Monday, January 20, 2014

Let's take a Walk.

The last art walk I went to was 16 years ago with my mom, back when there was no Wynwood and our neighborhood was still up and coming and a little questionable. And now, it's a vibrant, urban pocket of a slowly diversifying and artistic city. It felt good to be back, only this time I got to explore the scene with Coco and Maya at my side. Every block, every gallery, and every mural displayed a level of raw talent and artistic expression that was special to experience. 

Can you guess my favorite part about this look? It's the red lip. I'm a huge fan of lip color. It's a quick and fun way to spruce up any mood and any outfit. Red is fearless, bold, and oozes confidence. I like the way it goes with my starry blouse. 

Coco and I share this fedora. Great fashion minds think alike. 

On Me:

Starry blouse- forever 21

Black skinnies- Urban outfitters (BDG)
Black boots- Steve Madden
Fedora- Urban outfitters 

In Style, 


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