Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm Bigger, Better, and Stronger Because of 2014, and Ready to Shine in the New Year Sans Resolutions!

Happy New Year's Eve, Squeezers! While I'm not 100% back up and running just yet, I couldn't end 2014 without a blogpost and a THANK YOU, to all of you, for following me, for supporting me, and for joining me on my blogging adventures. In the words of the great Sally Field, "You like me! You really like me!" 

2014 was the year of strength, sacrifice, growth, and perseverance. It was a year of challenges, of emotional battles, of success, of trust, but most importantly, a true testament to commitment, faith, and happiness. It began with an unwanted move back to Miami- a move which in the last year, has taught me what it truly means to sacrifice (or as I say, temporarily put on hold) your own agenda for that of someone else's. Since my mom's passing at the age of 16, I've done a pretty good job of taking care of myself and putting myself first in all things life- starting with my well-being, school, and career. Having a partner and being a mother has taught me the real definition of selflessness. This was a learning lesson for me, and a somewhat uncomfortable one,  but a gratifying step towards continuous growth. I saw my marriage go through growing pains that thankfully evolved into an even healthier and loving partnership. We redefined teamwork and I couldn't be more proud of my husband for his passionate ambition, his undying support and encouragement, and fierce loyalty to his family. I am blessed beyond words to have him in our lives. 

It was the year of flying blind; of having unquestionable faith and strength of what the future held and relinquishing control to the unknown. This has been scary, and continues to be; but, it is this 'unknown' that sometimes bring the most unexpected joy and opportunities. Sometimes in life, the only answer is to throw your arms wide open and accept the challenge, whatever it may hold.  My go-getter attitude never wavered and I vowed that I would make our stay in the Magic City one filled with happy memories for myself and for Maya. And while I miss our everyday adventures of city living (because that chapter hasn't closed just yet), there's been something really special about rediscovering Miami as a first time mom, getting to share with Maya in many of the day to day things my own mother shared with me as I was growing up. And those are the kind of memories that can't be duplicated. They're pure magic. 

Personally, I have been fortunate to explore new and exciting ventures that I would have otherwise, never have bothered to experience if I was in New York- starting with the ability to do more writing, whether through the blog or other publications. My NYC life kept me preoccupied with other things. Everyday I learn something new about myself, cliche as it sounds. But that's what hurdles and bumps are meant to do- they're meant to teach us and to challenge us and they encourage us to pick the road less traveled so that the reward is that much more satisfying at the end. Because there's nothing more fulfilling than proving to yourself, "hey, I did it- we did it," and smiling up at the sky. 

Therefore, despite the roller coaster of change, charged emotions, and 'what ifs,' 2014 was one big, fat, blessing for Coco, Maya, and I because we got through it together and came out of it bigger, better, and stronger and with a whole new outlook towards life. We're happy, we're healthy, and ready for world domination in 2015. 

And with that, we welcome you, 2015! With health, happiness, and faith at the forefront, I look forward to another year of making memories, of laughter, and of growth. I'm not one for making resolutions. I don't believe in setting ourselves up for such expectations at the start of a new year (don't believe me, just look at all those canceled gym memberships). Everyday should be an opportunity to be better, to wake up and make your dreams into reality, to take risks, and to keep climbing until you reach the top. There's a whole lotta of world and a whole lotta you waiting to do some great big things! 

So let's raise our glasses in triumph and cheer, "2015, welcome! We Salute you." 

Thank you to Ricky from Simply Captivating for capturing these ethereal photos on our recent shoot in the Design District. I love the airiness of this Free People skirt because it plays well with any type of mood, texture, style personality, and climate. The muted grey and cream palette with a slab of the rich, purple lip tone (courtesy of MAC's Cyber), feels almost dreamy and ultra-feminine. And I mean, can you ever go wrong with a tongue-and-cheek Kate Moss sweatshirt?! 

How spectacular are these Sam Edelman heels from TJ Maxx?! Love the gold detailing on the platform and the patent black straps. The Art Deco inspired style is 'oh so Miami.' 

 Here's an homage to the 90's with my velvet choker. I just can't seem to help adding some grittier elements to this girlish look. Headpieces still aren't ready to say goodbye, and as someone who grew up wearing them religiously, I'm happy to see them stay. I love this leaf-like stunner from Avon.  The metallic clutch is also an Avon special! 

That's a wrap for 2014! Immense gratitude and love for the wild ride! Here's to a happy and safe 2015 for all my Squeezers! 

On Me: 

Sweatshirt- Bloomingdales
Skirt: Free People 
Shoes: Sam Edelman/TJ Maxx
Headpiece- Avon
Clutch- Avon 

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas at The Falls Miami!

