Friday, September 26, 2014

Matching Separates Are Here To Stay.

One of the biggest trends that popped up for spring and summer this year was the very popular (and endearingly called)  'matchy matchy set.' These versatile coordinates come in a variety of styles, textures, and prints along with endless ways to mix and match them with other pieces from your closet. And their time in the spotlight is far from over. 

From the runway to the streets, these matching sets continue to be a must-have trend for the everyday fashion maven. Whether it be in the form of a skirt or culottes, crop top or long sleeved, it's a fun outfit to sport. Think sneakers for a more casual look or heels for a dressier approach. 

It's easy to update these matching sets with some fall-inspired outerwear like leather jackets or a military style coat. 

I went the leather jacket route! And because florals and fall go together like milk and honey,  this matching set by local online boutique, Glam and Glitz, transitions well into the next coming months. Besides adding warmth, my go-to leather jacket becomes an essential accessory in updating this look. The hard edge of the leather mixes nicely with the bright floral print of the set. 

I decided to venture into high heel territory, something I don't do very often, but I found these incredibly comfortable, sexy, and edgy Jessica Simpson heels that are like butter on my feet. And I love the way they combine with the jacket. 

I layered a few necklaces, including a Gorjana piece from my latest Rocksbox goodie bag, to finish the look. 

Side note, can't we talk about these palm trees? They're epic, grandiose, and so Miami. And they're probably laughing at my leather jacket (fall will come to the Magic City!)

Keep standing tall, ladies. 

On Me:

- Matching Set- Glam and Glitz Boutique 
- Heels- Jessica Simpson 
- Jacket- Victoria Secret Pink 

In Style, 


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miami Style Map: Kicking off the First Day of Fall in Forever 21

Today kicks off the official first day of fall. Now, that doesn't mean much if you're in Miami. It's still a balmy 90 degrees here in South Florida and the only sign of autumn vegetation is Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. But that won't stop me from enjoying the fruits of fall fashion in the Miami heat. Sometimes we get lucky, and global warming throws us a couple of 50 degree days for a chance to dust off those old sweaters and suede booties and drink hot chocolates. 

I have a penchant for all thing tights, leather jackets, boots, and hats. Basically fall is my season. When you grow up in an eternal summer, then move away and experience climate change and a wardrobe other than bathing suits and flip flops, it's a pretty dynamic experience. Not everyone likes the cold and I get that.  Some people are happy being summer-obsessed Olafs and dream of perpetual blazing temperatures year round. I dream of fingerless gloves and cozy knits and lots and lots of tights! 

But what's great about summer pieces is that some of them can be salvaged and reused for the fall. There is no seasonal expiration date on clothes when you have the right tools to update them. And just because you live down South (or anywhere where the heat index doesn't register below 75) doesn't mean you can try your hand at some great fall looks! 

During my excursion to the beautiful Fairchild Tropical Gardens with my photographer, Liz,  I couldn't help and be inspired by all the lush greenery and richness of the grounds. Yet, somehow amidst this tropical paradise, all I kept thinking was about how pretty this fall look would photograph in one of their greenhouses. It's a bit of a juxtaposition, I get that, but the way the light captures these images and the femininity of this outfit are just dreamy and season-less.

I told you this lace and tulle skirt would be making the rounds on my blog. I find it so effortless and classic. I played with muted colors, which is usually not my palette du jour, but fashion is about trying new things and taking some unexpected jumps along the way. 
This mauve crop top pairs nicely with the ivory of the skirt and the tousled hair (hello faux bangs). The brown felt hat adds to that bohemian girl next door appeal. And brown is definitely not a color you'll find in my wardrobe. But I do like what this hat brings the table. 

A good-quality leather jacket is a must-have in any woman's closet. It can transform any outfit's mood instantaneously. It's not just restricted for evenings but a great day to day staple to get you transitioning through the seasons. And I love me a leather jacket over a dress! Is there anything sexier?! There's a reason it's such a classic and it just feels and looks rock n' roll without even trying. 

I was going for 'chunky' when it came down to accessorizing this look along with a bold statement necklace and not one, but two arm candies to savor. I wanted to really play up the stones and beads. Even my Turkish earrings added a hint of gypsy flavor in the accessories department including a very unique double band pinky ring that's been quite the conversation starter (thanks Jaime Nicole)! 

