Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lace n' Things.

(photobombed by these disgraceful ketchup packets)

Street art meets the feminine frills of fashion in this look. The soft and graceful lace top and the salmon and coral graphic print pants are imperfectly perfectly mismatched, but it works (did you get all that?). The statement necklace also from Forever 21, jazzes up the simplicity of the lace top.

It's a nice perk to get to live in a neighborhood that shines a spotlight on such talented artists. Take my backdrop. It's one of several personalized murals that sit side by side on a wall of an empty lot right by my building. The colors are electrifying and bold and give so much character to an already emerging and diversified neighborhood and it makes me happy to be a part of that. It hasn't been the easiest of transitions coming back to Miami after 12 years of living in a city that stole my heart, but getting to live in this neighborhood and being a part of the fabric of the community has definitely made the move more manageable and a little less painful. I'm learning to slowly love and reconnect with the city I once called home. And this gentrified neighborhood, with all its faces and stories, is the perfect place to start! 

On Me:

Lace top- Forever 21

Pants- Forever 21
Shoes- Sam Edelman
Necklace- Forever 21

In Style, 


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