Sunday, April 22, 2018


It's that time of year! Music festival season- from Coachella to Hangout Fest to Governor's Ball and so many more in between, it can only mean one thing- Festival Fashion is coming. You'll start seeing it pop up in popular fast fashion stores, vintage boutiques will be swarmed with fashionistas, and those graphic rock n' roll tees that once belonged to mom or dad (or maybe you picked one up at Urban Outfitters), will be part of your wardrobe repertoire.

While I be live streaming some of the performances from my couch as I go 'Nowherella' (see what I did there), that doesn't mean I can't bring you some festival inspo to get you in the spirited mood. I teamed up with Danielle Margherite of Danielle Margherite Photography to capture some festival goodness for the gram and the blog. We took this pink floral number to Wynwood and just check out the amazingness she captured!

When I scroll through Instagram, sometimes I feel like a lot of the girls basically just pull a bunch of random items from their closets and wear it all together and voila, they have a festival look. Do any of you feel the same way?! And hey, sometimes it's magic and it's fabulous. Other times, it leaves me scratching my head. Most of the time, these outfits are meticulously planned out. While I'm all about taking fashion risks and trying new trends and having fun, I also don't want to leave people wondering, 'homeless or hipster?' 

You can keep it fairly simple and still standout with some key pieces. Just like we touched upon florals as a big trend for spring, floral fashion is blooming all over the music festival fields. I actually found this pink floral dress in the clearance section at H&M and I love it. I love easy dresses I  can slip on and wear for any occasion. I have a 'dress and go' mentality as of late and this dress fits the bill perfectly. I can wear it with sneakers, boots, a leather jacket for spring, even heels if I'm in the mood to dress it up. It's the perfect dress to lounge around on a grassy knoll somewhere and vibe the scene. 

I'll be taking this dress with me to NYC next week and because it's legit spring weather in the city, I'll be wearing it with a leather jacket and nothing makes me happier! Leather jacket weather is my favorite! Another reason I love this dress- it's not form fitting. It's a little looser, a little more towards the 'shift' look, and for me, that's key. Simple doesn't have to be boring, you see?! Did you catch the slit? Subtle sexiness is a nice touch!

How fantastic are these bubblegum pink iron gates? I mean, they were just calling for this dress to be part of the landscape. It coordinates perfectly and it's amazing! You can really get a feel for the whole vibe of the outfit and I have to tell you, I'm digging it even more with the blonde. I'm really missing the long extensions. What do you guys think? I'm a long haired girl at heart so I can't tell you how excited I am to put them back in next week. It makes the growing out process less excruciating for me (#firstworldproblems)!

Let's wrap up this look by talking about ACCESSORIES! Hats are always a good idea (so says me, the self-proclaimed hat queen). Not only is it a fashionable statement that adds loads of character, but they are also a great option as a supplemental sun protector. 

I was on the hunt for a great spring hat. I knew I wanted something light-colored and diverse. I'm always a little hesitant because light-colored hats tend to get a dirty a little faster, but they brighten up an outfit and are really playful. I found this one at Free People and I'm obsessed with it (I actually wore it last night). I can wear it with just about anything! 

I live in these black studded booties. They practically walk on their own. It doesn't matter the season, my black booties are for any weather climate- whether it's 90 degrees or 30 degrees. They too, will be going with me on my NYC adventures. And like I mention time and time again, I love dresses with boots. The End. 

Are you guys hitting up any festivals this summer? Any performances you're looking forward to? 
Also, in more important news, do you want to see my long-haired extensions mane another appearance? 

In Style, 


Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Hi Squeezers! I'm back from our family vacation and ready to throw some more trend alerts your way. I've taken my own advice and stepped a bit out of of my comfort zone for this look. Can you guess what I wore that you've rarely ever seen me wear? It also happens to be tonight's trending topic. 

