Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Black is the New Black. Is the new black. Is the new black.

Black is and always will be the new black. Here's a misconception about black. It's not boring or predictable. There's something to be said about an all black outfit. It's classic. It's confident. It's New York. And anyone can wear it. 

And it's the tough chick's uniform. It also happens to be the glamazon's uniform. And the punk kid's uniform. And the high powered editor of a fashion magazine's uniform. And the brooding poet's uniform. And so on, and so on. Black is universal and full of expression without conveying the colors of the rainbow. It's a blank canvas. Do what you like with it.

Add some color in the form of lipstick or accessories. I splashed it up with a hot pink lip. And I focused on accessories for my all black look. The studded and spiked boots were a Mother's Day gift from Coco. He knows me well.

And the belt goes back to 2002 when I borrowed it from a friend on a European trip and til this day, it resides with me. It's fab, isn't? It's a mix of animal print with a Native American motif. It's from Gap. Who knew?

Check out the ring. Beware of the horns.

On Me:

black sweater- Zara

black skinnies- Urban Outfitters (BDG) 
crossbody- Forever 21
Boots- Free People 
Ring- Lia Sophia Jewelry
belt- Gap  

In Style,


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