Friday, May 22, 2015

Kicking Off Memorial Day Weekend With Some Retro Bathing Suit!

It's the long weekend and time to pack up the swimsuits, sunscreens, and coolers and head to your nearest beach! I, for one, can't wait to sit out and catch some rays with some refreshing drinks and the latest gossip rags to keep me company! 

And in the spirit of the festive long weekend, I wanted to share with you my retro pin up shoot I did a few months back with Erika Nelly, of Erika Nelly Photography ( I love the process of transforming from modern gal to sexy vintage bombshell! Everything from the wardrobe to the hair is curated to capture that really special 'wan-bam-wow' pinup look! Erika has a penchant for vintage, as does her wardrobe and make-up stylist so teaming up with them for this throwback photo shoot was lots of fun and full of energy! 

I've had this Target suit for years and it's one of my personal favorites! Though I do wear a lot of bikinis, the few one pieces I do own, are all retro-inspired. Plus, the strapless neckline makes it easy for tanline-free sunning! Polka dots are a classic vintage pattern and such a feminine and timeless look that can still be worn today. They add a hint of that vintage vibe when styled accordingly. I love the cut of this one piece because it really accentuates the curves! If it's something we can learn from the pin-up models of the 50's and 60's, is that embracing your womanly curves was a winning recipe- as it should be! As women and for some of us, as mothers, our bodies are a wonderland of empowerment and amazement. We owe it to love every inch of our curves because they tell us so much about who we are, where we come from, and what we are capable of doing! That's not to say there are moments that sometimes we try to minimize our curves and we have those instances of self-doubt- but we need to keep telling ourselves how much sexier, more confident, and  more beautiful we are because we have them! Time to flaunt! 

And with a suit like this, I'm able to show off my tiny waist and generous hips because even skinny girls (especially skinny Cuban girls) have hips too! And I love them! 

We went for a tiki look and accessorized appropriately with the bamboo snack shack, pineapples, and flamingo props! I absolutely love flamingos! They're so fun and they're the perfect shade of summer pink. I'm sure they're the envy of the bird community. 

We did these really cool retro rolls at the base of my hair and left the rest of it loose with some big beachy curls. A red lip is almost mandatory when you're channeling your inner pin-up girl and the glossier the better! We added a pair of red Fendi heels (these I don't recommend for the beach. Ha!) and a complimenting red rose for the updo! 

And voila! Just call me Kathy Page! 

Want to take a trip back in time and tap into that vintage you?! Treat yourself to vintage bombshell photo shoot with Erika (booking info on! These will be priceless photos you'll be happy you took! 

In Style, 


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