Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where's Waldo?

I look like I belong in one of those ridiculously oversized 'Where's Waldo' hard cover books, minus the red and white sweater.

I love the rich tones and the geometric motif on this mural. I blend right in with the art with my salmon and navy ( I love that color combo)pants and sleeveless denim blouse. That's the great thing about denim- it's extreme versatility. Again, another classic piece that should be treated as a neutral. I added an emerald and cobalt blue statement necklace and strappy galdiator sandals for a pop of metallic. 

Crazy hair don't care. This is what my hair naturally looks like when I wash and air dry. I gave the blowdryer the day off this week. 

On me:

Denim blouse- Forever 21

Salmon/navy pants- Forever 21
Statement necklace- Forever 21
Sandals- Sam Edelman 

In Style,


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