Sunday, June 10, 2018


Good Evening squeezers! I hope you had an eventful, restful, and awesome weekend! I spent mine doing some writing, getting ready for a segment tomorrow, and spending time with my kiddos and husband (which means schlepping from birthday parties and playdates and some unwinding with wine in between). 

It's been a little bit since I've shared a trend alert so I thought it was about time I put one out there in the blogoverse! This go around, we're going to be talking...PASTELS! 

There are so many ways to wear pastels. Pastels aren't colors you just bring out during Easter in the form of a Sunday's best dress. There are plenty of options- from classic suits, co-ord sets, tops, even heels! The best part is you can mix and match with so much! 

I found this pastel lilac vintage tee at Topshop and I thought it was an easy way to try out the pastel trend without going overboard. The print was felt very retro and I was thinking of other ways to wear it other than with denim. I had recently gotten this Alice & Olivia ruffled skirt and thought, "hmm, wouldn't that be a fun pairing?" The skirt is high-waisted and the t-shirt was slightly cropped so for me, it worked out perfectly because it wasn't a full-on crop. 

Next came the accessorizing and I had so much fun doing that! I added a small leopard bag and these great jeweled platform wedges from Zara that dress up any outfit. Of course, can't forget my glasses, which my friends still hate and it only makes me love them even more!

I've gone on to wear my pastel top with high-waisted jean shorts, mom jeans, and even sweatpants (gasp!) I have plans to wear them this week with a pair of white culottes I just picked up at Ann Taylor. I'm looking forward to that look!

Oh! I almost forgot the earrings! I also picked these up at Topshop on sale and I can't stop wearing them! They are so festive and fun and such a vibrant pop of color now for the summer. You'll be seeing a lot more of these babies =)

There was no better place to photograph this outfit than in Wynwood. Don't you think it captures it's funkiness perfectly?! 

How do you wear your pastels! I really want to know! Make sure to DM me or tag me so I can see your style. 

In Style, 

Kat Buccio 

Monday, May 28, 2018

How a One Week Detox from Social Media was the Best Medicine

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a little voluntary break from social media. This wasn't my first time shutting down the social media shop. Two years ago when my anxiety was at a very heightened point, I went dark for about seven months. I had no interest in being on social media, in posting, in following anyone. I wasn't in the right place, mentally, and I had just no desire. It was also quite liberating.  

When I went back on, I made it a point (though there were times I was not successful), to keep the posting and the scrolling to a minimum. It is SO easy to become consumed with likes, with followers, to see what other people are wearing, where they are going, what they're doing. It can become exhausting when there's no moderation. It doesn't even matter if you have bullet-proof self-esteem. At some point, even the most confident people can crack under the social media pressure. It happens. We're human. 

Then there was the time my phone stopped working earlier this year, and while I waited for a new phone, I was off social media again for like three days, and there's always a pattern of withdrawal, call it 'digital heroin.' The term (I can't take credit for it), perfectly describes today's addiction with staying connected and living/sharing our lives on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. The moment we aren't able to connect, is the minute we go through those withdrawal symptoms, which begs me to constantly ask myself, 'is too much social media bad for our (my) health?'

Part of taking care of me, is becoming aware of what's causing me stress. Being a writer/influencer, social media is par for the course. They're symbiotic so I have to have some sort of presence in the realm. Two years ago, I also deleted Facebook. One social media platform was enough for me. Did it cost me potential followers? Probably, but I didn't care. My sanity was more important. How many times do you catch yourself reaching for your phone? Checking your Instagram? Putting the phone down, and then picking it up 10 seconds later, like if something so monumental and life changing happened in those 10 seconds you locked your phone? You've become addicted and dependent. How many times do you intend to 'stop and smell the roses,' but instead 'stop and film the roses,' opting to capture 'the moment' as opposed to 'living the moment?' I know this happens to me, and I have to remind myself to put the phone down. It's even worse when your six year old reminds you. 

The next step is finding a balance. How do you find the balance of staying connected without being consumed? That's what I've been trying to figure out. I want to be able to be present, but also disconnect so I don't miss out on what's going on around me. It's all about taming that major FOMO thats creeps up on all of us. 

And that's when I decided to detox. 

I made the decision to take a week of from social media. To make sure I wouldn't be tempted to go on Instagram, I deleted the app from my phone. Bye, Felicia! One week of no posting, no stories, no distractions, and not checking to see what other people were doing. As expected, the first couple of days, I would pick up the phone and would instinctively tap on where the Instagram app would be, which was now replaced by my NBC 6 app. It was crazy to see how many times I would pick up the phone to get on Instagram out of habit. 