Wide Leg Pants. Yes ladies, I went wide. It's a bit of a stretch for me, believe it or not. The moment I had a taste of my first pair of skinny jeans, I never went back. Ever. It's been yeaaaaaaaars since I've worn anything bootleg or wide leg and I haven't missed it, really. The trend comes and goes each season and each season I say, "maybe I'll give it a whirl again," but then I don't. I think it's mostly because I don't wear a lot of high heels or high wedges and in order to really pull off length and dimension with a wide leg pant, you need height. You really can't sport these with flats or sneakers. It'll make you look dumpy, no matter your body type or weight. 

This season, however, I took a chance on the wide leg again. On a recent adventure to Forever 21 (because it's always an adventure when you go to F21), I unintentionally found these high-waisted jeans in their denim section. I initially grabbed them because they said 'high-waisted,' not realizing they were wide leg jeans until I got to the fitting room. I almost tossed them to the side, but a little perky voice inside me (or maybe it was the F21 fumes) said, "girl, try them on!" I'm so glad I did. I was feeling them! I loved the fit, they made my butt look good, and they sat perfectly on my waist.

I paired it with a few other things I had grabbed, because I like to make sure I have plenty of options when I buy an item, and I knew I could pull it off. I stepped outside the box! Wide Leg pants also happen to be a BIG trend for spring, and such a great alternative for dressing up any outfit, especially a denim one.

You know who also makes my wide leg outfit look all sorts of amazing?! My photographer, Lauren (@laurelcreative). She caught every angle of these jeans, showing how they hang, how they hug my curves, and how they look front, back and center. Also, she manages to always catch me while my hair is blowing in the wind, ala JLo (thank you, Lauren!).

I've actually combined two spring trends with this look- the wide leg jean and tropical prints. This tropical bomber also from Forever 21, is giving me Versace in the 90's vibe (at budget-friendly prices). It's the ideal jacket for spring's easy breezy weather. We have to talk about my 'Extra' t-shirt I also scored at Forever! It's what all the kids are saying these days and you know what, it's not such a bad thing to be a little bit 'extra' in your life! Give yourself a little extra oomph. 

Early in the post, I mentioned how I rarely wear high heels or wedges anymore, but I've actually been sporting some more wedges and booties with heels in the last year, so that gave me the extra push I needed to get the pants. For this look, I wore my white booties, which I've basically lived in since I got them and I'll continue to wear them through spring until I find a white wedge or slip on that takes my breath away. 

Let's not forget accessories! It's all about the straw purse for spring and summer, especially this round straw crossbody. I love that I can wear it as a cross body or remove the straps and hold it by the short handle, which is what I did with this look! I'm pretty obsessed with the bag because you can wear it with just about anything in a spring or summer wardrobe, and for $17.90, it can't be beat. It's just as cute as my heart shaped sunnies, which by the way, get me TONS of compliment. 

What's not to love?! 

How do you feel about the wide leg trend for spring? Is it a do or a don't for you? I always want to know!

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Sunday, April 8, 2018


Buenos Dias Squeezers! The happiest of Sundays to you all! The Buccios are cruise bound on Celebrity Cruises with the familia and we are SO excited for family time, piña coladas, and explorations on land and sea. Honestly, I'm just really excited to read the three books I downloaded on my kindle (I'll share those with you soon) because I'm jonesing for a good literary distraction. 

I didn't want to leave on our trip without posting the next of our trend forecast series: Tropical Prints! It goes without saying that the first sign of spring and summer starts at the first sight of tropical prints for us fashionistas! I don't know about you, but I get super excited the moment I see a palm print or some hibiscus print staring at me from the rack. It means spring and summer are a-comin! 

This dress is extra special because it was an unexpected gift from my friend, Becky, from South Carolina. She actually wore this dress to our friend, Maureen's, rehearsal dinner, and it looked fabulous on her and I wanted it so badly! Little did I know, it would be mine a few months later. 

The dress is from ASOS and I love the material. It is a little neoprene, and a little stretch in all the right places. I love the way it gathers at the front and it becomes this one shoulder stunner with just the right amount of peek-a-boo skin showing at the midriff. I can't forget to mention the full skirt that just comes to life because of those bold green palm leaves all over the dress. They just pop! 

