Monday, April 21, 2014

April Showers Brings Red Flowers

Summer is nearly upon us (unless you live in Florida, and well, summer doesn't stray too far), and the plethora of music festivals on our radar continue to churn out an impressive array of fashion attire that will have the most loyal of fashionistas stylishly overstimulated. As for me, it means more inspiration for my everyday wardrobe. 

I fell in love with this lace cardigan the moment I laid eyes on it at Forever 21. Styling an oversized cardigan is often met with a bit of apprehension and difficulty from my end. I usually find myself stuck, not knowing exactly how to pull one off. But this lace number is so versatile and so far, I've been successful at highlighting some of my favorite pieces by throwing it over whatever dress or romper I have on. 

Take for instance, this floral red romper. 

The floral details on the lace cardigan compliment the red on the romper. And it adds a feminine touch to a simple look. The best part about this romper is the price. It was less than $14! I call that a steal. 

There's that hat again! I think olive green is such a classic color because it goes great with anything and everything, even when it's mismatched. I also love the turquoise drop earrings I wore with this outfit. Turquoise and red is one of my favorite combinations. 

It's all in the details when it comes to this feminine festival outfit! My Free People boots need no introduction and my arm candy is always ready to rock! 

I think photographer, Natalie and I were onto something with this black and white tent. Too bad oversized children can only manage a tight squeeze. But can you feel the boho vibe, nonetheless?! 

On Me:

Romper- Forever 21
Lace Cardigan- Forever 21
Hat- Forever 21
Sunnies- Forever 21
Boots- Free People 
Earrings- Banana Republic

In Style, 


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