Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Moth's Wings

I recreated and reshot this Club Monaco outfit I wore during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) because it was just so slim fitting and body friendly. That, and between running from shoot to shoot, I didn't have a moment to photograph my OOTD. 

I am not one for form fitting pencil skirts. I like to be able to move and be comfortable. But, the moment I slipped into this jean skirt, I was converted. It felt like a second skin and I still had leg room to do jumping jacks. Not really, but I basically had some wiggle room and didn't feel so constricted. I love the leather piping on the pockets. It gives the skirt an edgy element. 

And let's talk about this blouse. I just adore it! I love me a unique blouse and when I spotted this butterfly/moth/flower motif one, I knew it was going to go perfectly with the denim skirt. Granted, I know I may look like a walking butterfly garden, but it's just so feminine and pretty. 

The hat just ties the whole look together. It belongs. As far as shoes goes, I wore this look with tights and booties in New York. For Miami, I changed it up with my gold Tory Burch heels. 

I love how this gilded arrow bracelet from Stella and Dot. It goes so well with the denim and the whole outfit in general. It's such a simple statement piece that blends in with the classic bohemian vibe of the look. 

On Me:

blouse- Club Monaco

denim skirt- Club Monaco
hat- Target
Heels- Tory Burch
Bracelet- Stella and Dot

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