This is what I love about tropical prints because they instantly change your mood. They're the happy pills of fashion. Ha! Whether in a dress, a handbag, or a top, bring out the prints! Another way to sport your love of tropical print/palm print? Swimwear! There are LOTS of great options for both one pieces and two pieces. Whether it's Target or Ralph Lauren, you can find some gorgeous tropical print suits at every price point. I know that if you look through my bathing suit drawer, you'll find at least five suits with a vibrant and colorful tropical print on them! I just can't get enough. 

As I type of this post, I'm currently wearing tropical print pants with an off the shoulder white top (you'll see it on my stories today), and you better believe there are more tropical prints in my suitcase that I'll be wearing on the cruise. I have everything from a tropical print blouse to my favorite banana leaf pants ready to go! What I love about these prints is that you can mix and match with so many pieces. Don't feel like they're one time use pieces- that's a misconception. Pair them with solid tee, floral prints, even stripes. If you're feeling daring, go head to toe in tropical print. Yes, this is a thing! 

Next up- accessories! Don't be afraid to accessorize. It's a great way (and an easy way) to express yourself and to show a little more of your personality. Lately I've been into sunglasses, like these exaggerated white shades from Zero UV. They're over the top and I love that. I also added a straw fedora- a staple for the season. I brought out my pineapple bag, which I know you guys loved, and added a fab pair of Chiffino nude platform wedges to complete the look. Here's a bonus about this dress (or tropical prints in general)- you can wear it with some cute sandals, wedges, or heels. Your options are limitless! 

I teamed up with my gal, Lauren (@laurelcreative), and we headed to the MiMo district, an architecturally iconic neighborhood in Miami, to snap this dress in it's natural element! The architecture is so unique, that any spot could have been the perfect backdrop. We chose a few of the motels along Biscayne Blvd because they just went so well with the dress! Wouldn't you agree? 

What's your favorite way to wear tropical print? 

In Style, 


Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Another birthday, another year older....or younger..depends on how you look at it. There are two types of people when it comes to aging- those that embrace age and welcome it with open arms (wrinkles included), and those that dread it like the plague. The thought of another year of getting older, closer to, well you know, death, and further away to what society deems as 'young,'  is agonizing. 

Have you ever asked yourself, which are you?

I think I teeter between the two. Embracing the aging process (and simultaneously the increased wisdom- so I hope) some days, and giving myself anxiety about getting older on other days. 

One thing I do know- is that whether I'm 37, 57 or 87, I'm going to live my life, be grateful, and wear a good bra ( I might feel young, but that doesn't translate to my tatas). 😂

Next question. Are you big on celebrating birthdays? Are you the type that celebrates all month long? Or are you the type that barely squeaks about the big day in hopes it's quickly forgotten? I've always loved celebrating my birthday, and yes, I am guilty of those month long celebrations that I milk until there's nothing left to give. What can I say, I like to treat myself! I've noticed though, as I've gotten older, the celebrations have shifted. I'm more into celebrating with my Buccio clan whether it's brunch or dinner or a cake at home. This year it was a few brunches and dinners! The birthday soirees have definitely gotten simpler and a little more intimate, and I quite like that! 

So, without putting so many expectations or unnecessary pressure on myself in the year of 37, what are some things that I hope to achieve/do this year? Let's see, from the most superficial to the most impactful. 

1- I'd like to learn how to finally do a french braid. Yes, people. I have no clue how to do one. 
2- I'd like to go bike riding. I keep staring at my bikes on the balcony and keep saying, "I'm going to go ride a bike," yet, I don't. 
3- I want to adopt a dog. I also need to convince Coco to adopt a dog.  
4- I want to find a charity or a hospital where maya and I can do volunteer work together. 
5- Find a job (besides being a mom)  that I absolutely love...again. 
6- Kind of goes without saying, but take everyday as an opportunity to be better, to grow, and to challenge myself. 

Ringing in 37 in this floral H&M dress! I absolutely LOVEEEEEE the pop of red and the light dusty blue hues. They compliment each other so well! I especially love the dress's high neck. It's sophisticated without being stuffy. Keeping with the red trend, we did a nice bright pout, and it's working so well with the blonde! 

