Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Members Only.

I took a time machine back to the awesome 80's just so that I could get my hands on this bangin' hot pink Members Only nylon jacket. Oh, and I'm bringing it back because it's brillz. Who would have thought a trip to TJ Maxx could manifest such an iconic piece of fashion history?!

Because I didn't want to take attention away from this stand alone piece, I kept it casual and simple with my black liquid leggings, NYC pug tee, and my gold Michael Kors sneakers. My hair was acting all sorts of cray so I covered up that rat nest with a black beanie and transformed it into instant cuteness. 

It's all about the pink. 

On Me:

Pink jacket- Members Only (from TJ Maxx)
Pug tee- H&M
Leggings- American Apparel
Sneakers- Michael Kors 
Beanie- H&M

In Style,


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