Wednesday, January 22, 2014

They Like Me, They Really Like Me! Thank you, Forever 21!

Almost 20 years later and with a growing pile of yellow plastic shopping bags to prove it, it looks like I have finally gotten some much deserved fashion accolades from one of my favorite stores ever- Forever 21. If you probably added up how much money I've invested in this store, I could easily be one of its top investors.

I was shopping at Forever 21 since I was a freshman in high school (hello 1995)and the store was barely known and not to mention, located at a very uncool mall in Miami, which I happened to live by. The way I saw it, more fashion finds for me to show off at my school dances. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I was scrolling through my Instagram, and I spot my picture on the Forever21 newsfeed. What the what?! Rub my eyes once. And then once more. This is fashionably surreal. I have to say, it was a very proud moment considering I started this venture only a few months ago. 

It surely added fuel to my fashion fire and I hope it gives my fellow frugalistas some fun and fresh inspirations. 

I took this shot at the Wynwood Walls in Miami's Art District and I was ecstatic for the first official 'cold' day of the season, which translates to sweater weather in Miami. I was craving some Northeast winter chills down South. I miss getting bundled up in cozy boots and trapper hats. So anything that passes through the Florida corridors that even remotely resembles a blustering breeze, is welcomed with open arms. 

Can you the excitement on my face?! The outfit is all Forever 21. I love stripes and florals together and I added a jean vest over for some flair. That skirt was $6.80! Best $6 bucks I've spent. I have countless outfit options with that skirt in mind. 

I pray Mother Nature keeps the cold fronts coming in Miami because its been absolutely blissful! Especially for my closet. 

On Me: 

Jean vest: forever 21
striped sweater: forever 21
floral skirt: forever 21
necklace- forever 21
booties- steve madden 

In Style,


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