You've seen my electric blue Louboutins make an appearance from time to time, and here they are again! These were definitely one of Coco's best birthday gifts! 

In Style, 


Sunday, March 18, 2018


Hello Squeezers! It's Sunday night, and all my people are tucked away in their beds and it's just me, my computer, and the last few chapters of Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri (if you haven't seen this Oscar nominated flick, you MUST). I'm taking advantage of this rare quiet time to catch up on my blog posts! So, yay for that! 

For the next few posts, I'll be sharing some trend forecasts for the spring! Just straight up fashion and pictures. I've got some "deep thoughts" posts brewing, but for right now, I want to keep it light and fun! 

Let's kick it off with the first one-


There's a reason this mighty trend keeps taking on different lifeforms each season! Polka dots have the ability to be both elegant and fun. We saw it all over the runway this season- from Dior to Carolina Herrera- from bold to playful. There are so many different way to bring this trend to life and it's versatility is probably one of the reasons why it has been at the forefront time and time again. 

I own several polka dot pieces from midi skirts to sweatshirts, but I have to say this polka dot blouse from Zara is one of my favorites! You know when you walk into a store and your eyes immediately dart from side to side in a room until they immediately fixate on that one item you have to have? For me, it was this blouse. I saw it on the mannequin and knew it belonged in my closet. Only I wasn't going to pay full price for it. It just wasn't in my budget, so I had to let it be. Fast forward a few weeks later at Zara's famous 'rebajas (sales),' and there it was! Not only did I find it in my size, but it was discounted to 19 bucks! 


I also love mixing my polka dots with different patterns and print. While I do LOVE me a head to toe polka dot outfit, it's fun to break it up and mix it up with something unexpected. I paired my blouse, wait, did I mention that my blouse has a big, fat fabulous bow on it?! It makes it even more spectacular! Anywho, I paired it with my checkered trousers, which also happen to be high-waisted and I love the combination! 

I added chunky gold heels, and my black hat from Goorin Bros to give it an extra 'Kathy touch.' I'm already thinking of other ways to wear this blouse. It's long enough that I can wear as a tunic with a pair of leggings, with my denim skirt, or my mom jeans, oh yeah. 

So I'm here to tell you, you need polka dots in your life! Big ones, little ones, colorful ones. It doesn't matter what size or color, we don't discriminate! You just need them. Your spring wardrobe will thank you. 

*** All Photos by Elizabeth of Ra-Haus.

In Style, 


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Changing Things Up and Doing You.

I've always been somewhat of a fashion chameleon, always trying new things and changing up my look. For starters, my hair has been every shade under the sun (think orange, blonde, black, even a reddish plum). I spent a pretty penny growing up buying color in a box, and then when I could afford it, I started making trips to the salon. When I first moved to NY,  I was sporting some caramel and honey colored highlights; and I was so obsessed, I would literally fly down to Miami to get them done every 6-8 weeks. Anyways, I lost my train of thought. The point is, that I often change my look; not just when it comes to hair, but fashion as well. I think it's so fun to test the waters and try new things. Along the way, you unknowingly find your true style personality. I know I did.

My fashion evolution has been wild. I love looking back at old photos and seeing all the different phases I've gone through style wise. Some are quite memorable and almost questionable (too tight bright pants that often gave me camel toe), and others I would still rock today (from vintage tees and jeans from Goodwill to pointy toe Jimmy Choo heels). Here's what I've found to be consistent in those periods of change: I like long, dark brown hair. It's what I always go back to when it comes down to it, though right now, I'm really obsessed with my Kimmy K long blonde moment. I love bangs too. Fashion wise- skinny jeans, blouses, animal prints, booties, booties with dresses, florals. Lots and lots of florals. And stripes. Seems like I own a lot of striped tops. I rather dresses to any other type of clothing and I love anything high-waisted. I dislike cap sleeves, pencil skirts, super high heels, and anything extremely tight. I need room for food, plus I don't need anyone asking me if I'm pregnant. Though I do love to wear extremely tight things when I'm pregnant because I can get away with it AND I don't have to suck in my stomach.