A couple of weeks ago, amidst the Art Basel madness, I took a little break, or as I like to call it, a 'Mommy's Time Out,' to indulge in some holiday shopping at The Falls in Miami. The kind folks at the outdoor shopping mecca, invited me along with a guest, to enjoy a beautiful afternoon at their mall. 

It's been years since I had been to The Falls and I had forgotten just how nice it was! The last time I was there, I was 17 and had gone for a movie and dinner with friends so this was a nice refresher visit to get reacquainted with all the great stores and restaurants the mall has to offer! 

Our first stop on our holiday shopping adventure was to HSI Professional, which had just opened that day. We were officially the salon's first customer! I brought along one of my dear friends, Sole, as my shopping date, who like me, really savors those mommy time outs. Plus, we always have a good time when we get together! 

The salon is small, but has so much girlish character, with pops of color -pink, gold, and white- and imported Italian furniture adorning the space. The stylists are eager to make your visit memorable and are very knowledgeable on the products and happy to show you how they work. What makes this blow dry bar extra special comes down to two things: First, they have a self-serve styling session! So after a long day of shopping if you wanted to get your hair touched up before dinner or a movie, you can pop in to the salon and help yourself to their styling tools ( curling wand, flat iron, blow dryer). There's even someone on hand to help you out! Secondly, if you purchase  one of their products, the money you spend turns into points/credits, and they are applied towards any styling service on your next visit. So let's say you bought the curling wand for $70, you would have 70 points on your account and if you came in a few weeks later and wanted to get a $40 blowout, 40 of those 70 points would be used and you don't have to pay an extra dime! 

Getting your hair blown out and styled is one of those simple pleasures in life! I like to treat myself often to them because they're an insta-feel good pick me up. Sole and I had such a great experience at HSI getting hair pampered, that we plan on coming back! 

Just look at the final results! 

After getting primped, it was time to refuel! We were treated to an incredibly tasty lunch at P.F Chang's at the mall. I haven't been to a P.F Chang's since I was a teenager so this was almost like coming for the first time and it exceeded my expectations! Our server was on-point and made excellent recommendations for our meal. We feasted on everything from tuna tartare, to crispy lettuce wraps and Mongolian beef. And no dish went to waste! We got some of it to-go! 

And these well-deserving mommas enjoyed a delicious glass of pinot noir with the meal! By the end of our lunch, we were pleasantly full. A pit stop at P.F Chang's is a must on your next shopping expedition at The Falls Miami. 

We popped into a few stores after lunch and picked up some gifts for the kiddos and husbands but I was most excited to score some goodies at the Gap, like these comfy turtlenecks that were on sale for $15! Yes, I know what you're thinking, 'turtlenecks in Miami?' Those are almost an urban myth. But these Gap special are soft, stretchy, and thin. They're perfect for a 60 something degree day. I went with grey since it's a classic neutral. 

Turtlenecks are easy when it comes to layering (think blazers and flannels) and extremely versatile when it comes to traveling for cold-weather holiday destinations. And because Gap was having a 'buy one, get 50% off' sale going on, I bought Maya the cutest outfit for our upcoming trip back home to New York! 

But no visit to The Falls during the holidays is complete without a visit to the big man on campus himself, Santa Claus! I actually came back for a second shopping day at the Falls just so that I could bring my baby girl to meet the man in the suit! She's at that age where she's beginning to understand what Christmas is, why we give presents on the 25th (Happy Birthday, Jesus), and who that jolly old man with the snowy beard represents! And I knew it would be something special and probably the first time she would really enjoy getting some one on one time with Santa! 

And I was right! She ran up to him with open arms and snuggled up to him. Santa was very engaging and even though she really didn't have anything on her Christmas wish list to give to Santa, she was just thrilled to play peek-a-boo and give high fives. Two days later, and she's still talking about her visit with the big man and showing everyone the picture. 

Santa mission accomplished! 

A BIG Thank you to The Falls ( for a wonderful afternoon and a special thanks to P.F Changs (, HSI Professional, and Gap ( for the extra personalized service! I look forward to coming back in the New Year! 

In Style, 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's a Gap Holiday in Drop Waist and Florals!

It's a holly jolly Christmas and I'm feeling happy, festive, and bright! It may sound cliche, but the holiday season is one that makes me feel all warm, cozy, and childlike- from getting Christmas cards in the mail from friends all over, to Michael Buble's Christmas album that sits on repeat in our apartment. Those are just two of the many wonderful things that make the holiday season so special! Being reunited with family, holiday movies with my little one (A Mickey Christmas, anyone?), gift exchanges, and Christmas shopping top my list of treats that put a smile on my face. 

