Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Early Bird Gets the Wynwood Worm.

This past Saturday I played tour guide and took my husband (and our baby girl) on a neighborhood exploration of Wynwood. I should specify that we've been in the area countless times, but he's never actually walked around or popped in to the local shops or really seen some of the murals splashed around the blocks. So that's what we did. First stop, a very spicy bloody mary at Wywnood Kitchen. 

Extra spicy for Coco. Coco wanted to fuel up before checking out the Wywnood Walls and Wynwood Doors. He was instantly art struck by all the colors and pieces up on display. He was so impressed and hopped from mural to mural snapping pics and taking selfies. I asked him to share his favorite. Guess which he shared?

Now that's a good husband.

Next up, we made a pit stop at this new casual resto-bar called, Mmmm. Yes, that's the name (With four Ms). Talk about the most inviting retro space you've ever seen! The banana leaf wallpaper is the same wallpaper used in the Beverly Hills Hotel. It's a no-fuss, laid back, hip place to have a tartine, grab a glass of wine outside their Mykonos-inspired terrace, or grab a cone of Abuela Maria ice cream (the shop has partnered with the Calle Ocho based ice cream parlor).

Outside terrace at Mmmm.

Maya screams for Abuela Maria Ice Cream. 

I see things a little differently. 

Saturday also happened to be Wynwood Art Walk, which falls on the second Saturday of every month. It's a chance for art galleries and collectors to showcase their art and exhibits to the thousands of locals and tourists that come out to experience the culture and vibrancy of the art district. It's also a great time to check out one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood or get a quick bite from one of the local food trucks on the scene. And because we got there relatively early for the walk, we had hassle free parking and we got to explore a small street fair next to Panther Coffee. A first for both of us and boy, did we love! It reminded me of the local flea on 77th street on the UWS of Manhattan, but on a more intimate scale. Tons of local vendors with unique trinkets and pieces that cater to every flavor and personality. 

Coco got the raddest watch made from recycled maple wood from TV Head. Most of their products are made from recycled materials and they collaborate with local artists on their t-shirts, which Coco also bought and wore later that night. (aren't the wooden bow ties below divine?)

I scored the coolest mounted elephant frame from local vendor, Plastidermy. They sell their designs on Etsy and have everything from dinosaurs to safari animals. It's such a fantastic addition to our entryway wall. Coco went straight for the elephant because it reminded him of his Grandma Dottie who has an obsession with these incredible beasts. That and they're a good luck charm when she hits the casinos in Atlantic City. 

Our last stop on the unofficial Wynwood Tour was the Wywnood Brewery. But before that, we strolled down a couple of blocks and stopped a few times to check out a few of the murals. Here are a some that caught our eye. 

Oh hello, Wywnood Brewery! Again, a first for us Buccios. I'm not a beer drinker, but I'm open to tasting and I know Coco appreciates a good beer. Back in New York, we did tastings at both the Brooklyn Brewery and at Greenport Brewery and we had such a cool experience at both. We were thrilled to find a local beer spot right in the hood. 

Take Flight. 

And that concludes our afternoon tour! We came back in the evening to celebrate Coco's big 3-7 at Gramps Bar. I love Gramps. It's unpretentious, casual, and a great place to catch up with friends, have some good cocktails, and listen to good music. You just can't beat the energy at Wynwood on a night like this! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the ride! Mark your calendars for the next Art Walk and come be a part of what's happening right in the heart of Miami. 

Aren't we just lovely? This was taken at Gramps a few hours before we were both hit with severe food poisoning. Definitely not fun. Or hot. 

In Style,


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