Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kicking Off Summer in my Lisa Blue Swimsuit

Well fashionistas, this is a first for me! And what better timing to blog about my first swimsuit post than the start of the summer time season!  I wanted to show off my new Lisa Blue leopard bikini in its natural setting and really capture what the images embody. 

I love the vibrancy and the floral and leopard print and how they look against a naturally lush and tropical backdrop. Not only is this two piece pretty on the eyes, but it's also a charitable fashion statement. 25% of the proceeds when you buy a Lisa Blue swimsuit go towards helping save the whales and dolphins. Each suit comes with a gold whale's tail charm as a nice reminder of the greater good. 

How could you say no to such a worthy cause? 

I wanted Lizzy to really capture me, as I am, on any given beach day. This is me stripped down to the basics of beauty. I just came off a day at the beach, still smelling of suntan,  salty skin, and cheese Ruffles.  You won't find an ounce of makeup, or any special bronzers on my body. Nope, this is 100% all-natural me. And not to brag, but this beach hair is really working for me. 

The beach is my happy place. It's my temple of peace to drink all the coke I want, read all my magazines from start to finish (even all those perfume ads), and people watch while I sit in my beach chair and tan my worries away (don't forget to use protection!)

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