Monday, January 20, 2014

Burnt Red and some Leather to go with it.

This print dress gets amped up with some leather and rouge for a night out at The Cypress Room in the Design District. A leather jacket is a fun way to toughen up a bohemian look and make it slightly rougher and edgier while still keeping that feminine glamour. I added a braided black belt and snakeskin print platform heels for contrast. But the key to pulling off this particular look are the lips. Instead of a classic red, I opted for a deep burgundy. It's a bit more sultry. 

 This vintage navy Chanel handbag once belonged to my grandmother. I don't like to follow all the fashion rules so I paired navy, dare I say it, with black! 

On Me:

Maxi dress- Forever 21

Leather Jacket- Zara
Braided belt- Forever 21
snakeskin print platforms- Steve Madden
handbag- Vintage Chanel 
Lip color- MAC Cosmetics Dubonnet 

In Style, 



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