Even today, at 37 years young, I still find it fun to try a new look while still keeping to what I like and  what works for me. My husband teases that I've changed my looks so many times in the 16 years we've been together, that it feels like he's with someone different every time! Jokes aside though, he loves it. He has no choice.

Here's the thing, though. I dress for me. I don't dress for anyone else or to be up on the latest trends. I definitely do not wear things I don't like or don't suit me, no matter what Vogue magazine says. You can't buy into trends just because. If something is 'trendy,' it doesn't mean you HAVE to wear it. It also doesn't mean it'll work for you. There are many trends I like but I also know that some are not for me, and I'm not buying into those just because everyone is doing it or wearing it. 

If I wear something, it's because I like it and it works for me. That's all that matters. If you don't like it, as I say in Spanish, Bueno. Which brings me to this post! 

First off, can I say how crazy that these photos were taken about a month or so ago and I already look different! Ha! That's what I am talking about. My real hair is slightly longer, I have extensions, and I'm growing out my bangs. I'm definitely trying out different color palettes with the blonde hair that I hadn't tried out before. Big difference! 

Back to this look. I am digging the 90's grunge vibe this outfit is giving off with the platinum blonde. From the black and yellow plaid pattern, to the white booties with fishnet socks, It screams 'Courtney Love Grunge Cool' minus the drug addiction (😳).  I paired it with a studded black belt and with a tiger embellished chain purse. You know I had to throw in the aviator specs in there, or as my friends jokingly refer to them as, my child molester glasses (or Jeffrey Dahmer glasses).  Knowing how much they dislike them, I make it a point to wear them even more! 

Guess who likes them, though? I do! 

I had such mixed feedback from this look when I first posted it on Instagram. Some people loved it and thought it was cool and funky, while others were perplexed as to why I would wear this. I found the variety in opinions hilarious and interesting because it all comes down to personal taste, really. I love hearing the feedback, though.

I love this Zara tunic dress. The belt is also Zara. It's so comfortable and easy to wear.  I actually wore it with a black turtleneck underneath and it looked fab and even cozier! That's another BIG style change for me. Back in the day, my motto was, the tighter the better- tight tops, tight dresses, tight skirts.  Lots of cleavage. Breast spillage everywhere! Now, it's the complete opposite. I love loose-fitting pieces, my lady bits are strapped in (not to say they don't come out once in a while to play), and not everything is 'matchy matchy.' Oh goodness. The days of matchy matchy.

I love the hook detailing on the side of the dress. I opted to leave it open so I had more of a slit. I also love that this is the kind of dress that you can dress up or dress down. You can wear it with sneakers or you can wear it with booties. For me, this versatility is KEY.

So whether you're a fan of this look or your not, I hope you take away one important thing. Dress for you. Dress to  Impress yourself. Don't worry about anyone else. You do you.

**** ALL PHOTOS BY Photos by Jenise. ****

In Style, 


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Finding Those Little Moments in a Creative Rut

Hola Squeezers! I hope you guys are living your best life and enjoying the little moments. It's so easy to get consumed and affected by the negative vortex of our surroundings. Turning on the TV, unless you're watching your favorite show, is no longer a means of relaxation. Another mass shooting, another dead child, a heartbroken family left to pick up the shattered pieces- how is that comforting? How does that make us feel safe or how does that let us find joy when things can seem so depressing? 

That's why I say, enjoy the little moments. Easier said than done, I know. We owe it to ourselves, to those around us, to our little ones, our loved ones, and to humanity in general, because amidst the negativity and grief, there is always something that can make us smile. It's up to us to take that approach and make the effort. I, myself, am trying to do that. 

Those are my honest two cents this morning. I want to focus on the little moments, on what is right in front of me, because sometimes, I forget. Right now, I am home alone, sitting in bed, catching up on this blog post, writing assignments, and a laundry list of things to do, and I'm savoring it. I am thankful for the few hours I get to do this without distraction, to cross something off my list, which makes me feel and be productive, catching up on all sorts of emails, and more importantly, having a minute to gather my thoughts, regroup, and breathe. Those are little moments. When I  pick up my kids from school and get greeted by the best hugs, those are the moments worth enjoying and living for. 

