Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Florals and Fringe

I just can't seem to get away from those florals. I remember a few years back remarking, "Ugh. I hate flowers on anything." Well, wasn't that a hypocritical contradiction! Based on my recent love affair with anything that blooms, you would think me a flower enthusiast. Which, it so happens, I am. 

I love this dress. It took a mere 2.5 seconds for me to fall in love with it. I like that it hangs, does its thing, and sort of beats to its own rhythm. And I love the mauve and sage hues against the black backdrop. I may be in Miami, but I will not give up my black. 

Another detail I love about this dress is the fringe lace. Fringe has no plans to vacate the style super dome. We're seeing fringe on the fall runways on everything from maxi dresses to jackets. And I love how the black fringe lace detail sits on the bottom of this dress. Side note, I clearly can't get enough of these boots. 

The accessories deserve a mention because they really compliment the dress. I love the Stella and Dot Jacinthe bracelet from their new collection. It's such an eloquent mix of classic (pearls!) and punk (spikes!). 

The purse is faux snakeskin and an understated addition to the look. 

The hat is part of my go-to uniform. Anyone that knows me, knows that hat is an extension of me. I roll out of bed and the first thing I grab (besides my delicious baby) is this hat. It's an instant pick me up for any outfit that's missing that certain something. I'm all about color when it comes to lipstick and this matte purple hue from MAC brightens up an otherwise dark outfit. 

Check out my necklace courtesy of Brooklyn Charm. My Best Friend since 2000 has the other half and I combined it with my 'I love New York' charm, because that city is never far from my heart. 

On Me: 

Dress- Forever 21

Boots- Steve Madden
Hat- Urban Outfitters
Purse- Forever 21
Bracelet- Stella and Dot
Necklace- Brooklyn Charm

In Style,


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