about this dress is that it's a dress for all seasons. Pair it with cool sneaks or neon flats for summer and then when the first hint of fall hits your fire escape, add a pair of colored tights, T-strap heels, and a boyfriend blazer. Give it an update with a chunky grey sweater and some moto boots in the winter, and if it's spring, well, time to bust out the leopard! 

Staying true to my love for mixed media, I was pumped to bring out my Guess leopard coat to coordinate with the striped dress. Now that the snow is (finally) melting and temperatures are teetering somewhere in the 50's, a statement coat (think leopard, army green cargo, florals or a bright solid) is the perfect way to transition your look for spring. And you can never go wrong with stripes and animal print. And the best part? You don't have to store this dress when summer arrives in a few months. You can use it as a beach cover-up, or add a metallic sandal and wear to brunch with your girlfriends! Your options are unlimited.

I added this double bar necklace also from Charlotte Russe. It's simple and not overdone. 
I gave the pout a pop of orange color now that spring is in the air! The deep reds and purples have been stored and the oranges and pinks are out in full force! And the hair is courtesy of the amazing Glam Squad team. I took it back- way back- with this messy french braid. I adore it! Seriously, I could watch every french braid tutorial on Youtube, and nada. I'm still clueless. I'm thankful for this awesome service and for their mad braid magic skills! 

So instead of chucking that striped dress in your closet because its time is up, think again. Think spring. Think summer. It might just have some extra lives to live!


Spotted! An up close and personal look at my Le Bunny Bleu leopard sneakers.

Keep it French, mon cherie! Loving this messy french braid by Glam Squad.
On Me: 

- Striped dress- Charlotte Russe 
- Leopard Coat- Guess
- Necklace- Charlotte Russe
- Sneakers- Le Bunny Bleu 

In Style, 


Thursday, March 19, 2015

A 70's inspired morning on the Boardwalk with Marimekko

Hello Squeezers! I'm starting this post with a peppy greeting to you all! Hop you're feeling fresh, feeling happy, and if you're in those cold climate states, I hope you're feeling the first flutters of spring, even if it comes in 40-50 degree weather. If that doesn't have you looking forward to warmer temperatures, I'm sure this Marimekko dress will! 

For my latest brand collab, I teamed up with Finnish brand, Marimekko, popularly known for their bold and iconic prints and they never disappoint! Whether you fall into a classic category like black and white or maybe you like channeling that 60's mod girl with geometric patterns, Marimekko covers the spectrum of innovative designs and pops of color.  

So when Marimekko sent me this psychedelic shift dress, splashed with shades of black, white, sky blue, and pale pink, I felt like I jumped into a time machine back to the 70's.This dress is vintage magic! And how perfect does it look photographed on the Miami Beach boardwalk?! The color palette of the dress makes me think of seascapes and coastal town postcards (deep thoughts). 

My photographer, Raquel and I (www.raquelzaldivarphotography.com) took advantage of the beautiful, sunny day and headed to the boardwalk to give this dress the tropical razzle dazzle it deserved. I mean, the ocean is literally sparkling. It's not even photoshopped. If it's one thing New York doesn't have that Miami does is gorgeous beaches. Hands down. 

To keep with the 70's trend, I kept my hair sleek and as straight as I possibly could considering the Miami humidity. I added these nude Forever 21 sunnies and bright purple lips to contrast with the black and white of the dress. 

I took a different style approach when it came to the shoes. I love these metallic Steve Madden slip-ons because they're cool, sporty, and effortlessly chic and I love how they look paired with the Marimekko dress. I love meshing different styles and seeing how they work together. Add some socks and boom! I just added my own freshly squeezed touch. 

And I haven't even mentioned the best part of this dress- POCKETS! Yes, pockets. 
I know. I'm just as psyched.  

So as we change out our wardrobes to make room for some new, fun, summer looks, make sure to invest in one or two key pieces that you'll wear more than a handful of times- think a great pair of white jeans, a killer pair of nude wedges, and oh, this kick ass Marimekko dress that will take you through all the seasons. 

Side note:  it's less than $200! 

