Monday, June 16, 2014

Miami Style Map: Having a Tropical Moment in Paradise City

I took one of my favorite shorts out for a stroll at one of my favorite Miami hangouts and the two hit it off right away! The social garden setting was the quintessential backdrop for my outfit's tropical infusion meets urban jungle tone. 

If and when I ever own a backyard (I'm pretty keen on apartment living) this is how I envision my outdoor oasis- a friendly clash of inviting furniture pieces with pops of color at every turn and chair. It'll be like living in a permanent photo shoot. 

I leave it to Justin's creative vision (from, to scout these rad locations for our shoot. And again, he knew what he was doing. He even made me work my blogger butt and got me climbing through bushes so I could be smack in the center of some fierce greenery. Maybe it's just me, but I think the parrots on my crop top came alive once they found themselves in their natural habitat. The bright tropical print top paired with the leopard shorts is a killer combo. 

This necklace was just begging to to rear it's bright little head and it sure knows how to make a statement paired against this top. The hints of tangerine are a savory summer 'do' when it comes to livening up any outfit. 

What can I say about my boots? They should have their own Instagram page. Seriously. They've trekked more ground than any other shoe I own and that's because they never disappoint. I love a dash of rugged sexiness incorporated in my everyday looks. 

On Me: 

Crop Top- The Closet Boutique
Shorts- The Style Club LA
Hat- Nasty Gal 
Boots- Steve Madden 
Sunnies- Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21 

In Style, 



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