Monday, January 20, 2014

A Tribe called...

Only a few months old, and these pants already have quite the mileage on them! I'll tell you the story about these pants. You know when you make a trip to Target and you tell yourself, "I'm only here for toothpaste and detergent. repeat," And then you somehow manage to spend over $200 on who knows what that has zero to do with toothpaste and detergent? I'm convinced Target puts something in it's air system that circulates through the store and takes over that limbic system and programs shoppers to "buy everything you don't need."

Well, these pants was one of those items that made it's way into my shopping cart and into my heart. I'm glad they did because they are extremely versatile and easy to wear and pair with a variety of tops. I've worn these pants with graphic tees, muscle tees, denim shirts (like the one above), motorcycle jean jackets, and even sweaters. It's a neutral piece and the tribal print allows itself to be a staple. Shoe wise, you have options. I like to change it up with my moto boots, studded black sandals, and even wedges.

You got me this time, Target. I'm going to let it slide.

(And props to this very colorful mural in Miami's Wynwood District. You'll be seeing a lot of my outfit posts against these creative backdrops around the city. )

Be Still My Heart. I heart you, Steve Madden booties.

One Me: 

Denim sleeveless top- Victoria Secret 

Tribal print pants- Target
Necklace- Forever 21
Boots- Steve Madden  

In Style,


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