On Me: 

Dress- Marimekko dress
Slip ons- Steve Madden 
Sunnies- Forever 21 

In Style, 


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Miami Style Map: Smelling the Roses at South Pointe Park

At first glance, the backdrop looks like manicured stadium seating at the Colosseum. But alas, we are not in Rome. However, we are in the picturesque grounds of South Pointe Park- tucked away behind Smith and Wollensky on Miami Beach. And I am a bit embarrassed to admit, this was actually my first time here. Thanks to my photographer, Lizzie's, urging (www.ra-haus.com), we shot two looks (and two completely different settings) at the park. It was hard for me to focus because the views are just breathtaking- a postcard come to life. Every few seconds I would childishly shout out, "OMG, look at the water! or "Look over there! It's beautiful!" If it's one thing I can't argue about Miami Beach, is that it boasts some of the most spectacular and scenic views I've ever seen. 

I scored this vintage rose-themed top from French 75 Vintage at the Lincoln Road Street Market. Actually, it was my better half, Coco, who picked it out. Not bad, husband! How many of you have let your significant other pick out or even buy clothes for you? I have, on that rare occasion. Thankfully, Coco has good taste and the few things he has purchased for me, I've loved and still wear (But there was that orange and turquoise necklace he bought me when we first started dating that was a bit questionable. Hmmm...) The roses on the blouse compliment the green of the landscape, as do the lines on both the top and the concrete benches. I paired the blouse with my high-waisted black pants. Figured I wear these before I have to retire them for the next 6 months. 

For this look, the accessories and the hair were just as important in adding character and feel to the outfit. For the fab braids, I used the services of Glam Squad www.glamsquad.com), which is basically Uber for hair and makeup. As a fashionista who's all about convenience, Glam Squad will come to you, wherever you are (office, home, hotel, etc) and whip you up into glam shape. All you have to do is download the app on your phone and the rest is cake! And you can even book same day like I did. I had a stylist at my house in the morning and in less than an hour, my hair was done and I was off to my shoot. 
A pop of red lips and my Gap sunnies, and voila! I was ready to hit the sunny streets. 

All this easy 1-2-3 shopping extends to my jewelry as well. These earrings are courtesy of Rocksbox. Every few weeks or so, I get a box with three different accessories (earrings, bracelets, necklaces) that have been tailored to my style and selected by one of their trusted stylists. And because you never know what you're going to get, every shipment is a surprise. Basically it's fun to get the mail again. 

And my trusted Sam Edelman loafers via zappos.com (www.zappos.com), never fail me. Black and white are a classic pairing and never go out of style. These will add a touch of masculinity to any look. 

On Me: 

- Blouse- French 75 Vintage
- Pants- H&M
- Shoes- Sam Edelman via zappos.com 
- Sunnies- Gap
- Earrings- Rocksbox 
- Clutch- H&M 

In Style, 


Monday, March 2, 2015

Miami Style Map: Into the (Miami Beach) Woods!

One of my favorite things about getting to work on this blog, is discovering and exploring city attractions that might be common knowledge to many, but still very new to me. One of these spots is the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, tucked away behind the Convention Center and blocks from the highly-trafficked Lincoln Road. 

These lush and tranquil grounds are a zen reprieve from the busy and on-the-go city life. The gardens were built in early 1957 along the historic Collins Canal, which were used to transport avocado and mango directly to the Port of Miami. And through the years, after economic recessions, hurricanes, and World Wars, the gardens deterioriated due to lack of funds and attention. But leave it to the people to bring the gardens back to life, and in 1996 that's what happened. The garden has been restored and is often enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. And the best part? It's free. (Learn more about the MBBG www.mbgarden.org

This was my first visit and it was absolutely lovely! (Raquel, my photographer, got some pretty amazing shots! www.raquelzaldivarphotography.com) And the perfect location to take this 'For Love and Lemons' dress (via Trend Rush boutique) and my Worth and Worth hat out for a spin! Fits in seamlessly with all the ferns and trees! The floral details on the black and dress number are minimal yet standout without being ostentatious and I absolutely love the low neckline! I added one of my chokers and kept the rest of the jewelry on the simple side. 

I'm so obsessed with my wine-colored Worth and Worth hat. It's such a classic touch and it works so well with any kind of outfit, particularly in this rustic landscape. 

It wouldn't be a freshly squeezed outfit without the a) hat and b) socks and booties! These Steve Madden booties haven't failed me or any outfit in my closet. They've become my go-to-shoe! They go well with everything from skinny jeans to flirty silhouette dresses! 

And say hello to my kitty kat! How cute is this Betsey Johnson clutch!? Especially the gold nose/clasp detail! 

On Me: 

Dress- For Love and Lemons Dress (Via Trend-Rush)
Hat- Worth and Worth Hat 
Booties- Steve Madden 
Clutch- Betsey Johnson 

In Style,