Squeezers! Get fall inspired. Don't put away all your summer stuff just yet. Revamp some of your favorites with some fall add-ons- a cute pair of boots a jean jacket or even a great hat-  and poof! You got a new fall wardrobe to enjoy with that pumpkin spice latte!

On Me: 

Top- Forever 21
Skirt- Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21
Hat- Forever 21
Leather Jacket- Pink by Victoria Secret 
Earrings- from Turkey
Bracelets- Jaimie Nicole Jewelry 
Boots- Free People 
Purse- Forever 21

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

NY Style Map: Fall Fashion and that Waffle-print skirt

Nothing, and I mean, nothing, beats fall weather. There's nothing like that crisp cool air that happily shocks your lungs at the first inhale and those leaves (oh those crackling leaves) changing colors in every shade of attractive brown. Is there anything more magical than strolling through Central Park in the midst of fall? It's one of the things I miss the most about living in the city. 

Similarly, there's nothing more delightful than shopping for tights, chunky knits, and suede booties. Fall fashion comes a close second. It's the season of layering, of rich textures, and statement coats. Did I mention booties? I love me a good bootie that can take me year round. 

So when my fashionable 'Best Friend Since 2000' picked out these pieces to wear on my NYFW adventures in the city, I had butterflies. Yes, a good outfit will sometimes cause my insides to flutter. What can I say? I'm a sucker for autumn awesomeness.  

You'll be seeing a lot of this H&M waffle-print ivory skirt in posts to come. There's something so feminine about a full, voluminous skirt, especially one that can teeter between froufrou and casual. I love how it combines with this navy and caramel colored blouse. It's ladylike and proper and seamlessly right at home in its Central Park backdrop. I love the Peter Pan collar. It's such a dainty accent. 

My grey suede hat (which has since been stolen. I'm talking to you airport ramp agent at MIA) belongs on this look. Grey is such a complimentary neutral and it plays off of the 'English school girl' inspiration. 

And in keeping with the English school girl trend, I kept the shoes traditionally Brit. I paired my favorite oxfords with, you guessed it, socks, for comfort and flavor. This outfit makes me feel like the poster girl for fall! 

Another fashion week favorite for the books. 

On Me: 

Top- Forever 21
Skirt- H&M
Hat- Urban Outfitters 
Shoes- Steve Madden
Purse- Vintage

In Style, 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NY Style Map: The Sporty Minimalist at NYFW

Hello Squeezers! I'm back (sort of) and ready to dish on my favorite NYFW looks. It's been a long two weeks made even more interesting and exhausting due in part to a cold virus that plagued the entire Buccio clan and overstayed its welcome. I'll tell you, working fashion week while feeling like your head is about to explode in a million pieces is not fun. Not fun at all. And neither is having to cut your trip short because this destructing cold virus has knocked out each and every member of your family. I'm still in recovery mode praying and hoping that I can soon retire the tissue boxes, ramen noodle soups, and Mucinex. These are definitely not accessories I'm coveting for the fall season.  With that said, let's move on to something more uplifting, like my favorite fashion week getups! 

First up, this sporty minimalist outfit.  This look was a little out of my usual fashion stratosphere but one I have come to embrace! My best friend and stylishly dapper right hand man, Javy, did some of his blind styling magic and came up with the concept for this look and together we made the vision come to life. I gave him specific instructions- no florals or tropical motifs. Try to focus on minimalist/modern pieces and/or prints. And Voila! 

This H&M dress is from their new fall collection and worn alone with that sheer detail, can be very sexy and slinky. Pair it with a colored heel and you instantly have a date night outfit sure to make heads turn. If you're thinking casual, dress it down with some combat boots, colored tights, and a chunky cardigan, and you have the perfect outfit for brunch downtown with friends. It's such a versatile staple that can take you from day to night and from season to season. 

For this particular look, we gave this little black dress a new purpose- jumper! Talk about getting a bang for your buck! I added this black and white geometric print blouse underneath the dress and gave it a modern sportswear twist. Who would have thought?! I got so many compliments (and photographs) on this look and with reason- it's fashionable and comfortable. 