And dressing up for the holidays is always a festive perk!  I love what Gap has been doing since Danish designer, Rebekka Bay, took the helm as creative director. There's a funky design infusion in its current collections (but still keeping to its classic reputation) that outshines the traditional Gap uniform we've been used to seeing and I've fallen in love with Gap all over again because of it. So when the opportunity came to team up with Gap at Lincoln Road for a holiday feature on how I wear my Gap, I literally (see above) did a little jig! 

This season was all about celebrating holiday looks with Gap's new Shine Collection. From 'Fair Isle' pieces to party dresses, there's something for everyone's fashion palette. 

I'm not one to shy away from florals and this drop waist black and blue floral number had my name written all over it! It was the perfect dress to personalize for the holidays and beyond. The blue is so striking when paired with black and I love the fit of the dress on my body, especially the poofy skirt! It's my three favorite 'F's'- fun, flirty, and feminine. 

There are so many ways to wear this dress but I opted to give it an edgier spin since it fits my boho glam personality and that's the vibe I was feeling. I took my new Steve Madden Fickkle boots for a test drive with the dress and I am obsessed with the style of the booty ( I should also mention that Steve Madden has never let me down when it comes to their booty selection. These almond-toe shape pair are not only comfortable, they're pleasing, complementary, and sleek, so they easily sharpen up any outfit. And you get a little extra bounce in your step (and look) with its right-sized heel. 

I'm not one to venture into the silver department when it comes to jewelry, but it was love at first sight when I saw this Aldo statement necklace in Liz's drawer! And that's Liz, as in friend/photographer extraordinaire of Ra-Haus! Not only does she kill it behind the lens, she has a pretty sick personal style as well. I switched out my accessories once I had my heart set on the silver piece and I am so glad I went with it, because there's something about silver combined with blue and black that's just magical. The juxtaposition of the heavy, tribal elements of the necklace work well with the insta-pop of the florals. 

By the way, can you spy my customized beaded bracelet by Jade's Jems? ( It's my nonchalant nod to the cities I call home (NYC, I'll see you real soon!). It's a daily reminder of where my heart belongs. 

And did you notice anything different about my look? If you guessed bangs, you guessed right! I brought my bangs out to play with this Gap dress. It just called for it and so did the hat! It ties the look together in a perfect package! Now, this look wouldn't be freshly squeezed without a bit of print mixing and I did that subtlety with the help of this leopard crossbody from Cole Haan. I mean, this dress is just a fashionista's paradise for accessorizing! 

I want to put you up to the challenge! How do YOU wear your Gap? Maybe it's something that's already in your closet or maybe this dress is calling your name. Whatever it is, don't be afraid to express yourself and SHINE this holiday season with a one of a kind piece. 

Happy Holidays, squeezers!

On Me: 

Dress- Gap
Necklace- Aldo Necklace
Booties- Steve Madden
Hat- Nasty Gal
Bag- Cole Haan 

In Style, 


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Miami Style Maps: Knee Highs On A Semi Chill

The Miami Weather has been nothing short of delightful these last couple of weeks with temperatures in the 60s and a cool cozy breeze that stops by every evening for a climate nightcap. I gotta tell ya, this displaced New Yorker is quite happy! I'm dusting off sweaters, cardigans, and even these knee high socks, which haven't seen daylight in almost two years! This is another 90s trend that I'm glad hasn't completely died down (Clueless, anyone?) 

Natalie from Suna Photography ( and I took a trip to the now shuttered Coconut Grove Playhouse and its muted grey structure to photograph this look. Here's some fun trivia for you. Did you know playwright and one time Coconut Grove resident, Tennessee Williams, put on a production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" at the playhouse? 

Let's break down this look because it's one that's easy to put together and it probably lives in your closet and you don't even know it! Let's start with the dress. I absolutely love this H&M tulle and lace dress from their Conscious collection. I bought it a few years back when I was pregnant and it's still in my wardrobe rotation. Last time I wore this dress, I paired it with gold tights and T-strap heels. I love the versatility of the dress- it can go from day to night with a quick change of shoes. 

And when the temperature drops, it's fair game to throw a cardigan over a dress. Think oversized! You can never go wrong with oversized. I love this mustard colored one from Forever 21, especially the color. 

And now accessories- starting off with the knee highs! An alternative to tights and a small nod to that Clueless era that we all loved so much (admit it, you can rehearse Cher one-liners in your sleep). I love pairing my knee highs with boots, like these Free People studded  ones. Paired with delicate and feminine elements like lace, tulle, and embroidery, it gives the look an edgier nudge. 

I added a pop of leopard with this Cole Haan crossbody and all my jewelry is courtesy of Rocksbox. My monthly shipment of accessories is like Christmas morning! You never know what goodies you're going to get! 

I finished off the look with a black felt hat! Go figure. They're becoming a signature 'Kat' go-to topper. 

