Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Killing it in my kensie jeans

I consider myself a recovering jeans addict. I was once that girl that owned over 20 pairs of jeans but really only wore two, yet I compulsively dropped hundreds on name brand jeans just because they were in style or because some celebrity was wearing them in the latest issue of US Weekly. Until one day I wised up. I consigned about 15 pairs of jeans, scored some dough, and vowed never to spend more than $100 on a pair of jeans. 

Happy to report I've upheld that promise. You don't need to spend crazy money on a good a pair of denim. A fit is a fit is a fit. The remaining jeans I own are all under $100, some even under $50. And for someone like me, who rarely wears jeans in the summer, spending such an extravagant sum on these all American trousers seems almost wasteful. When it comes to my jeans, I like to be comfortable and I like the material to be stretchy and superbly soft without being a jegging (yikes camel toe!). So when I tried on a pair of  kensie jeans, I was hooked. And a major perk, these kensie jeans give me an instant butt lift! 

I love this chair shot taken by Natalie of Suna Photography. All her photographs have a distressed air about them. This one in particular feels like an American Apparel ad, a sort of chill laissez-faire attitude that comes with the mundane freedom of the summer season. 

Who knew power lines could be so sexy? The top shot really shows how naturally the jeans hug my curves without suffocating me. No one likes to look like a pig in a blanket when wearing jeans and that's why it's so important to pick a jean that works well with your body type. 

The accessories for this look work well with the jeans. I tied up a tribal black and white blouse and added my newest olive green hat and sunnies. And not only is Natalie a phenomenal photographer, but she can throw down a mean fish braid. What! Plus if you notice closely, the tribal design on the blouse looks exactly like the pattern on the braid. I added a shoe with a small wedge to give my 5'4 frame a little height and a chance to give these awesome jeans center stage! 

On Me: 

Jeans- Kensie clothing
Blouse- Forever 21
Hat- Forever 21
Sunnies- Forever 21
Wedges- Sam Edelman 

In Style, 


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