Thursday, September 18, 2014

NY Style Map: Fall Fashion and that Waffle-print skirt

Nothing, and I mean, nothing, beats fall weather. There's nothing like that crisp cool air that happily shocks your lungs at the first inhale and those leaves (oh those crackling leaves) changing colors in every shade of attractive brown. Is there anything more magical than strolling through Central Park in the midst of fall? It's one of the things I miss the most about living in the city. 

Similarly, there's nothing more delightful than shopping for tights, chunky knits, and suede booties. Fall fashion comes a close second. It's the season of layering, of rich textures, and statement coats. Did I mention booties? I love me a good bootie that can take me year round. 

So when my fashionable 'Best Friend Since 2000' picked out these pieces to wear on my NYFW adventures in the city, I had butterflies. Yes, a good outfit will sometimes cause my insides to flutter. What can I say? I'm a sucker for autumn awesomeness.  

You'll be seeing a lot of this H&M waffle-print ivory skirt in posts to come. There's something so feminine about a full, voluminous skirt, especially one that can teeter between froufrou and casual. I love how it combines with this navy and caramel colored blouse. It's ladylike and proper and seamlessly right at home in its Central Park backdrop. I love the Peter Pan collar. It's such a dainty accent. 

My grey suede hat (which has since been stolen. I'm talking to you airport ramp agent at MIA) belongs on this look. Grey is such a complimentary neutral and it plays off of the 'English school girl' inspiration. 

And in keeping with the English school girl trend, I kept the shoes traditionally Brit. I paired my favorite oxfords with, you guessed it, socks, for comfort and flavor. This outfit makes me feel like the poster girl for fall! 

Another fashion week favorite for the books. 

On Me: 

Top- Forever 21
Skirt- H&M
Hat- Urban Outfitters 
Shoes- Steve Madden
Purse- Vintage

In Style, 


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