There are a million other things I could be doing instead of checking my phone every minute, and once the withdrawals subsided, I felt like a weight had been lifted. So what did I do? Well, for starters, I did a lot more of 'Netflix and chill.' Literally. I watched like three different shows I've been wanting to watch, I started reading a new book, and even watched the Royal Wedding without posting on Instagram! I live streamed it and the only memes I saw, were the ones my friends texted me. More importantly, I lived in the moment. It made me realize that sometimes I post too many stories. I love sharing my stories with you because it makes me happy, and I know that you guys love them because you tell me, but maybe it's too many, I thought. It's not letting me fully immerse myself in whatever it is that I'm doing on my own, with my kids, my husband, etc. Even the expression 'everything in moderation,' applies to social media too. 

Oh, I also went back to the gym. I was on a roll, and last month I put it on the back burner, but no more. I got up, got dressed, and went downstairs and got on that treadmill, and I can't believe I'm saying this, it felt GOOD. Another upside. Maybe some of you will read this and say, "well, you can still do all this stuff without having to detox from social media." Yes, you're right. Social Media detoxing is not for everyone, but I know it's good for me, and guess what? I didn't miss anything and the world didn't end because I decided to take a week off. On the contrary, I felt recharged, refreshed, and balanced. 

Maybe all you need is a few days, maybe you want to test the waters and detox for longer than a week, it's all a personal choice. For me, that one week was cathartic and healthy. So much so, that I plan to do it monthly. Once a month, I plan to detox from social media, recalibrate, find my center, and keep reminding myself that there's nothing more 'Instagrammable' than living your best life in the moment. 

Have you ever detoxed from social media? I would love to hear your experience! 

*** These photos were taken at the beautiful Walker Hotel in Greenwich Village. I stayed here one night on my last NYC trip and it was charming, relaxing, and the service was exceptional. It's the perfect place to simultaneously find some good ol' New York energy in a vibrant and soothing environment. Can't you just see how relaxed and carefree I am?! It's not just for show. Definitely check this boutique hotel out next time you're in the Big Apple and really want to get an authentic NYC experience.  Lauren, from @laurelcreative, took these amazing pictures during a beautiful afternoon at the hotel. ***

In Style, 


Monday, May 14, 2018

How I Cope With My Anxiety

It's mental health awareness month and I've been very candid with all of you about my struggles with anxiety. I feel that if by sharing my story I can help at least one person, then it's all worth it. Anxiety is not something that goes away overnight. It is something that lives with you but it doesn't need to define you. 

Managing anxiety is not always easy, and it varies by individual. It's important to know that the tools that work for one person to manage and redirect that anxiety, might not work for another and that's okay. It has taken me many years to narrow down what helps me and my anxiety and I want to share them with you. 

There are many factors that trigger my anxiety, and unfortunately, sometimes 'an episode,' as I like to call it, sneaks up on me and can be extremely stressful. It isn't a secret that our move back to Miami and reestablishing ourselves here, has definitely been a challenging one not only as a family, but for myself as well. One of the things I've had to learn the hard way is to take a few steps back, recognize that stress, accept it, and find healthy ways to manage it. Initially, I was in denial;  I was taking on a lot and just kept pushing through, saying 'yes' to everything, wanting to do more than any human could handle, while keeping my head above water. Ultimately, it all came crashing down. 

It was the eye-opening awakening that I needed. My anxiety made sure of that. I won't lie that there is that fear that one of these episodes can happen at any time, and that's why I've worked extra hard at implanting tools and practices that help me manage my anxiety best. Starting with 'me time,' and taking the time to do things that make me happy- like going to the movies, buying fresh flowers, or reading a book. 

Checking in with my mental health is of utmost important to me. The happier and more centered I am the better I can be as a woman, a mother, a wife, and a friend. Conversations about mental health should not be had amongst whispers or behind closed doors. Mental health is something that affects so many of us, and I can't tell you how delighted I am that more and more individuals are opening up about their struggles, no longer ashamed or afraid of the stigma that unfairly comes along with it. There is absolutely no shame in that.

What are some of the things I do to check in with myself and to keep my anxiety at bay? First and foremost, the days of over scheduling and saying yes to every single little thing are done. That was a big one for me. I know that if you watch my Instagram stories it may seem that I have something going on every single day, but I don't. I keep events spread out and they come second to anything that has to do with Coco and the kids, unless of course, they come with me and I can make it a family affair, or I can somehow make it an opportunity for Coco and I to spend time together.

Another crucial factor is detoxing from social media. Social Media is a double edged sword and has often been linked to depression and anxiety, in fact, the term is called 'Instagramxiety' (for real, look it up). Spending too much time scrolling through other people's feeds (which lets keep in mind, are mostly curated), stalking others on Facebook, or just comparing your life to other influencers or keeping track of followers, is exhausting and can take you down a dark rabbit hole. It happens to all of us and it's important to disconnect and/or find a healthy balance in our relationship with social media. Starting today, I'll be taking a one week break- detoxing from Instagram and deleting the app from my phone.