Let's talk shoes! You know how much I love my mixed media. I had to incorporate a little leopard into the equation. I love how it blends with the black and white of the outfit. I'm a big fan of shoes and socks, not just for comfort reasons (less blisters, hello), but also because it's fun and gives off a bit of a 'prep school' vibe. 

My vintage crossbody bag from Toronto is one of my favorite handbags. I live in a good crossbody because it's such a great style for my on-the-go lifestyle (and a lifesaver during fashion week). And I borrowed the cat-eye sunnies from my dear friend and stand-in photographer, Pam! Kudos to her for snapping some style-worthy shots of my LOTD. 

Stay tuned for my next fashion week outfit post and my NYFW show recap! All coming this week. 

On Me: 

Dress- H&M
Top- Forever 21
Shoes- Steve Madden
Handbag- Vintage
Glasses- Michael Kors 

In Style, 


Monday, September 1, 2014

Style Spotlight: A Garden Party Fit for a Zac Posen Dress

Before we admire the playful richness of this designer dress, let's take a moment to fawn over the tropical paradise that exceeds every lush and bountiful expectation. Welcome to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. This was actually my first visit to the historic grounds. I wasn't lying when I said I was rediscovering Miami again! One of the advantages of waiting this long to visit the tropical gardens is that I probably have more of an appreciation for its beauty and culture as an adult than I would have at let's say, 17. 

I wouldn't call myself a 'nature' person, but some doses of greenery does everybody a little good. You can easily spend hours exploring Fairchild with all its fairy-like forestry, storybook waterfalls, and magical garden paths. How many times did I envision a long rustic communal table, with mismatched porcelain place settings, lovely worn banquet chairs, cafe lights hanging low from trees, and a cluster of good friends dressed in floral garden dresses singing, dancing, and throwing back some delicious cocktails under the moonlight (my sweet girl vision involves zero mosquitoes)? Too many to count. So imagine my excitement when Liz ( suggested the gardens as our next shooting location. 

Fairchild Tropical Gardens is named after David Fairchild, one of the most well-known plant explorers of the 19th and 20th century who dedicated his life to finding tropical plants that could be of use to the American people. In 1935, along with other notable plant enthusiasts and collectors, David opened the doors to the 83 acres of breathtaking botanical beauty that is now Fairchild's. The gardens are dedicated to preserving and conserving tropical plants as well as educating plant lovers from all walks of life through enrichment programs, tours, and festivals. 

Now let's get to the meat and potatoes of this post- the dress. And not just any dress, a Zac Posen for Target dress, proving yet again, that you don't need to plunk down thousands to get that designer look for less. And taking it one step further, I scored this gorgeous multicolored dress from my best friend's closet- new with tags. After a deep closet cleaning where we seriously purged her from the claws of outdated atrocities (nine bags total), she had forgotten all about the dress and had meant to give it to me a year later. Better late than never perfectly applies to this fashion scenario and now it's happily sitting in my closet! 

I love the combination of fuchsia and red. It's a such a euphoric pop of color that wears well with any skin tone. And sprinkle in emerald green, yellow, electric blue, and orange and it really takes the dress to new color heights and it screams fun! The print on the dress is a mash up of different colored safety pins. And just look at that back! Who doesn't love a train? It's an extra dose of fancy. I love the way it gathers and knots in the back allowing for the dress to have a slight peek-a-boo component. 

Since the dress is such a staple and pretty much speaks for itself, accessories were kept to a bare minimum. I layered a collection of necklaces from Helen Ficalora, Chip and Chisel, and this stunning emerald green horn from Jaimie Nicole Jewelry. The handmade stone earrings are extra special because I got them from a road vendor in Istanbul when Coco and I visited a few years ago. 

This dress feels like it belongs at Fairchild's and it might just be the perfect dress to wear to that dreamy garden party under the stars! 

For more information and to visit Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens, click here.

On Me: 

Dress- Zac Posen for Target
Earrings- Istanbul 
Necklaces- Helen Ficalora, Chip and Chisel, Jaimie Nicole Jewelry

In Style,