Whether it's a quick coffee break, stepping outside for a breather, a dip in the pool, or maybe its sitting outside a fast food joint enjoying a value meal in your car, hey, those are all  little moments. What will you do to enjoy the little moments? 

One of the reasons I'm so focused on enjoying the little moments and focusing on the positive is because as of late, I've been in a bit of a creative rut. It's a first world problem, really, but lately, I'm feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated when it comes to the blog. I mentioned in my last post that I was going to be doing a revamp, and that is still happening, however, it's a sloooooooow process. When I think about all the things I want to do, need to do, without many resources to actually do it (I.e. money, time, etc), I get overwhelmed. I know I'll get there, but I guess it's not happening as fast as I like it. 

I'm not one to compare myself to others. It's never been my thing and we are all on our own individual journey or path, but sometimes I do look around and see that my counterparts are a little further along on this blog race. Granted, I haven't been doing this for very long, but still. The good news is I do snap myself out of the comparisons and go back to 'doing me,' but it can sometimes feel frustrating and exhausting. 

I haven't posted in over a month because I am visually not happy with how my actual blog looks. It's outdated, in my opinion, and needs to be spruced up. What I really need is a money tree so I can shake it and grab some dolla dolla bills to pay someone to help me! Right?! We all know that blogging is work and it costs money and is an investment. It's about the time and money you want to commit to it  in order to have it grow. 

You want to be original in a sea of so many talented and diverse influencers, in a social world that is constantly changing and evolving. I'm looking at these fashion photos now, with my hot pink sweater with the word 'ORIGINAL' spelled across and that got me thinking, "What makes you original?" "How can I be original in a saturated world of talent and 'who's who?" I can't be the only person that asks herself that. I mean, in order to grow those are questions we constantly have to ask ourselves. It's finding the balance of originality without comparing yourself to others, and remembering we are human, and not being so hard on ourselves. Little moments, Kathy. Little moments. 

Good thing is, I'm also a problem solver and in life, I've had to learn the art of patience. I'm not very good at it, to be honest, it's a work in progress. So what will I do? Well, for one thing, I'm not going to make excuses and stop writing just because I'm not happy with how the blog looks. Writing is self-expression and cathartic for me, and what's the difference between writing on a sheet of paper or on blogspot? I know with time, I'll have a snazzy and new updated blog to work with, but for now, I'm not going to let that be a deterrent hurdle. At the end of the day, it's about sharing with you guys, and I want to keep doing that. 

Secondly, how am I going to be original? By being me. I'm not changing who I am, what I wear, or what I share to conform with any trends or algorithms. I like who I am, and I hope that you like what I share. Sure, I need to work on a more 'cohesive' Instagram feed, but what can I say? I love sharing anything and everything and sometimes it's not cohesive, but I know it's entertaining. At least, I hope it is! 

That's all I can do.....for now. I'm going to cut myself some slack. I have to focus on all the work I HAVE accomplished with minimal resources and the help of friends, to get this platform up and running and I am PROUD. I'm going to take my own advice, I'm going to practice what I preach, and I'm going enjoy the little moments! 

Before we wrap this up, let's discuss the outfit! Did I mention that Maya picked out the H&M sweater? How could I say no! She said it was perfect for me because it's "fuzzy and pink," Do I need any more convincing? I think not! I paired with my favorite Forever 21 checkered pants, because these are a neutral patterned pant and go with any kind of top. I love that you can make them sophisticated and classic, but they can also be alternative and vintage-inspired. 

I think with this look, the accessories do the talking as well- a leopard clutch, some sleek white boots, my aviator glasses, and a fisherman cap to tie this street style look together. Oh, can't forget the pom pom earrings! Sign me up, for anything pom pom. 

Let's keep our fingers crossed for one more cold front so I can wear this outfit again! 

In Style,