A few months ago, I started going to the gym. It was something I needed to do for myself. No more making excuses or saying that I have 'good genes.' At the end of the day, it's about taking care of our physical and mental health. I was doing pretty good and had a nice routine going, even bought myself some really cute workout outfits. But in the last month, I stopped going altogether, a decision that I haven't been happy about it. So what am I going to do about it? I'm going to kick start my workouts again this week because I know they're good for me in more ways than one. That also includes making more of an effort to eat healthier and to decrease my drinking, which I have significantly (with the exception of one to two times a week). It's important to note, that alcohol only makes anxiety worse. After all, it is a depressant. For those that suffer from anxiety, cutting down alcohol intake is of best interest. In addition, I have shared how during my last episode, I made a choice to go on anti-anxiety medication, which worked tremendously for me (also not good to combine with alcohol). It took me a while to come around to that, because you guessed it, stigma. I'm so happy I did because without the medication and supplementing it with my weekly therapy sessions (sometimes 3-4 times a week at my peak), I wouldn't have been able to function. 

I've saved the best remedy for last, and that's my family. Spending time with my kids and my husband, whether it's watching a movie at home or going to the pool, is sometimes the only medicine I need. Their love and support is monumental and really does help ease my anxiety. 

Anxiety doesn't have to limit you; but it does force you to examine your life and your well-being. Believe it or not, acknowledging anxiety can help us become better versions of ourselves and help us manage our self-care. 

Sometimes difficult roads lead to beautiful situations, and in my case, the future is looking bright. 

In Style, 


Monday, April 30, 2018


April showers brings May flowers, isn't that right?! And what a a significant way to kick off the first day of May than with a bright floral number that is sure to make you feel peppy, free, and light on your feet! 

This brings me to our next spring trend alert- florals, florals, and more florals. Yes, we see them every season and they're back again for spring. The thing with florals is that you can expect them to be brighter and bolder for spring and summer, and a little moodier in fall and winter. 

One of my favorite color combinations is orange and pink. It's also aqua and red, and here we are with those four colors in one amazing spring dress from Zara and it's a true flower bomb explosion! 

Now here comes the fun part- accessorizing! With a floral canvas like this, we just needed to find the greenery. We found it in the least expected of locations- Wynwood! Have you seen these palm leaves? They're gorgeous and massive and I just want to wrap myself in a palm leaf burrito! I'm obsessed with these stunning red fringe earrings  from TopShop, which are actually now on sale! They really bring out the red hues in the dress. 

Next up, shoes! I've been living in these gold wedge sandals from Zara for the past month and I have no plans to stop. Metallic goes with just about anything, and I love how easy they coordinate with everything from dresses to shorts. Part foam, part espadrille- they're funky, cool, and extremely versatile. 

I've been having a lot of fun lately with my sunglasses! I always have my go-to signature Ray-Bans close by, but I've been switching it up and playing with these different styles, colors, and up to the minute trends. I wanted some new red shades and loved these cat eyes ones I found on Amazon.  They're such a statement piece and easily wow! 

I threw on my de facto straw bag for spring/summer and voila! My floral look is complete and I'm ready to show it off to the world, or on my blog at least! Big shout out to Danielle, who saw this aqua stool lying around and incorporated into our shoot as a prop. Amazing how the simplest of tools can bring a photo and all it's vivid colors to life! 

Have you stocked up on your spring/summer florals? How do you wear yours? As usual, I want to know! DM me! 

In Style, 


Thursday, April 26, 2018


Good Morning, Squeezers! Sending lots of love and gratitude your way, because if it weren't for your support and comments, I wouldn't be able to do this blog! So, a big THANK YOU!

Like I promised, I have a new spring trend alert for you and I'm sure you saw this one for fall/winter, and now it's making an appearance for spring. It's the only time having a 'checkered past' is acceptable! Yes, I'm talking checkered for spring and it's fantastic, versatile, and believe it or not, a great neutral for pairing!

Checkered is such an ode to 80's fashion and I can't get enough of it. Not sure if you remember the checkered pant suit I wore (the blazer was vintage and belonged to my mom), and I couldn't get enough of it. For spring, we're changing things up. The suit is too heavy for spring and it would be criminal and also deliriously hot for me to wear right now, so time to adjust!

I found this gorgeous skirt at H&M and we can't ignore the big bow detail that allows for a cinched waist and hip hugging curves! Normally I wouldn't wear a skirt like this because I would feel restricted, but it's actually so comfortable and I love how it hugs at all the right places and also masks a little bit of that leftover pregnancy belly that's been a challenge to lose.

