Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Miami Style Map: On the Right Side of the Tracks

Stepping out of your comfort zone can sometimes result in some unexpected surprises- of the good kind. This revelation has especially rung true this past year with all the changes and new adventures that have come my way. Some I haven't quite embraced, but most, uncomfortable as they may seem, have challenged me in BIG ways and I'm a better human for it. I'm constantly pushing myself to try new things, not only with my blog, but in everyday life. And I see some of those changes through many of my photographs- like this one for example. This is one of my favorite shots of the bunch because what I see is a happy girl who's gleefully lost in a particular moment in time; a girl who's carefree and silly but also ready to take on the world all while having a good time along the way!

I love these sequence of shots I took with photographer, Raquel, on the outskirts of Downtown, and I especially love how the city skyline photobombs our shoot and becomes part of the conversation in all the pictures. Let's not forget the train tracks- best supporting actor! My not-so-adventurous side was having a 'living on the edge' moment. 

This $20 lace and tulle skirt from Forever 21 is my current obsession. I live for pieces like this one that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and your personal style mood. I went playful this time around and paired it with a dusty pink graphic tee and my studded denim vest. This look is a compilation of sporty (this is a first)  and feminine sprinkled with a hint of street. And I'm bringing the bow back along with the faux bangs! 

Talk about a school girl throwback! I don't remember a day when my mother didn't slap on a bow or ribbon on my hair before I walked out the door for school. It was like that bow literally tied the whole look together- Lebowski style. My two year old is not too far behind either- she's got an impressive bow collection (I may or may not have borrowed this one from her).

Last week I stopped by the Jaimie Nicole showroom to check out the jewelry from their latest collection and I wanted to take all home with me. The girls let me put together my own arm party (to wear on my left arm because my right hand officially has zero vacancy) and I had such a fun time picking out these bracelets! The hot pink tassel beaded beauty is at the top of my list. The colors play well with the muted shades of my outfit and the leopard print on my statement slip ons. See how it all just comes together!?

Grrr. Have some fun and walk on the wild side, my freshly squeezed fashionistas! Hope you enjoyed this evening's post. My Netflix awaits. 

On Me: 
- Tulle Skirt- Forever 21
- Tee- Forever 21
- Denim Vest- Forever 21
- Bow- Forever 21 
- Loafers- Steve Madden  
- Bracelets- Jaimie Nicole Jewelry http://www.jaimienicole.com/

In Style, 


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