Thursday, October 30, 2014

Style Spotlight- Menswear Edition- Brought To You By the Eco-Friendly Guys at TV Head

Who says that women get to have all the fun when it comes to dressing up?! Well, that's just not true.  Dapper men of the world, rejoice! I'm going to introduce you to a Miami-based brand that's putting a twist on the classic male accessories and making menswear extras, dare I say, fun. 

TV Head, the brainchild of brothers, Alex and Fredy Lopez, is taking accessorizing to the next level with their line of eco-friendly products, focusing on three staples and revamping them into a more refined, youthful, and hip package for the urban man of the go. Whether it's a wooden bow tie or one of their statement watches, these post-modern pieces have the power to add a dash of 'wow' factor to any gentleman's wardrobe. 

Creating a socially conscious line was  a priority for the designer duo. Their pieces mix elements such as bamboo and natural wood to bring to life each one of a kind product. Give an everyday suit some 'uumph' by swapping out a traditional tie for one of their signature bow ties and you can even step up your sunglasses game by donning one of their standout shades that are sure to be a great conversation starter. Don't believe me, check out model, Carter, below (photographed by the creative team of Ra-Haus Fotografie  and get inspired. 

Maybe I'm a little biased, but my husband and I first fell in love with this brand at the Wynwood Art Walk (I'm eagerly awaiting a line of women's accessories)! I had the opportunity to chat with the boys on how the line got started, their loyal customers, and Marshall Mcluhan. Yes, Marshall Mcluhan. 

Read the full interview after the jump! 

FSF: Tell me how the idea of TV head came to be? 

TV: The name TV Head Originated from an inside joke my Brother Alex and I frequently used. We would use the term to describe people who would be obsessed with television. We personally do not have anything against television but we do believe there is more to see out there than what the media shows. Our dream is to revolutionize the fashion industry, specifically men’s apparel. We love to create unique wearable pieces that combine great design with the elements. The name started as a call for social awareness and then it evolved into a socially conscious company that uses materials such as wood and bamboo in a responsible way to distributes eco-friendly products.   

FSF: the bow ties seem to be a big hit. I have friends in Cali and New York who own and love them. So why a bow tie? 

TV: We think Bow ties are elegant and classy; we wanted to make a statement and make a unique bow tie that would look and feel great when worn while staying true to our brand culture. The answer was wood.We came with the idea of re using existing woods to give the material a second chance and making our product eco-friendly. At first it was hard to design a wooden bow tie that was comfortable and functional but after many prototypes we were able to make it happen.  

 FSF: I first met you guys at the Wynwood Art Walk and each time I see your pop up, you have more and more people checking out the merchandise. What has been the response from the community? 

TV: Wynwood has a very special place in our hearts; Wynwood is where our journey as a clothing line started. Every Art Walk we get the chance to meet amazing people, make important contacts, sell our products, create awareness and have lots of fun doing so. We like to give each buyer more than a product, we give them the experience of being part of our brand movement. We love the fact that we are locals at Wynwood, it makes us feel at home. Seeing the great response from the community and how they support us by purchasing and believing in our brand and products is what motivates us to wake up every morning and keep on working on what we love to do.  

 FSF: What's your best seller? And where can people buy them? 

TV: Our Best seller has to be the wooden watches and the bow ties. Everywhere we go we get lots of compliments when wearing them. People love the fact that they look natural with a modern twist.  
These items can be purchased online at our website or at any of our retailers. Elemental at Wynwood carries most of our products as well. Their staff is very friendly and helpful.  

FSF: Describe the TV head customer? 

TV: The TV Head Customer is one that likes to look sharp. Enthusiastic about life, full of energy, old enough to have a global perspective but young enough to still have fun. They also love Craft beer, which is great because we do too. 

FSF: Any plans to extend to women? 

TV: We have been talking more and more about producing and selling women’s accessories such as wooden watches, bracelets etc.. We have gotten a lot of requests about expanding into the women’s market. There is a few ideas already in the works and we hope to have them ready soon. 

FSF: Who would be your dream customer in TV head? 

TV: If we could get one person to wear our products even if that person wasn’t in this earth anymore we would love to see our products on Marshall McLuhan. His ideology and philosophy are in line with most of our culture and beliefs.  We consider ourselves big fans of his work.  "If it works, it's obsolete" -Marshall McLuhan 

** To make a purchase, visit their site at ** 

** And you can also find them at the Wynwood Art Walk on the second Saturday of every month. **

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