Monday, January 5, 2015

Keeping It Casual (and Paying It Forward) Without Compromising Style

Happy New Year, Squeezers! Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday and your first day back to the grind was easy and smooth and not so terrible. That first day back to reality can be quite the pill. But cheer up! Every day is a gift and a new opportunity to live, have fun, and step up that style game! 

I'm taking a different- casual-  approach with this post. Casual doesn't have to mean sloppy or under dressed. When done right, casual can be comfortable AND chic. Imagine that anomaly! I have stock in casual looks. I'm a mom so I'm always on the go; and, I don't believe in having to sacrifice style and I don't believe in sweatpants. 

Cue casual outfit. 

This look is so simple to achieve and I'll bet some of these pieces already live in your closet. All you need is a classic striped tee, an oversized blazer, and a pair of jean shorts and you got the casual starter kit you need! An oversized blazer is one of those statement pieces that can change and dress up any look. 

In terms of accessories, I kept it classic with my Sam Edelman black and white oxfords (with school girl socks, of course) , a black hat, and a black crossbody. 

Before I wrap up my post, I wanted to say 'thank you' to Amber, who took these photos of me at a local park near my home. I met Amber at a Bloomingdales event and she struck me as kind, ambitious, and eager. Qualities I admire because I share those same traits. She's currently gearing up for college and working towards a career in film-making and she does photography as a hobby. I wanted to help in some small way and after chatting with her, we decided to do a photo session so that she could practice her photography skills for a school project. 

I'm a big believer in paying it forward. When I first started my career as an intern at the age of 20, I worked extremely hard to get where I wanted to be, and I had a wonderful mentor along the way. Her guidance helped me and taught me an invaluable lesson in helping others. When I worked my way up the ladder and made producer, we had many interns come in and out of our office and I made it a point to take some of these interns under my wing and give them guidance and advice, the same way it was done to me. I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for that guidance. Because if it's something I learned, and continue to learn, is that everyone brings something unique to the table. There's no reason to bring someone down in order to climb to the top. That says a lot about someone's character. So why not a little kindness? 

On Me: 

Striped top- Forever 21
Jean shorts- Forever 21
Blazer- Forever 21
Crossbody- Coach
Oxfords- Sam Edelman via
Hat- Forever 21

In Style, 


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