Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Has Sprung at T.J. Maxx!

Spring is in the air and so is my wardrobe! And I have T.J Maxx ( to thank for getting me spring-ready. I've teamed up with the retail super saver store to bring you some fresh looks for the season! 

To the untrained eye (or to those not familiar with my style), neutrals and pastels aren't something I normally sport. I'm a NY black/urban boho/ tropical-print loving fashionista who only goes 'light' on a rare full moon. But what fun is fashion without stepping out of your comfort zone?! And wearing white, which I happen to love but don't usually wear, is one of those instances where I like to have fun with my look! And I'll even strap on a pair of killer heels to vamp it up!

Nothing makes me more excited than walking into a store, and seeing the season's latest trends all shiny and new on display! So on a recent trip to 'the Maxx', I fell in love with all the spring dresses in shades of pastels and floral prints hanging on the racks. My mission was simple: keep it neutral. I stayed away from the florals because that would have been an obvious choice. And then I found this ladylike ivory dress!

Big shout out to Chris Carter from Ra-haus fotografie ( for these amazing shots!

I love the grid pattern on the dress and the peek-a-boo sheer material at the neckline. And I love how it's form fitting on top and then the skirt flares, giving it a nice punch of volume. This is the perfect dress to kick off spring, especially for an Easter/Passover/Eastover celebration! 

And if you didn't notice, there's a bit of a baby bump under that dress, which goes to show, you don't have to ditch all your regular clothes just yet during pregnancy! The right fit and cut can take you through your second trimester and maybe even early third. 

You know what else I love about spring? The reawakening you feel in the air! From the crisp weather to the change in people's mood, there's something about spring that makes you feel alive. And for those peeps who experienced one of the harshest winters in history, well, it's basically freedom and relief. Even in Miami where eternal summers exist, spring temperatures bring a nice breeze, mild heat, and cool nights. It's Miami at its finest! And in New York, one of my favorite things about spring besides sidewalk seating at all the neighborhood restaurants, is walking through Central Park and seeing the cherry blossoms in bloom. So it's only appropriate to ditch a bit of the black and celebrate this spring awakening with a dash of white and a pastel palette!

 I introduced those pastel colors in the form of accessories! I am obsessed with these Steve Madden heels I found at T.J. Maxx. I love the gladiator style of the heel and the light tan color coordinates with just about any look! It's a shoe you can rewear over and over again! 

The coral colored envelope clutch gives the white dress a pop of color and vibrancy. Same goes for the pink lips! I have an array of orange and pink hues I'm just dying to start wearing now that spring has sprung! And here's a great hair style tip to beat the heat- messy ponytails. All you need is semi-dirty hair, a little dry shampoo, hairspray and a rubberband, and voila! An easy breezy, and chic way to change up your hairstyle. 

So spruce up your spring wardrobe with a little help from T.J Maxx! And here's a secret- this look was under $100! Get into the spirit of spring and indulge in some budget-friendly shopping! 

What's your favorite thing about spring? 

On Me: 

Dress- T.J Maxx
Steve Madden heels- T.J Maxx
Envelope Clutch - Love Shopping Miami 

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