I love that I could wear this skirt with everything from a graphic tee to a buttoned up blouse. In this case, I wanted a playful look. I paired it with this 'Merci' graphic tee from Forever 21 (only available in plus sizes at the moment. I linked it for you) and I love how the colors coordinate with the skirt. By the way, this tee is SO ultra soft. I may or may not have fallen asleep in it a few times. The great thing about this black and white checkered look is that you don't have to limit yourself to primary colors. Think outside the box! Pair it with a neon top, a tropical print blouse, floral off the shoulder. Your options are really endless! 

As always, don't forget to have fun with your look! Fashion isn't meant to be serious. It's meant to be fun, expressive, and ever-evolving, so if you want to wear those kiddie heart shaped glasses or pom pom earrings like I did, just go for it! It's a really festive way to show off your personality.

I threw on my fisherman's cap because you know I love me a good hat, as well as my pointy white boots also from Forever 21, which are still available! You might remember I wore these all through fall and winter and guess what? I will still be wearing them through summer and spring! A good tip to remember- with a fitted skirt like this, you want to avoid flats. Think tall and wear heels, not just to show off those long legs, but to also give you some height!

Merci and Au Revoir!

In Style,


Sunday, April 22, 2018


It's that time of year! Music festival season- from Coachella to Hangout Fest to Governor's Ball and so many more in between, it can only mean one thing- Festival Fashion is coming. You'll start seeing it pop up in popular fast fashion stores, vintage boutiques will be swarmed with fashionistas, and those graphic rock n' roll tees that once belonged to mom or dad (or maybe you picked one up at Urban Outfitters), will be part of your wardrobe repertoire.

While I be live streaming some of the performances from my couch as I go 'Nowherella' (see what I did there), that doesn't mean I can't bring you some festival inspo to get you in the spirited mood. I teamed up with Danielle Margherite of Danielle Margherite Photography to capture some festival goodness for the gram and the blog. We took this pink floral number to Wynwood and just check out the amazingness she captured!

When I scroll through Instagram, sometimes I feel like a lot of the girls basically just pull a bunch of random items from their closets and wear it all together and voila, they have a festival look. Do any of you feel the same way?! And hey, sometimes it's magic and it's fabulous. Other times, it leaves me scratching my head. Most of the time, these outfits are meticulously planned out. While I'm all about taking fashion risks and trying new trends and having fun, I also don't want to leave people wondering, 'homeless or hipster?' 

You can keep it fairly simple and still standout with some key pieces. Just like we touched upon florals as a big trend for spring, floral fashion is blooming all over the music festival fields. I actually found this pink floral dress in the clearance section at H&M and I love it. I love easy dresses I  can slip on and wear for any occasion. I have a 'dress and go' mentality as of late and this dress fits the bill perfectly. I can wear it with sneakers, boots, a leather jacket for spring, even heels if I'm in the mood to dress it up. It's the perfect dress to lounge around on a grassy knoll somewhere and vibe the scene. 

I'll be taking this dress with me to NYC next week and because it's legit spring weather in the city, I'll be wearing it with a leather jacket and nothing makes me happier! Leather jacket weather is my favorite! Another reason I love this dress- it's not form fitting. It's a little looser, a little more towards the 'shift' look, and for me, that's key. Simple doesn't have to be boring, you see?! Did you catch the slit? Subtle sexiness is a nice touch!

How fantastic are these bubblegum pink iron gates? I mean, they were just calling for this dress to be part of the landscape. It coordinates perfectly and it's amazing! You can really get a feel for the whole vibe of the outfit and I have to tell you, I'm digging it even more with the blonde. I'm really missing the long extensions. What do you guys think? I'm a long haired girl at heart so I can't tell you how excited I am to put them back in next week. It makes the growing out process less excruciating for me (#firstworldproblems)!

Let's wrap up this look by talking about ACCESSORIES! Hats are always a good idea (so says me, the self-proclaimed hat queen). Not only is it a fashionable statement that adds loads of character, but they are also a great option as a supplemental sun protector. 

I was on the hunt for a great spring hat. I knew I wanted something light-colored and diverse. I'm always a little hesitant because light-colored hats tend to get a dirty a little faster, but they brighten up an outfit and are really playful. I found this one at Free People and I'm obsessed with it (I actually wore it last night). I can wear it with just about anything! 

I live in these black studded booties. They practically walk on their own. It doesn't matter the season, my black booties are for any weather climate- whether it's 90 degrees or 30 degrees. They too, will be going with me on my NYC adventures. And like I mention time and time again, I love dresses with boots. The End. 

Are you guys hitting up any festivals this summer? Any performances you're looking forward to? 
Also, in more important news, do you want to see my long-haired extensions mane another appearance? 

In Style,