Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit with T.J. Maxx

It was actually my husband, Coco, who turned me on to being a 'Maxxinista." Yes, my main man loves to hit up .TJ. Maxx on a weekend and peruse the kitchen section for new gadgets, spices, and Ghiradelli Chocolates. If you ask him what's on his Christmas wish list, a T.J. Maxx gift card would hold the top spot. So whenever we would drive to Long Island or make the short trek to 60th and 1st to hit up 'the Maxx' while we were in the city, I slowly began a love affair with this big savings retail store. Consider it your one stop shopping destination for all things holiday gifts! There's always a diverse selection of novelty gifts and the home decor is like no other. I love to gift from T.J. Maxx and Marshalls (sister stores!) because they always seem to offer original gifts that aren't found anywhere else! Stay tuned for my holiday gift guide this week for a very special Marshalls addition! 

Needless to say, the opportunity to team up with T.J. Maxx for this holiday post was met with open arms. My mission- put together a holiday look on a budget. In this case, the budget was $50. I could do this! But not without the help and vision of one of my trusty photographers, Raquel. Raquel has the habit of driving me around in circles looking for a specific location that's been simmering in her head. It's all worth it though, because she brings me to spots like these where the lighting has basically rolled out the red carpet for our mini photo shoot. 

I love the holidays! I mean, who doesn't?! You have to be an absolute Grinch to have any sort of distaste for such merry festivities. And I love the holidays even more because everyone brings out their most dazzling outfits for all the dinners parties, holiday shows, and New Year events the month of December has in store. And ...the holidays are a great time to think outside the box when it comes to picking out a holiday look. It's not just about red, green, and white. It's about taking classic trends to the next level by putting a personal spin on them! Save the candy cane earrings and snowman sweaters for that Ugly Sweater Party because this is your time to sparkle and get all gussied up! 

So off I went with my $50 in search of the perfect holiday outfit on a budget. I knew I wanted a feminine dress and when I saw this little velvet number for $25.99, I was sold. The empire-waisted cut was a big 90's trend. And as we know when it comes to the cycle of fashion, everything old is new again. I love the velvet fabric detailing on the bustier of the dress and the sheer bell sleeves are slightly bohemian. And more importantly, let's not forget the color of the dress! Hello holidays!  Winter white IS the unofficial color of the holidays and one I don't usually sport, but worn the right way with complimentary accessories, it is absolutely chic!  

Holidays are also a good excuse to play and experiment with accessories. I'll start with the tights. I love these diamond patterned tights combined with the girlishness of the dress (for only $4.99). As I've mentioned countless times on previous posts, I'm a sucker for a pair of tights. I must have like 20 stored under my bed. These black Jessica Simpson tights add a grungy element to a feminine look which suits me well. Plus, the peekaboo floral lace touch at the thigh oh-so seductively innocent! 

I'm going back to the 90's with the these suede black platform Mary Jane heels I scored for $16.99. And how beautiful and proper do they look with this flowy dress? I call that conservatively chic. Suede is another great option for the holidays. 

And now it's time to get blinged out with the right jewels and I have quite the selection! First, the ear cuffs. Let's put aside the fact that my ear is on the verge of falling off thanks to the grip of death on this cuff. But as my mother used to say to me growing up, "Sometimes you have to suffer for beauty." This must be what she meant. As painful as it is, it's ridiculously stunning and quite the statement piece. 

Which brings me to last and final 90's piece, the choker. Yep, you heard right. I'm going to bring the choker back, ignore all my friends' pleas, and somehow make it cool again. I remember having a jewelry box filled with chokers of every color and fabric and wearing them with my Contempo Casual tees or Nirvana inspired floral dresses when I was growing up. And I'm more than happy to bring these blast from the past accessories back from the dead. California based line, Vida Kush, makes the most standout chokers, like this black and gold chain one, which you'll be seeing plenty on the blog. And last but not least, let's talk about my ring game. Big thanks to Marshelly's jewelry for sending me those pretty cool knuckle rings from their Manic Collection. They're dominating the ring competition. 

On Me: 

- Empire Waist dress- T.J. Maxx
- Lace Tights- T.J. Maxx/Jessica Simpson
- Platform Wedges- T.J. Maxx/Report 
- Choker- Vida Kush
- Rings- Marshellys
- Cuff- H&M

In Style, 


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  1. Love how you styled the jewelry with your outfit! Beautiful pictures.