So next time you're thinking how to 'winter up' a favorite dress in your wardrobe, think accessories and think a cardigan and jacket! It's such a quick way to update a look from season to season. 

And don't forget those knee highs! 

On Me: 

Dress- H&M
Cardigan- Forever 21
Hat- Forever 21
Knee Highs- Forever 21
Boots- Free People 
Jewelry- Rocksbox 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Freshly Squeezed Holiday Gift Guide!

It's that time of the year again! A time for family, ugly Christmas sweaters, and questionable relatives from near and far. But really, one of the best things about the holidays is the shopping (second to getting to spend time with the family, of course) and getting to buy for the people you love. From the fashionable trendsetter to the family sommelier, I round up some of the best (and pocket-friendly) holiday gifts for everyone to enjoy! Get inspired, squeezers!

How beautiful is this Nate Berkus for Target Metal Winged Bowl? It's such a great statement piece for any coffee table or bookshelf. This is the perfect home decor gift for that interior design buff in your inner circle. And you can't beat a price tag of $24.99. 

Here kitty kitty! I am quite obsessed with this Betsey Johnson Kitchi kitty clutch. Add an element of fun with this quirky handbag, which is sure to be a great conversation starter. The bag comes in pink and black. Wear it as an envelope clutch or as a shoulder bag. The gold nose clasp is a sweet little touch! 

Keep warm in some holiday classics courtesy of Old Navy. Plaid is so quintessentially 'holiday' and a scarf is a cool way to stay warm. Scarves make great gifts for anyone in the family so load up and give them out to those you love! Dashing men, there's something for you too! This holiday themed cardigan is cozy and chic and easy to pair with any outfit!

These one of a kind animal candles from West Elm make the chicest holiday gifts! Perfect for any room in the house, and when you're finished enjoying the candle, these festive creatures double as home accents. They range from $18-$25. 

I love unique jewelry with a positive message! These hand-stamped necklaces with familiar affirmations from jewelry designer, Cecila Gonzales, make a thoughtful and inspirational gift for friends and family to wear. Make a statement that inspires! 'Enjoy the ride' is my personal favorite! 

Add some sparkle to any outfit with this $18 jeweled headband from Avon. Headbands are a great accessory to add some jazz and bling for the holidays. This leaf-motif stunner will dazzle any fashionista! 

I look forward to October every year when MAC Cosmetics releases its new holiday collection just in time for seasonal shopping! And this year, they didn't disappoint. Holiday-themed lipsticks and glosses, natural and smokey eye palettes, and sleek , shimmery packaging are in abundance this season. With three different collections (Keepsakes, Heirloom, and Objects of Affection), there's something for every makeup aficionado.

Available at any MAC Cosmetics counter. 

It's the gift that pays it forward. This '100 Good Deeds Bracelet' is part of a handcrafted collection symbolizing a commitment to perform good deeds and bring about positive change. At $30, the bracelets are made by women in Africa and helps them earn a dignified livelihood. Celebrity fans include Katie Holmes, Susan Sarandon, and Alicia Keys. 

For the fashion forward men in your life, I present a twist on the classic. The boys behind TV Head and Co. created these eclectic wooden bow ties that are sure to be a conversation starter. Dress them up or down, this unique gift will make a great addition under the Christmas tree! 

The gift of relaxation never goes out of style! And now with Zeel, you can book same day massages in your home with the click of an app! What's more convenient and affordable than a massage in the comfort of your own home when you want it? Santa, I'll take one of these please! And from now until Thursday of next week, you can find them on Gilt City. 

Well, we know he can sing, but did you know that Dave Matthews is also a winemaker? His line of wines, The Dreaming Tree, offers everything from a medium bodied cabernet to a fruity and dry Chardonnay. At $15 a bottle, these babies will score you "most liked" at any holiday party. 

And you need wine glasses to go with that wine! How about these fun lip-stained stemless ones from Marshalls. Marshalls is holiday heaven when it comes to finding gifts for everyone in the family. From home decor to novelty gifts, this is one stop shopping that has something for every stocking. 

The Buddha Board makes for a genius gift for kids of all ages. Whether you have a toddler or a tween, this water-based paint set, provides an outlet for imagination and hours of endless entertainment. All you need is water! My two and half year old is a big fan!

How cuddly and cozy are these 'Guess How Much I Love You' stuffed rabbit baby accessories? This lovable bunny straight from the children's book, is such a plush and adorable holiday gift for any infant! Watch them coo with delight when they see this familiar face! 

Available on

A little humor this holiday season? Yes, please! A home run gift for the budding comedian/comedienne and/or avid reader in your family. Or maybe they're just a huge Parks and Rec fan like me. I predict many LOL moments when you read through Amy Poehler's latest tome. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! 

In Style,