Friday, March 14, 2014

Feeling Fearless and Inspired in Monochrome

Let me get this out of the way first. OMG! STFU! WHAT THE WHAT?! WTF?! OMGEEEEE! (Insert appropriate emoticons here). I'm psyched! This monochromatic look made it's way into InStyle Magazine! Pick up the April issue STAT to get a close up glimpse of little ol' me in this sunflower-toned stunner. I just can't believe I share an issue with Jennifer Lopez. My heart just stopped. 

I call this my fearless look because it's one of those trends that I really have never done. I was inspired by In Style's color booklet (an insert in their January issue) and all these rad color combinations that I hadn't thought about pairing. But I took it one step further and thought, "what if I picked one color and did something monochromatic?" Boom. The rest is history. 

  I've preached about my love for yellow a few times on my instagram, specifically maize. It's such a happy and energetic color. It's attention grabbing and it also plays up my eyes and my brown locks, and also accentuates my light skin. I love the way it looks with the cobalt blue Louboutins. It's a perfect pairing. Double pop of color in your face. 

Because the color is so rich and bold, I kept the look minimal so it could get the "all eyes on me" attention it deserves. The crop sweater top is from H&M and the skirt is from J.Crew. I added a very simple gold necklace from Forever 21 and a gold clutch. 

Nothing beats a powerful red lip to compliment this outfit. It only makes the color stand out even more. Like my flowing tresses? I have Aveda to thank for that! 

Here's my advice to any daring fashionista wanting to try this look- shop in your own closet! You'd be surprised how many monochromatic possibilities are just sitting pretty waiting to make their grand debut. Give some of those pieces a second look and a second chance. Avoid black. It's too easy. Go for a color you normally wouldn't wear! 

In Style, 


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