Friday, February 7, 2014

Blind Styling Challenge: The Best Friend Edition


 Meet Javy. He's my #bestfriendsince2000. That's our hashtag. He moved to New York a few years after me to pursue a career in fashion. Because not only is he good looking, he's also extremely fashionable. Now, our styles are vastly different but watching him parade in his Vogue-worthy ensembles inspire me to take on some riskier fashion choices. And like any legit and fashion forward friendship, ours has withstood some questionable fashion 'don'ts' (i.e cornrow, eek! for me, porno mustaches for him). 

Which brings me to my latest Einstein idea. I emailed him a few weeks back and suggested, well, first I gave myself major credit for coming up with such a genius thought, then I said, "Jav, why don't you blind style me for my birthday soiree in New York and I can blog about it?". He was initially overwhelmed. This is the same person that breaks out into hives at the thought of having to walk into the trenches of Forever 21. But, because I adore and cherish our friendship and his sanity, I gave him two restrictions: No shopping at Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters and you have to stay within budget. After all, I am a freshly squeezed frugalista. Once his anxiety leveled off, he was game. 

This was going to be fun. Now, I had my hesitations since I have a tendency to micromanage and also control any situation that falls on my lap. It's not easy for me to always 'let go' but this was a good small step to 'let go, and let the fashion gods' (aka Javy) do their thing. I wanted to open up myself to someone else's style vision for me. I can walk away with some fresh and fun ideas for my closet, and as for Javy, he was going to learn how to dress someone else not just with his style in mind, but also embracing mine in the process. Fashion fusion put to the test. 

So when I received the package from the USPS, I almost ripped it open right there. But I'm trying out this thing called patience so I waited until I got upstairs and called Javy so we could open the package together over Facetime since he wanted to see my reaction. I was praying I would love it, you really don't want to see my face when I get a gift I don't like. It's bratty I know, but I just can't help 'the ugly cry'. Well, not to worry because I was in LOVE with my outfit! Crisis Averted. Metallics, Florals, patterns, pastels, oh happy day! Just a few of my favorite things rolled up (or in this case, stuffed in a ziplock bag) into a blooming beauty of spring trends (what polar vortex?!). And it all fit like a glove. Kudos, my fashion warrior. You have succeeded in your fashion challenge. You move on to the next round. 

This outfit is a perfect example of how different trends can work well together without looking like you tried to hard. Florals play into all seasons and while they may be safe, it's how you wear them that will make them standout. In this case, the gold and black metallic of the sweater, gives the muted pastels of the flowers a soapbox to introduce themselves to the world. Don't call them wallflowers. 

I would have never picked out these pants on my own, so thank you, Jav because look how lovely they look combined with the metallic floral sweater. I love the creamy grey on this print. They're inviting and allow themselves to be classic, girly, or even modern because of their simplicity. They also happen to be paper thin. 

 The shoes, oh the shoes. I have one word for you- Chanel. They're strappy and they mean business. The signature 'quilted' design can be seen on the gold wedge and these shoes were made for this look.

A closer look. 

I strayed away from the statement necklaces I normally wear and went with pearls. There is sentimental value attached to these pearls and so they make the outfit that much more special for me. They belonged to my grandmother who passed away a few years ago and she had a plethora of pearls and earrings floating around small jewelry boxes in drawers that I used to admire and borrow. But they look so dainty with the prints and colors of the outfit. They really do tie this look together. The bag shown above also belonged to my grandmother. 

Notice a little extra something on the pearls? A small chiffon flower barrette is attached. It was Javy's idea and a creative and thoughtful one at that. The barrette belongs to my soon to be two year old. Because she is the most important person in my life, and a fashionista in the making, I wanted to represent her and her style in my look. It's a sweet personal touch. 

This outfit has been packed and ready to be reworn for my NYC birthday gathering this weekend. I probably won't be able to feel my legs in the 15 degree weather, but at least I'll look good! 

Be on the lookout, for the next blind styling on the blog. It's going to be a good one. 

On Me:

sweater- Top Shop
Pants- Top Shop 
Heels- Chanel 
Pearls- vintage
Maya's barrette- Forever 21
Bag- Vintage

In Style, 


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