Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bohemian Chic- One Look. Two Styles.

First, let me introduce you to my mane in all her wavy glory. Hello, au naturale! Sometimes it's the best way to go in this Miami heat. Let it wild out!

And the hair gave way to this bohemian chic look. Such a versatile outfit but I couldn't decide on head gear so I tried out both and I have to say, I'm equally smitten. 

The lace frock and studded jean vest are both Forever 21. I've worn this dress for a bridal shower with heels but also several times with boots and a leather jacket. I personally love taking feminine dresses with romantic details like lace and combining them with edgier pieces to give the look a more street style vibe. And the jean vest is an immediate style booster. I feel very much in my style element when I tap into my urban hipster persona. This is my comfort zone. 

The hat takes center stage in this look. This Target wool hat was the best $10 I ever spent. I love that it adds a hint of rugged chic appeal. 

My husband made me do this. 

I was so giddy to take my new flower crown for a spin drive! Isn't it so lovely? I'm channeling my inner free-spirit, eyes closed, running through a field of daisies, and some California Dreamin' playing in the wind. It's that kind of flower crown. 

I love the dusty blush pink color of the roses on the crown. It's a bit Victorian but playful. Side note. I look like I'm 16 years old in these set of pictures! If flower crowns are the fountain of youth, then dress me up everyday! 

If wearing a flower crown across your forehead is not your style, you can also opt for wearing it on top of your hair like I did later on in the day. I pulled my hair back in a bun to emphasize the headpiece. 

Last mention goes to the newest addition to my arm candy family. But, this one is gets its own arm because I love its simple and unique design. Arrows have been springing up in jewelry trends as of late and I love the understated tribal reference. It's dainty and a very cool conversation piece from Stella and Dot. 

So which look do you like best? Don't be shy and share your style opinion! 

On Me:

Lace Dress- Forever 21

Jean Vest- Forever 21
Wool hat- Target
Flower Crown- Haute Blossom
Necklace- Brooklyn Charm
Booties- Steve Madden

In Style, 


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