Monday, October 12, 2015

Miami Style Map: Maternity Fashion With a French Twist

It's a bittersweet moment for any expectant mom- those last final weeks of pregnancy before meeting your new little man or little lady! Granted, by those last couple of weeks you're usually so huge and uncomfortable, you've considered delivering that baby on you own. Every minute of everyday feels like an eternity and you can't really fathom how much bigger your belly can possibly get. Yet, somehow it does and when that moment comes around, a part of you, despite how eager you are to retire that sexy waddle, will mourn that big, beautiful belly. It's a bittersweet goodbye before embarking on to the next adventure! 

For me, I was excited to finally meet Rocco, but I'd be lying if I said a part of me was not a tad bummed out that the pregnancy phase was coming to an end. You spend nine months creating and housing this tiny being in your body- carrying it around like an emblem of pride, never feeling alone, but instead, carrying a hefty sized baggage of emotions wherever you go. Your days are filled with wondering, with love, with anticipation, with exhaustion, and fear. And then before you know it, those nine months flash before your eyes, and you're lying in a hospital bed, pushing the life (literally) out of you. 

And it's f#$%ng amazing! 

I was fortunate to have had two awesome pregnancies, which I know is not always the case for many women. Thankfully, it was for me and I feel tremendously blessed to have experienced such a miracle- side effects and all. 

This look was actually the last maternity look I shot for the blog and it happened to be one of my favorite dresses. When French-based brand, Envie de Fraises, asked to collaborate, I was thrilled ( I absolutely love their classic 'Parisian city girl' approach to maternity style. Their designs are fashion forward, and they keep the emphasis on 'cool and chic' for the everyday mom-to-be on the go! 

Stripes are the quintessential Parisian uniform, and they never go out of style. They're fun to mix with other patterns like animal print or floral, and they serve as a fun neutral when paired with pops of colors like red, yellow, and even a bright kelly green! That's the beauty of a black and white combo- your wardrobe options are limitless. And more importantly, I love how this dress really accentuates the baby bump! Flaunt it ladies! For nine months, you don't have to suck that stomach in so take advantage and go tight. Show off that gorgeous belly!

This striped dress can be worn on its own or you can throw another classic staple- the chambray top- over it to change it up. Get creative with shoes, too. I wore this dress with a red blazer and heels for a recent TV segment. I opted for a more casual look, wearing it with leopard moccasins and my favorite summer hat! It's the perfect outfit for a lunch date  with my photographer, Raquel, in Miami's Design District! 

On Me: 

Dress- Envie De Fraises 
Shoes- H&M
Crossbody- Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Hat- H&M 

In Style, 


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